An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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oguz ismail

1751.41 (42nd)
3,760 (44,665th)
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Title Δ
Extract a field if it is accompanied by specific key-value pairs 0.00
Executing `make` inside multiple directories +0.59
system() yields inconsistent results -1.18
Comparing all columns in file to reference column in same file 0.00
Select each file whose name matches one of multiple patterns and is... +0.95
How to remove or ignore values from certain nesting level with jq -0.93
Copy value from grandchildren if it exists, use null otherwise 0.00
Insert a key value pair in each object if it is not present using jq 0.00
Is there a way to differentiate between a null value and the absenc... 0.00
Iterate over array of array names expanding each to its members +0.66
How do you pad the history number in the PS1 prompt with 0's? 0.00
How can I ignore errors with bash stdin redirection? +0.85
Find parent key based on child value +1.09
Terminate background job and its children on exit +0.22
filter based on presence of entry in sub-object 0.00
Alternative for-loop construct 0.00
Expand array elements appending a string to each in a loop +0.22
How does `SIGWINCH` pass through Bash? 0.00
How do you conditionally change a string value to a number in JQ? 0.00
Flatten a hierarchical JSON array using JQ -2.94
Match alphanumeric characters in case statement 0.00
Build target paths for cp out of underscore/dash delimited words in... +0.42
sort_by on array elements gives error 'Cannot index string with... +1.07
Convert table to JSON omitting repeated header lines 0.00
Remove parent elements with certain key-value pairs using JQ +0.65
Follow links in cURL responses using a loop 0.00
Generate lexicographic permutations -0.80
SIGPIPE due to file descriptors and process substitution +0.97
Tabulate text using equals sign as separator +0.22
Is there a way to get the path to a specific element within the JSO... 0.00
Ignore intermediate stderr inside a pipeline? 0.00
Combining mapfile, command redirection and exit status retrieval 0.00
How to use JQ to filter an object based on a value, and return an a... 0.00
convert JSON array to bash array preserving whitespaces 0.00
How to deal with an error in cut --complement command? 0.00
Is it possible to print all the commands when they are executed in... 0.00
Remove all files with a common prefix except the N latest modified +1.06
Split two strings and pair corresponding parts 0.00
extract the last line from curl progress output into a variable 0.00
Parsing a date string reliably in jq +0.17
Comparing values between a previous element and its subsequent elem... 0.00
update unix timestamps (in ms) with their human-readable equivalent... 0.00
Removing first digits from each line in bash (1-2 char length) +0.21
How to create a variable only if user input needs it? 0.00
Shell program behaves differently when read from a file vs. pipe 0.00
Regular Expression to match exactly the digits after the first dot... 0.00
How to accept multiple inputs as matched with multiple variables in... -2.93
regexp doesn't work in pattern substitution word expansion +0.22
Trying to do total word count on all files recursively but the sum... -0.26
interpolate a string containing double quotes in a shell script 0.00