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Martin R

1773.23 (16th)
415,328 (49th)
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Title Δ
how Hexadecimal string to Bytes 0.00
iOS. Pluralization. Stringdict with format that contains 2 int argu... 0.00
Casting a multidimensional array to Data object for TF inference 0.00
"process.currentDirectoryPath()" function is not changing... 0.00
Am I wrong about the swift misleading doc? 0.00
Swift mutable set: Duplicate element found 0.00
List all window names in Swift 0.00
How to get average of values in array between two given indexes in... 0.00
encodedOffset deprecation 0.00
Distinguishing between inherited `associatedtype`s in Swift protocols 0.00
Shuffle struct by Int 0.00
Element vs. Generic Type <T> 0.00
How to prevent fatal errors from bad input into d2i_X509_REQ_bio in... 0.00
How can I update this Hashable.hashValue to conform to new requirem... 0.00
What is functionality of Pointwise Equal, Pointwise less than, and... 0.00
What is the purpose of the word let inside a catch expression? 0.00
How to view method signatures when Objc-C is bridged to Swift and v... 0.00
is there anyway to increment exponentially in swift? 0.00
enum conformance to RawRepresentable 0.00
Why is infix operator in swift not working? 0.00
Safe conversion of Float to Int? 0.00
How do I convert an array of UnsafeMutablePointer<Double> to... 0.00
'withUnsafeBytes' is deprecated warning when passing void*... 0.00
convert unicodeScalars index to character index in a swift string 0.00
In Swift 5, How can i check if the input 2d array [[Int]] is matrix... 0.00
Need explanation about random function swift 0.00
How to encode extended ASCII/macOS Roman (characters from 128 to 25... 0.00
How to convert a classic HFS path into a POSIX path 0.00
Swift 5: String.UTF16View.Index(encodedOffset: l) deprecated 0.00
Swift 5.0: 'withUnsafeBytes' is deprecated: use `withUnsafe... 0.00
Cannot subscript a value of type 'String' with an index of... 0.00
dyld: Library not loaded: @rpath/libswiftCore.dylib problem with ne... 0.00
Get string md5 in Swift 5 0.00
Convert UnsafeMutableRawPointer to UInt64 0.00
How to terminate with non-zero exit status in Swift code 0.00
How can I define a postfix operator on a tuple? 0.00
How to store data from an UnsafeMutablePointer in the iOS file system 0.00
Applying a threshold to all values in an array -0.33
Bad Access error when calling Swift closure from C api in Cocoa 0.00
Round Half Down in Swift +0.29
Dynamically pass in type to MemoryLayout<T> in Swift 0.00
Setting a locale of MeasurementFormatter instance voids any numberF... 0.00
Create smaller evenly distributed array 0.00
Every Other Odd Number Array in Swift -0.48
Get the frequency of the array with elements, according to the coun... -0.51
Create nXn matrix with values incrementing Swift +0.17
How to call a C function from Swift whose name coincides with a str... 0.00
Array of methods in swift without reference cycle +0.67
Swift Conditional conformances with Generic Type 0.00
Xcode Incorrectly Reporting Swift Access Race Condition 0.00