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Martin R

1783.39 (13th)
519,795 (55th)
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Title Δ
Swift - Add N month to date +1.20
How to insert a newline inside a code snippet in the Swift REPL 0.00
Testing for compliance with and casting to RawRepresentable protocol 0.00
Throw from a trailing closure in Swift 0.00
What is proper way to get ip address from NWConnection 0.00
swift CoreData predicates to filter all the child data of a given p... 0.00
Swift enum size when associated value is a reference type 0.00
Find NSRanges of all substrings splitted by new lines -0.74
How to do iterated moves of items in an array in Swift -0.16
How to use linear interpolation from Accelerate 0.00
Swift reverse nil-coalescenting operator? 0.00
Convert DATA to Date 0.00
Combine arrays when they have similar element +0.48
Mutable C String in Swift 0.00
Remove empty arrays? Swift 5 +1.26
Read large file of binary data in chunks of 1024 bytes 0.00
String bytes end in 255 for Swift 0.00
In Swift, Where does Never declare that it conform to Error? 0.00
Does Swift have one-sided strides? +0.71
Is there a mapping in the standard library between Swift's Stri... 0.00
Swift: For Loop End Condition Evaluated Only Once? 0.00
Give a natural positive Int (n) and a desired sum (k) find a random... 0.00
struct Test: Identifiable vs class Test: Identifiable 0.00
How to invoke a mutating method on an unsafe pointer in Swift? 0.00
Array shuffle(using: RandomNumberGenerator) strange behavior 0.00
Xcode 11.4 - Introduction of Terminal 0.00
Swift's Age of the indices in a Set 0.00
Swift: How to get UTF-8 representation of characters (as 0xXX 0xXX... 0.00
Is there a way to utilize Swift commands within a low-level C metho... 0.00
Is there a way to reverse the bit order in UInt64? 0.00
Swift custom operators with Unicode combining characters 0.00
Extending Measurement<UnitAngle> To Provide Reciprocal Angle -0.85
Swift - C API enum in Swift 0.00
Swift date(byAdding:to:) returns nil for trivial calculation in REPL 0.00
How to get an array from a C function in Swift? 0.00
How to pass argument in Swift to C function that takes an UnsafePoi... +0.16
Why isn't there a formSubtracting() method in Swift for Sets 0.00
Why does the String(_:radix:) initializer work? 0.00
Swift regards a C const pointer as mutable? 0.00
Does array.count and array[0 ...< index] slow down a binary sear... 0.00
Why in Swift generics factory method does compiler warn Generic cla... 0.00
Swift 5.1: How can I pass NULL as an argument? 0.00
value?.min != nil ? value!.min : nil not force unwrapping writing O... +0.64
Using an IF query returns an error in Xcode +0.64
NumberFormatter() - pad with a specific number of spaces possible? 0.00
How to set an environment variable via Zsh from within a Swift script 0.00
How to implement a Mutable Ordered Set generic type formerly known... -2.90
Swift define and call inline closure directly 0.00
Can you check if a Type (not an instance) is a subclass of another... -0.83
Why downcast array item in Swift? +0.17