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Martin R

1779.85 (14th)
425,687 (46th)
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Title Δ
Swift Mini-Max Sum One Test Case Failed - HackerRank -0.01
Getting "String.Index" while enumerating swift string -0.33
convert and format string to an array of characters in swift +0.15
How do I use pointers interacting with c(library) 0.00
'NSInternalInconsistencyException', reason: 'Couldn'... 0.00
Data ranged subscribe strange behavior 0.00
Using state variables as inputs to a func in SwiftUI 0.00
Best way to pass address of "char path[MAX]" to a param o... 0.00
Swift - A Decimal's hashValue is the same for X == -X, cannot b... 0.00
Getting the error "Unable to infer complex closure return type... 0.00
Avoid Equatable and Hashable boilerplate, Swift 4.2 +0.17
IOS 13 Combine Framework - @Published not working ("Unknown at... +0.17
iOS Swift Compound Predicate 0.00
Swift ranking dictionary +0.87
Repeating Action Continuously In SwiftUI +0.16
Why/when are uninitialized non-optional values allowed in Swift for... +0.19
Is it possible to write compound switch case between enum associate... +1.15
Is there a way to cancel a DispatchQueue concurrentPerform operation? 0.00
Swift closures in autorelase pool accessing methods without self 0.00
Convert array of bytes to Int64 in Swift 5 +1.29
get duplicate value from single array in swift -0.65
How to find all occurrences of a subset of strings within another s... 0.00
Iterating keys in NSMapTable retains the weak values forever 0.00
Iterate over functions in Swift -2.07
Convert a double to NSNumber in Swift +1.29
Protocol Extension where Self is ClassA OR ClassB +0.20
Typecasting a Double value to Int64 in Swift, number of digits is 1... 0.00
Remove elements from Array of Array Swift -1.18
Want to use cos^-1 in Swift 0.00
Swift SHA256 encryption returns different encrypted string compare... 0.00
option[] in JSONSerialization 0.00
Does Xcode build comments code into its binary? +0.69
Middle Character swift -1.32
os_log_debug unresolved identifier while importing os or os.log 0.00
Can the byte order of Double be safely reversed? 0.00
Trim String before specific character? -3.16
How to effectively represent htonl in swift´╝č 0.00
Swift 5 calling squareRoot() 0.00
Using a class' method as default parameter in Swift +0.17
CustomStringConvertible crashes enum? 0.00
Strange compilation error with @testable import +0.56
Setting file path in imported C function inside Swift Framework 0.00
What's the difference between &<< and << operat... 0.00
Comparing arabic characters with and without diacritic marks 0.00
Find special characters entered in a textfield and escape in swift 0.00
How do you compare 2 operands of type Date? to sort an array in Swi... 0.00
Swift: How to replace uppercase symbols in array -0.26
Swift - Use of unresolved identifier 'map' 0.00
Passing a Swift string to C 0.00
Create a String buffer in Swift for C to consume and free later 0.00