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Martin R

1773.23 (16th)
410,382 (49th)
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Title Δ
Bad Access error when calling Swift closure from C api in Cocoa 0.00
Round Half Down in Swift +0.29
Dynamically pass in type to MemoryLayout<T> in Swift 0.00
Setting a locale of MeasurementFormatter instance voids any numberF... 0.00
Create smaller evenly distributed array 0.00
Every Other Odd Number Array in Swift -0.48
Get the frequency of the array with elements, according to the coun... -0.51
Create nXn matrix with values incrementing Swift +0.17
How to call a C function from Swift whose name coincides with a str... 0.00
Array of methods in swift without reference cycle +0.67
Swift Conditional conformances with Generic Type 0.00
Xcode Incorrectly Reporting Swift Access Race Condition 0.00
NSPredicate match string by words 0.00
How to interleave arrays of real and complex numbers to use vDSP_ct... 0.00
How to represent an array of DSPDoubleSplitComplex numbers in the h... 0.00
Why does CGFloat casted from Float not exhibit CGFloat behavior? 0.00
Swift: Accessing C Struct Members That Are Objects 0.00
How does `JSONDecoder` know which encoding to use? 0.00
Reduce `[URLQueryItem]` into `[String: Any]` -2.98
Find next element in matrix +0.87
Cast UInt32 to Generic T: Numeric 0.00
how to remove specific element from 2D Array in swift -1.18
how to Converting JSON into Codable in swift 4.2? -1.72
Splitting method algorithm 0.00
How to get the range of the first line in a string? +0.71
How to get the full line range for a given character range in Swift? +0.77
Swift: String starts(with:) vs hasprefix 0.00
map an array of struct -0.54
How can I use the __builtin_expect in Swift? 0.00
Casting an UnsafeMutableRawPointer to Multiple Types 0.00
Task from the interview. How we would solve it? +0.42
Dealing with optionals in FSEventStreamRef API from Swift 0.00
DFS function for finding islands in 2D array returning incorrect nu... 0.00
Swift Data.subdata fails with EXC_BAD_INSTRUCTION (code=EXC_I386_IN... 0.00
crc-16 cccitt problem - incorrect calculation 0.00
Converting an array of Floats to an array of UnsafePointer<DSPCo... -0.33
Swift Array of Ints - Find Index where the Difference to the Previo... +0.26
Swift return different data types from function based on case of en... 0.00
Why should these algorigthms behave any differently? 0.00
Swift to C bridging: String to UnsafePointer<Int8>? is not au... 0.00
Subset sum Swift +1.13
How to get length of a UnsafeMutablePointer<Object> written t... 0.00
Date comparison failing 0.00
Automatic bridging of C struct functions to Swift methods 0.00
Swift: Using `var` leads to a compiler warning, using `let` leads t... +0.17
iOS Swift, Enum CaseIterable extension 0.00
What is the cleanest way in swift to throw an optional error? +0.19
Swift: Lazily encapsulating chains of map, filter, flatMap +0.91
Invalid dog face scalar 0.00
Extension for Array with Closures 0.00