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Martin R

1779.85 (14th)
425,687 (46th)
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Title Δ
How to do non-blocking keyboard input on console app using Swift? 0.00
How to construct UnsafeMutablePointer<Unmanaged<CFData>>... 0.00
Reflection error converting to Swift 4 in Objective-C properties -0.80
Swift iOS -Argument labels '(float3:)' do not match any ava... 0.00
how Hexadecimal string to Bytes 0.00
iOS. Pluralization. Stringdict with format that contains 2 int argu... 0.00
Casting a multidimensional array to Data object for TF inference 0.00
"process.currentDirectoryPath()" function is not changing... 0.00
Am I wrong about the swift misleading doc? 0.00
Swift mutable set: Duplicate element found +0.62
List all window names in Swift +0.64
How to get average of values in array between two given indexes in... 0.00
encodedOffset deprecation +0.17
Distinguishing between inherited `associatedtype`s in Swift protocols 0.00
Shuffle struct by Int +0.78
Element vs. Generic Type <T> +1.52
How to prevent fatal errors from bad input into d2i_X509_REQ_bio in... 0.00
How can I update this Hashable.hashValue to conform to new requirem... -0.33
What is functionality of Pointwise Equal, Pointwise less than, and... 0.00
What is the purpose of the word let inside a catch expression? +0.17
How to view method signatures when Objc-C is bridged to Swift and v... +0.17
is there anyway to increment exponentially in swift? +0.79
enum conformance to RawRepresentable +0.17
Why is infix operator in swift not working? 0.00
Safe conversion of Float to Int? +0.84
How do I convert an array of UnsafeMutablePointer<Double> to... +0.17
'withUnsafeBytes' is deprecated warning when passing void*... +0.17
convert unicodeScalars index to character index in a swift string 0.00
In Swift 5, How can i check if the input 2d array [[Int]] is matrix... 0.00
Need explanation about random function swift 0.00
How to encode extended ASCII/macOS Roman (characters from 128 to 25... +0.63
How to convert a classic HFS path into a POSIX path -2.75
Swift 5: String.UTF16View.Index(encodedOffset: l) deprecated 0.00
Swift 5.0: 'withUnsafeBytes' is deprecated: use `withUnsafe... +0.18
Cannot subscript a value of type 'String' with an index of... +0.72
dyld: Library not loaded: @rpath/libswiftCore.dylib problem with ne... +0.17
Get string md5 in Swift 5 +0.20
Convert UnsafeMutableRawPointer to UInt64 0.00
How to terminate with non-zero exit status in Swift code 0.00
How can I define a postfix operator on a tuple? 0.00
How to store data from an UnsafeMutablePointer in the iOS file system 0.00
Applying a threshold to all values in an array -0.33
Bad Access error when calling Swift closure from C api in Cocoa 0.00
Round Half Down in Swift +0.29
Dynamically pass in type to MemoryLayout<T> in Swift 0.00
Setting a locale of MeasurementFormatter instance voids any numberF... 0.00
Create smaller evenly distributed array 0.00
Every Other Odd Number Array in Swift -0.48
Get the frequency of the array with elements, according to the coun... -0.51
Create nXn matrix with values incrementing Swift +0.17