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oguz ismail

1751.41 (42nd)
3,760 (44,665th)
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Title Δ
Print the first value without knowing the key +0.64
How to insert data into JSON line by line? +1.02
Leveling select fields +1.07
Bash Recursively Remove Leading Underscore +1.62
Remove directory at an arbitrary depth in another directory +1.90
How to "number" array items? +0.07
Display an object if a nephew element array contains a value +0.47
Remove empty lines and trim/squeeze blanks from files recursively +0.38
Remove duplicate lines repeating immediately ignoring the first field +1.64
Extract shortest suffix following a certain character +0.45
Insert an element at a certain index in Bash -3.12
List files whose names consist of two digits +0.70
Merging files with the same header in different directories -2.04
Split sentences into separate lines -1.24
Extract child elements and add parent field into them +1.39
Join multiple JSON objects into an array +1.16
Replacing variables in JSON document +1.09
How to target and count value with JQ? +1.40
How to Add a JSON Field to the Root JSON Object Using jq 0.00
Select multiple fields at different levels 0.00
Extract each word immediately preceded by an asterisk +1.56
Escaping regex-active characters +1.59
Alias inside function 0.00
Replace string and insert a character at a certain position in the... -0.45
In jq, how to select objects where an array contains at least one v... -2.24
Using find to locate files not owned by USER or GROUP 0.00
Find words containing at least three instances of a letter 0.00
Leave only fields with string values +1.72
Difference between `null` and `no output` 0.00
Correct (?) regex not understood by sed 0.00
How to replace an asterisk with an escaped asterisk in bash? -0.30
Why do these two rm commands produce different outputs? 0.00
Flatten JSON structure with jq without duplicates 0.00
Top level JSON object with multiple matches returned for each match 0.00
How to use jq to create a clean json template file without values +1.11
Iterate over array and output TSV report 0.00
How to print JSON text along with other things in TSV? 0.00
Add field into an array element and keep the original structure 0.00
Merge multiple JSON files and include filename of each file in the... +1.75
How to sum up string fields that contain percentages with 'jq&#... +0.22
Extract common lines from multiple text files and display original... +1.23
Expand arrays from a stream of JSON values of various types 0.00
jq - flatten parent objects into children +1.78
How to avoid generating all combinations of selected data while con... 0.00
Remove square brackets with parameter expansions 0.00
How do I filter on an optional property value only if it exists? +1.43
remove top-level JSON keys that are present in second JSON 0.00
find + grep as an if condition doesn't work as expected -0.71
remove keys that are present in sibling object and have a certain v... +0.65
How to handle wrong exit code upon child failure with SIGCHLD 0.00