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1772.21 (17th)
525,477 (30th)
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Title Δ
How to select value from the next row via pup? 0.00
loading conditional stylesheet using link media attribute failed +0.16
CSS type selector overrides attribute selector? 0.00
Does a label element have to be associated with a form? 0.00
How is ::first-letter different from :first-child (pseudo-class vs... 0.00
can ":next-of-type" be synthesized? -0.83
How is horizontal position:sticky and width:auto related? 0.00
What are the valid attributes separators in Hypertext Markup Langua... 0.00
:last-of-type Or :nth-of-type(n) Where n Is Last Element +0.17
Assign a standard (web safe font) using @font-face for printing +0.87
Is it posible to get a regex from attr() in CSS? -0.07
How to select ::after when followed by a p +1.21
Google Chrome Dev Tools remove element's :after from DOM when :... 0.00
What does units on first value accomplish when using "flex&quo... 0.00
Why overflow:hidden can’t prevent margin collapsing in sibling divs... 0.00
Are @font-face rules are usable in it's defined CSS File or usa... 0.00
How to write a CSS Selector selecting elements NOT having a certain... -1.33
Can I change the initial containing block size? 0.00
What happens when the user sets the browser font size? 0.00
CSS Wildcard Selector - No override? 0.00
User agent stylesheet is overriding my css even though it acknowled... 0.00
what is the role=" " attribute for Literals in html5? 0.00
Using Logical Properties Inside Media Query Isn't Working -0.83
CSS selector for first descendant of type inside ancestor 0.00
JSoup: get wikipedia page summary +0.17
Strange browser behavior with counter identifier "list-item&qu... 0.00
Is it possible to have a pathname in a srcset with an embedded blank? 0.00
What are the bare necessities for CSS snap scroll to work? +0.18
Bold in IE11 looks significantly different to bold in chrome - can... 0.00
Does CSS ever care about DOM "closeness" relationships? +0.13
Can two elements on two different pages have the same ID in HTML/CSS? -1.32
Is it valid to have the style on an element have an inherit value i... -0.83
CSS attribute selector and case sensitivity with the "type&quo... 0.00
why css variables override another file's css variable? -0.55
What's the difference between an HTML <i> tag and css &qu... +0.17
How can I determine if an HTML element has a value, even if it is e... -0.46
How does the default user agent stylesheet style lists differently... +0.78
Why does a width of fixed/absolute element fallback to children? 0.00
Identifying Anonymous Block Boxes 0.00
is using `lang` attribute in a `style` tag allowed to mark css prep... 0.00
What happens if Internet Explorer compatibility view not specified 0.00
What happens when an ICollection property is initialized using the... +0.17
Omitting pixel when using inline "width" 0.00
8-digit hex is not a background-color value +0.16
How to handle CSS media query negation including browsers which do... +0.44
css query for selecting div element which does not contain table el... +0.34
Transition of color affecting top‽ 0.00
CSS 'absolute' positioning: what is the behavior when there... 0.00
Are browser prefixes required for all version of animation keyframes +0.76
How limited is support for Level 4 in Safari Content Blockers? 0.00