An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1580.80 (2,944th)
618 (230,399th)
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Title Δ
How to use tidyverse functions to sum up variables of one column wi... +1.93
How to use a loop in a summarise in dplyr 0.00
Using map() in a split-apply-combine to run multiple regressions wi... 0.00
Different colors for positive and negative values ggplot2 -0.40
Optimizing simple for loop in R 0.00
Inserting result of function into a table 0.00
White fill in the legends of the bubble maps in R using ggplot? +0.37
Parsing issue, unexpected character when loading a folder 0.00
ggplot with a secondary y axis +0.39
Make some sample names unique according to conditions 0.00
how to piping a flite and select for a data.frame -1.35
Extract datetime objects from 2 dataframes and reformat them 0.00
Split a string by a eliminator into an infinite number of columns +1.66
R function condition on parameter +0.39
separating a column into lists based on specific values -0.63
Multiple linear models on each column of dataframe -0.17
Add Two Subscripts to Expression with For Loop in R 0.00
How to write this summation in R? 0.00
ggplot2 vertical profile plots 0.00
Get the name of an element in vector in R? without the element'... 0.00
Finding the rank of each element of row names of a matrix in R 0.00
How to create a better visualization from a scatterplot with a lot... 0.00
Adding data from vector to matrix +0.39
Get uncertainties of predicted values after linear regression 0.00
Filter dataframe by rowwise condition +2.13
A plot for cross tabulations in R +1.63
How to allocate tickets -0.37
Problem in R: NAs introduced by coercion in a scatterplot -0.61
How to extract confidence intervals from multiple regression models? -2.17
How to loop ifelse function through a grouped variable with dplyr -0.13
Split dataframe by empty row +2.07
R - how to use bind_rows with non existing dataframes -0.65
I have problem on R loop, I want to generate a specific output with... 0.00
Convert xyz dataframe to matrix in base R -0.73
Can I draw a horizontal line at specific number of range of values... +2.25
Summary function in R does not give frequency table -1.83
How can I identify whether missing values across variables come fro... +0.38
check if name is same with name in email +1.47
Losing row names during for loop 0.00
Compute the maximum value by group and by a time "window" +1.50
How to automatically extract values from matrices -0.49
Mutate within a for loop -0.57
Create seperate columns from factor variables column in R +0.45
How to increase the size of the name of variables in PerformanceAna... 0.00
How to find mean value using multiple columns of a R data.frame? -0.58
using reformulate to merge non-standard formula 0.00
Add (or override) fill aesthetic to a ggplot2 autoplot function 0.00
R Create new variable/column based on subsequent observations +1.17
Weighted sum of multiple columns in R using tidyverse -1.20
Multiple ifelse for one column mutate +0.95