An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1788.42 (12th)
105,338 (680th)
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Title Δ
program in C launches correctly but printf doesnt show anything +0.15
How to access the address of a static const member of a class? +0.07
C - Delete the i-th Character from a Writable Char Array +0.32
Why is a string Array causing a LNK2001 error? 0.00
Boost String Replace Doesn't Replace Newline With String -1.82
Return value of function in C +0.15
C++11 variable number of arguments, same specific type 0.00
Some files in system32 not visible/accessible for Java program 0.00
How can i get the top n keys of std::map based on their values? +0.39
Boost Scoped Ptr - Declaration vs Allocation 0.00
For loop format in C +0.30
How to return an Integer or int and a list from a method in java? +0.51
Program using Boost threads does absolutely nothing 0.00
how do I wait for process to complete +0.48
Passing a path to exec +0.64
Check if file exists from string +0.15
Deadlock in synchronization +0.79
Comparison for Strings constructed with uninitialized byte array ce... 0.00
Getting sizeof(MyClass) in class member declaration -0.52
Pointer Value is changed when passed through Threadcreate +0.18
Initializing a two dimensional std::vector -1.83
Writable file permission problems 0.00
Select a particular type of file in java +0.65
Container for multiple typedef of boost::function -0.34
pointer being freed was not allocated after removing a string 0.00
Accessing a pair after moving it into a map -0.79
Could std::mutex::lock throw event if everything looks "good&q... 0.00
c malloc error code :3096 +0.16
Print integer with thousands and millions separator +0.84
why constant size of struct despite having a vector of int +1.08
Why does this struct intialization not work (can't return address o... +0.16
Fscanf and delimiters 0.00
Reading character with scanf() +0.16
Concatenate two WCHAR_T arrays in C++ +0.81
Struct Type Could Not Be Resolved C++ in Eclipse 0.00
Difference between char *str and char str[] +0.16
After calling malloc I get an unexpected size 0.00
unique_ptr to a base class -2.76
Create thread inside class with function from same class 0.00
Thread-scoped objects in C++11 with GCC +0.94
using boost foreach with items that are themselves templates +0.59
Finding consecutive elements in a vector -0.42
Multithreading - const char array passed as parameter +0.77
Passing argument to struct +0.13
usage of the returned iterator from std::unique 0.00
Making an object belonging to a class depending on input parameters... +0.51
Initialise a double array to a non-zero value -1.33
Bizarre segfault on memcpy in getline 0.00
what is the difference between std::call_once and function-level st... -1.76
C++ Pointers -- Weird Loop Behavior +0.61