An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Daniel Fischer

1737.04 (48th)
164,123 (301st)
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Title Δ
Performance decrease with threaded implementation +0.62
Scope and lifetime of POD stack variables when passing over it with... +0.37
Declaration of Structure for link list +0.74
Padding in union is present or not +0.22
C program weird behaviour - pointer and memory 0.00
print a matrix through a pointer 0.00
Stuck on Comparator<T> +0.42
Number of recursive calls +0.54
Simple C inline linker error +0.19
Returned variable is NULL -1.97
How do I find all subfolders of a folder? +1.01
Pointer generate a crash also if it is initialized -0.86
What is the difference between strtol and strtoul? +1.39
assigning pointers vs memcpy/memmove +0.69
Using typedef for an array to declare a new type +1.07
what's wrong in this very basic function declaration? +0.21
Create list of strings from list of doubles, non Scientific notation 0.00
How do exceptions work in Haskell (part two)? 0.00
realloc() issues: deallocation of old block,new size bigger than ol... 0.00
Unwrapping the Haskell State Monad 0.00
gcc warning: incompatible pointer type 0.00
Java reluctant matching from both sides of the quantifier +1.70
Fast way to test whether n^2 + (n+1)^2 is perfect square 0.00
RSA private key generation issues 0.00
Why do C and Java treat the following loop differently 0.00
Counting processes after fork in for loop 0.00
C: Passing floating point to function 0.00
got an unexpected answer from the x?y:z expression +0.10
C++ fread: unsigned char and short mixture +0.19
Why is the %n format specifier working normal for all scanf() state... 0.00
What is the big-O complexity of this naive code to compute combinat... -0.28
Understanding of Guru of the Week #67: Double or Nothing +0.21
Assignment makes pointer from integer without a cast and other ques... -0.45
Writing strend(s, t) (check if `s` ends with `t`) using pointers +0.21
Valgrind multiple "invalid write/read of size 1" errors 0.00
strtok() issue: If tokens are delimited by delimiters,why is last t... +0.65
How is this constant expression evaluated? 0.00
What will a function return if there's no explicit 'return' +0.89
Why is fast inverse square root so odd and slow on Java? +0.93
How Does This String Permutation Works 0.00
Haskell - List Comprehension - get Input-Elements -1.52
strtok on a local variable in C 0.00
Why are we allowed to change values of "const" qualified... 0.00
For "char list[3][10];" why does all of these work as sca... +1.08
Complexity of an algorithm with two recursive calls +0.33
InsertionSort vs ShellSort with Gap Size = 1? 0.00
use of nextAfter(double start, double direction); in Android 0.00
Big O complexity to merge two lists 0.00
Find x in a^x = a (mod n) +0.23
Additon of long values show different o/p +1.22