An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1753.85 (31st)
92,586 (775th)
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Title Δ
Json formatted object to simple array with new key -0.55
How to access classes from a module imported template literals? 0.00
Matching 2 numbers Regex PHP excluding one combination -0.39
Is using a promise inside another promise considered an anti-pattern? +0.72
Traverse the following axis in the DOM +0.63
How to iterate throught javascript properties but skipping the func... +0.21
Trying to get the value of very next element of the current selecte... +0.19
JavaScript: 1 undefined value in Promise.all results +0.19
How to filter by nested arrays? +1.37
Promise and modify return value -0.44
Which Property Should I Use? +0.72
recursive function for nested object returning undefined +0.85
JavaScript: correct way to set object parameters with name and defa... +0.39
What Event to Delegate by Javascript function when I jump to my boo... +0.17
Counting Backwards With JavaScript +0.45
is it ok to pass asynchronous function as Websocket(ws) listerner ?... 0.00
Converting a string with number arrays in it to actual value -1.50
How to validate password and confirm requirements (1 upper, 1 lower... -0.31
Why the middle element in a sorted array is the majority element? +0.19
How to replace the key and value in array of objects using javascript +0.68
compare object value and return new array +0.19
How to add string at the beginning of a string, if it is missing or... +0.94
how to loop through multiple arrays inside an array and filter a va... 0.00
Why my Move Zeroes function is wrong answer in leetcode? +0.50
Why does onerror not intercept exceptions from promises and async f... +0.17
What's the performance difference between "skip if conditi... -0.81
algorithm to find the nth character of DA,B(n) 0.00
Replace li text using jquery without changing other elements -0.15
python regex for matching "[ab[cd]]fg[hi]]" +0.17
JavaScript prompt() command 0.00
Getter / Setter and Prototype Chain 0.00
js asynchronously using array push() shift() 0.00
using .every to check if items in array are sequential +1.03
Count number of True/False without `.reduce()`,`.filter()` `forEach... +0.63
How to access catch without an error javascript 0.00
string inside my javascript is been truncated if it contain ' 0.00
Shift strings Circular left and right +0.88
Regex: get numbers after a matching pattern with multi lang support +0.36
Time/Space Complexity - How to figure out in this function? +0.68
Variable globally scoped but why function unable to access? +0.18
Call a function starting only with the function name as a string (E... 0.00
Find the script changing an HTML tag's content +0.07
How to detect if values in one array are in the same order as anoth... -0.94
How to clearTimeout so that I can re use the function? -1.35
How Do I Detect/Fallback If The Browser Has No Spread Syntax (... N... 0.00
how to make a JavaScipt regexbb look for the absence of an html att... 0.00
Universal String selector for Javascript? 0.00
javascript code on how can I include newLine after .split +0.09
javascript merge array if the inside objects are same +0.51
split by comma if comma not in between brackets while allowing char... -1.11