An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Daniel Fischer

1737.04 (48th)
164,123 (301st)
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Title Δ
ByteString histogram +0.86
Assignment <pointer to array of constants> = <pointer to a... +1.29
Unable to assign a value to a double +1.44
Find the unduplicated element in a sorted array 0.00
how the following memcpy is beyond array in C? 0.00
The buffer '' is accessed out of bounds +0.05
Is #ifdef MACRO equivalent to a comment +0.98
C Error Dereferencing pointer to incomplete type -1.09
Printf changing memory values -0.20
Sum of primes using Sieve of Eratosthenes; answer too small +1.05
Debugging "too few bytes" error in GHCI 0.00
How to assign a pointer a 2D square array of unknown size?Whats wro... 0.00
Prime factorization - list +0.81
No stream fusion with unsafeUpdate_ in unboxed vector +0.20
bitwise AND doesn't work on MSB +0.80
Debugging performance bottlenecks for longest common subsequence al... 0.00
Issue with passing pointer-to-a-pointer 0.00
GHCI stack overflow on `instance Show MyType` 0.00
RankNTypes: apply the same function to pairs of different types +0.78
What is the fastest algorithm for checking if a 14 digit number is... +0.53
initializer element is not constant (sqrt function) 0.00
how do i make java add instead of cancentate? +0.09
What does " if(*((void **) &(_ptr)) != (void *) NULL) &quo... -0.11
Cross module optimizations in GHC 0.00
Using points to generate quadratic equation to interpolate data +0.22
Formatting float with sprintf fails 0.00
In C: Reading integers from a file +0.99
Haskell. Keeping track of indices in order to generate a new list +0.21
Code does not work for big numbers 0.00
Allocate two-dimensional array +0.20
System.Random behaving very strangely; numbers displayed are not th... -0.71
Behaviour of sizeof() in C (GCC) +0.15
Does haskell keep track of function composition? +0.82
Haskell: YesNo type class. Why Integer? +1.02
Confusing pointer declaration +0.69
#include files not including (c++) -0.77
Haskell typing priority of operators over functions -0.71
Generate combinations of integers by least sum -2.55
Haskell cabal: Generate latex haddock documentation 0.00
how to manipulate bit of integer type in c? +0.20
Bitwise operation on unsigned char +0.95
calling functions gives 2 different values of output +0.22
Key access in an arbitrary JSON object in Haskell -1.83
Logical inconsistency with [ ] conversion specifier in scanf() in C +1.26
Seg Fault, possible array pointer issue (Radix Sort Implementation) -0.75
Overlapping instances in Haskell +0.23
Which compilers support the Haskell FFI +1.61
Tracing Sieve of Eratosthenes using GDB. How to trace better? 0.00
Size of a linked list node +0.12
Complexity of a sortBy in Haskell +1.19