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1773.61 (18th)
554,859 (30th)
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Title Δ
Picture Tag Using data-srcset Instead of srcset 0.00
CSS grid and semantic HTML 0.00
difference between <bdi> and <span dir="auto"> 0.00
Can I use standard attributes in custom HTML elements? 0.00
What is the need to repeat property creating? +0.17
What is the difference between e-resize and ew-resize cursor types? -1.25
CSS descendants and other selectors 0.00
Merged list items with CSS border-radius if they are next to each o... +0.94
Why does "inline-block" trim the space at the end inside... +0.17
W3C CSS Validation parse error on variables 0.00
CSS selector equivalent for xpath selector 0.00
Css ">" selector and "display:contents", wha... 0.00
Can I add a classname to a CSS variable? +0.76
Universal Selector with Descendent Selector Specificity +0.61
What is the equivalent of the '.' CSS selector for any attr... 0.00
How to select value from the next row via pup? 0.00
loading conditional stylesheet using link media attribute failed +0.16
CSS type selector overrides attribute selector? 0.00
Does a label element have to be associated with a form? 0.00
How is ::first-letter different from :first-child (pseudo-class vs... 0.00
can ":next-of-type" be synthesized? -0.83
How is horizontal position:sticky and width:auto related? 0.00
What are the valid attributes separators in Hypertext Markup Langua... 0.00
:last-of-type Or :nth-of-type(n) Where n Is Last Element +0.17
Assign a standard (web safe font) using @font-face for printing +0.87
Is it posible to get a regex from attr() in CSS? -0.07
How to select ::after when followed by a p +1.21
Google Chrome Dev Tools remove element's :after from DOM when :... 0.00
What does units on first value accomplish when using "flex&quo... 0.00
Why overflow:hidden can’t prevent margin collapsing in sibling divs... 0.00
Are @font-face rules are usable in it's defined CSS File or usa... 0.00
How to write a CSS Selector selecting elements NOT having a certain... -1.33
Can I change the initial containing block size? 0.00
What happens when the user sets the browser font size? 0.00
CSS Wildcard Selector - No override? 0.00
User agent stylesheet is overriding my css even though it acknowled... 0.00
what is the role=" " attribute for Literals in html5? 0.00
Using Logical Properties Inside Media Query Isn't Working -0.83
CSS selector for first descendant of type inside ancestor 0.00
JSoup: get wikipedia page summary +0.17
Strange browser behavior with counter identifier "list-item&qu... 0.00
Is it possible to have a pathname in a srcset with an embedded blank? 0.00
What are the bare necessities for CSS snap scroll to work? +0.18
Bold in IE11 looks significantly different to bold in chrome - can... 0.00
Does CSS ever care about DOM "closeness" relationships? +0.13
Can two elements on two different pages have the same ID in HTML/CSS? -1.32
Is it valid to have the style on an element have an inherit value i... -0.83
CSS attribute selector and case sensitivity with the "type&quo... 0.00
why css variables override another file's css variable? -0.55
What's the difference between an HTML <i> tag and css &qu... +0.17