An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1735.84 (52nd)
129,227 (584th)
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Title Δ
Nested array manipulation 0.00
undefinded property names with object.keys and for each 0.00
Javascript object computed property 0.00
Why ternary expression is executed after falsy value in Javascript? 0.00
Shorten code of JQUERY UI Slider with specific values 0.00
Javascript script optimization with map/reduce/filter +0.20
Run a function inside an anonymous function inside event listener +0.59
Add checkbox to each element 0.00
How to shorten this conditional in Typescript? +0.21
IE11 probelm with array of objects (it works on Firefox and Chrome) 0.00
Find longest word in Javascript array +1.13
Javascript find with multiple conditions with includes fails 0.00
What is Array.prototype.sort() time complexity? 0.00
How to use slice at the end of a function 0.00
Insure that regex moves to the second OR element only if the first... +1.56
Sorting an array with 2-steps 0.00
Prototype with this keyword is not giving the expected result +1.13
How can I use a forEach method for or any array methods for Objects... +0.22
return statements in recursive calls +0.93
how to querySelector children (only) from an element? +2.00
Live collection strange behavior? 0.00
Can someone explain this dynamic object spread operator syntax? 0.00
Flatten array of nested objects -0.22
Shorten Multiple and Repetitive properties 0.00
Javascript Class vs. "List" of Functions in Nodejs -0.26
Can't use jQuery in tampermonkey 0.00
Javascript cloneNode() does not work as expected with lists? 0.00
How to see which events are being fired in Google Chrome's cons... 0.00
How to use the dollar sign for jQuery without wrapping inside an an... 0.00
Shorten repetitive/multiple properties using Javascript 0.00
Split a string after second occurrence of character onwards +0.22
Bind scoping javascript +0.43
How to count characters in text? +1.12
How do I see all the javascript functions and variables on a page i... -0.42
Improve code with a Promise for a mongodb request +0.71
Delete double words except some specified ones on string +0.86
Execute promises map sequentially +0.19
Which is better LOOP before CONDITIONAL or CONDITIONAL before LOOP... 0.00
What's the action scope of for-loop in ES6? +0.97
JavaScript for of with list of object refactoring -2.02
How to create an object map of items with the most quantity from ar... 0.00
Is there any function in javascript like PHP's http_build_query... 0.00
why resolve this "b" == ([] +{})[!+[]<<!+[]]) to true +1.15
How to add class with JS +0.22
can't use imported var from js file in code 0.00
Javascript: getHtmlNavThumbTogglePanel is not a function 0.00
Shortest way to count the checked attributes 0.00
Best practices for modifying JavaScript primitive types +0.55
Couldn't understand how .reduce works in JavaScript -1.29
How to fix warning " Expected to return a value in this functi... 0.00