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1773.58 (18th)
327,725 (33rd)
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Title Δ
HTML <pre> tag does not seem to honor Unicode Character '... 0.00
Why doesn't the src attribute of an iframe change if I click on... 0.00
Changing range input styling with JavaScript 0.00
Mixing an @supports with an @media query in CSS +0.61
Why does querySelectorAll on text type miss inputs with implicit te... +1.11
What is this variable kind of thing in css? +0.41
Why color applied to a body affects shadow-root +0.16
alignment box for inline-block non-replaced elements +1.30
Will rel=canonical <link> tags work inside <style> tags? 0.00
Mixing @supports and @media queries 0.00
Are Block-Level Boxes Enclosed in Line Boxes? 0.00
Selector for element having one of two classes, but not both +0.66
Is it possible to remove html element completely just by using CSS? +0.33
What Are "Non-Replaced Inline Blocks"? 0.00
Can I target multiple divs with one nth-child() selector? -0.07
What is the correct semantic for the members of a search result ite... 0.00
Auto convert CSS "longhand" into "shorthand" in... +0.70
Does setAttribute automatically escape HTML characters? +1.40
Is there any way to include OR/AND inside a CSS selector for web sc... 0.00
CSS media query select complement of width interval 0.00
Why are double quotes shown only for the first element? +0.76
calc() not working with transform in Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge 0.00
Why can't we access element same like other htmlelement 0.00
Why does prism.js modify the DOM by inserting the language class in... 0.00
Is there a way to direct browsers to insert (optional) line-breaks... 0.00
Select all child elements from given layer XML 0.00
When do browsers render spaces in inline elements? 0.00
Do classes containing a method that return a disposable object need... -0.36
Can Xpath expressions access shadow-root elements? 0.00
Semantic way to add a "caption" inside a table 0.00
When is it allowed to style pseudo elements on an option element? 0.00
select based on whether the value of a property is enclosed by doub... +0.17
What's the correct way to display multi line text? +0.11
Why is "var" a legal type name in C#? 0.00
Why do these two snippets render differently using display:table/ta... 0.00
Is using text-fill-color for clipping text in css actually necessary? 0.00
backdrop-filter: blur() not working 0.00
Should I specify h2-h6 sub-headings for a details tag to make the d... +0.99
Get pseudo elements counter next value 0.00
calculating width for "Absolutely positioned, non-replaced ele... +1.36
@page background-image depending on class? 0.00
Does jQuery's html() method auto-join the argument if it's... +0.98
Group several IDs into an impromptu “class” -0.82
Can I check multiple ancestors in JavaScript using Element.closest()? 0.00
Is this a correct use of async void? Xamarin 0.00
Is there any performance difference between <a> and <butto... +0.17
CSS position: sticky - can it enable absolute-then-fixed behaviour... -0.29
Why does the ie11 emulator have more options than edge? 0.00
Should width and height attributes of an img account for border and... +0.93
Non-rectangular CSS grid elements 0.00