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Rating Stats for

Martijn Pieters

1847.25 (4th)
998,050 (6th)
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Title Δ
Duplicate data name from base class in python 0.00
VSCode auto complete string params for python 0.00
How can I read the attributes of a root node without getting them b... 0.00
Why does dom.firstChild.firstChild.nodeValue print the text inside... 0.00
Python typing of class instance attributes as copies of input args 0.00
Custom key function in Python3 +0.12
How to convert type to bool in pandas with `None` values in the ser... +0.91
Decorating a function with parameters not working as expected -0.39
How to use Dynaconf to configure Celery +0.12
Flask- Session (server-side cache) - CSRF attacks 0.00
Python nested a generator inside a if else nested in a return is po... +0.65
struct.unpack returning very large value python +0.83
Inspect vs AST argument specification compatbility 0.00
Fetching requests in queue concurrently +0.12
Getting live output from asyncio subprocess +0.29
Filter method is behaving unexpectedly 0.00
Pickleable partial class 0.00
Python: How to multiply a column in a 3D array by a value 0.00
From a list of sets find how many other (unique) elements an item i... +0.38
Classmethods on generic classes 0.00
How to order nested SQL SELECT on SqlAlchemy 0.00
What happend if a program read and write to same buffer? -0.78
Order list of some elements by list of rules +0.56
How to avoid randomly displayed elements in pagination Flask? 0.00
Inspecting a pickle dump for dependencies 0.00
Is there a precise way to measure text size in a specific font in P... 0.00
What are the rules for adding members to Python methods safely? +0.35
Why is the output different in PyScripter console? +1.10
Finding two smallest values in a list 0.00
jmespath: how to search a dict of dict structure 0.00
Deepcopy does not result in unique objects 0.00
How to make it one-liner? Convert list to a bunch of parameters +0.73
Airflow ExternalTaskSensor don't fail when External Task fails +0.12
Is hasattr() a method? 0.00
Converting a simple Python requests POST to Rust reqwest 0.00
Running `python -m unittest` changes the way exceptions with overri... 0.00
'extras_require' must be a dictionary whose values are stri... 0.00
How are blobs removed in RelStorage pack? 0.00
python3: detailed error info from regex match failure? 0.00
nested block and for loop in a Jinja template block 0.00
changing formatted "25%" in "25 %" -0.73
Python RuntimeError: This event loop is already running 0.00
Sum list values within a given range using while loop +0.12
Difference between two timestamps with different weekdays? 0.00
passing values across functions yields no output 0.00
TypeError: Class advice impossible in Python3. Use the @implementer... 0.00
How to use .write() with characters from foreign languages (ã,... +1.02
Decode / encode html escaped special characters in Python 0.00
What became available_attrs on Django 3? 0.00
How can I get httpretty to stop printing exceptions during testing? 0.00