An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1788.42 (12th)
105,338 (680th)
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Title Δ
Not getting appropriate parent id in child process using fork() 0.00
Can't install JDK 7u51 (64-bit) on Windows 2012 R2 "this app c... 0.00
How to add a bool value to a db in java 0.00
ThreadExecutor forcing execution of Thread in infinite loop -2.20
C++ strange behaviour mutator vector 0.00
initialize static string member in c++ 0.00
apache Derby - getting derby.log (Ac... +0.53
Working with Java & SQL +0.41
Calling ExecutorService submit() inside an infinite loop +0.17
strlen EXC_BAD_ACCESS in Xcode - c 0.00
mysql++ insert how to? +0.12
Run-Time Check Failure #2 - Stack around the variable 'd' was corru... 0.00
Why does this programs give segmentation fault? +0.15
C++ boost::split first of 0.00
3 line read from txt file 0.00
Assign ID number automatically +0.14
Search for string in char array 0.00
Robust numerical user input function but zero not seen as a number +0.17
Why file? What is the use of cl... +0.16
C fscanf gets me duplicate lines 0.00
C strings by reference voodoo +0.15
ResultSetMetaData to Filewriter/CSV issue JAVA 0.00
Adding a servlet in web.xml -0.07
error C3861: '_T': identifier not found , unable to pass in main fu... 0.00
Smart pointer to container 0.00
What does recv() write into bufferif data received is less than buf... -1.16
Detect if file is open in C++ +0.15
How to read integers from a char string, when you dont know how man... -0.91
Error while reading character using gets function 0.00
C++ | cout, Print returned Object 0.00
How Do I Print Out a Vector of Structs? Is It Not Saving the Data? 0.00
Unable to catch unhandled exection while using std::map +0.89
Cannot call member function std::string class::function() without o... +0.37
How to set useUnicode=true and characterEncoding=utf8 properties on... +0.19
Telling an std::thread to kill/stop itself when a condition is met -1.20
GetModuleHandleEx fails on csrsrv.dll 0.00
How to send/receive array of strings on a socket in C 0.00
Passing pointer of dynamic var by reference +0.60
unresolved external symbol __imp__JNI_CreateJavaVM@12 referenced +0.16
Environmental variables in ant script not working +0.43
Initializing struct vector with brace-enclosed initializer list +0.15
Dereferencing string iterator won't compile +0.80
Cannot create std::list on the stack 0.00
c++, output of FindFirstFile() +0.56
Does java.util.concurrent.ConcurrentHashMap.putIfAbsent need to be... -3.03
Update a smart pointer using a reference 0.00
using std::cout in multiple threads +0.92
sizeof() showing different output +0.56
C++ return value from multithreads using reference +0.16
File is not accessing in java 0.00