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Martin R

1774.61 (15th)
186,031 (103rd)
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Title Δ
Date from Calendar.dateComponents returning nil in Swift -1.21
How can I tell when a FileHandle has nothing left to be read? 0.00
How to compare two Strings to check if they have same Characters Sw... +0.14
How can I avoide Forced unwarapping in this? 0.00
Is Process always unresolved in iOS app or Playground? 0.00
Ambiguous call to Collection extension function 0.00
How can I use different array based on the device language? 0.00
Retrieve first dictionary value swift +0.71
swift Logical Operators orderly -3.39
populate 2d array with strings in special order -2.39
Creating an array based on the percentage difference of each values... +0.81
Variant on Sequence-Based enumeration of permutations 0.00
Algorithm to list all tuples from an array of String +0.15
How to detect the first run of an IteratorProtocol in swift? 0.00
How can I compare 3 values in an array to "not" or "... +0.15
What does @objc do under the hood? +0.48
Swift - Get ipv6 link local address? 0.00
Which Swift character count should I use with remove(first:)? +0.76
Conditional Protocol Conformance: Cannot convert value of type '... +0.16
Casting as a sksprite node +0.97
How to print an array of characters in swift without a line termina... 0.00
One object in multiple sections when sorting with NSFetchedResultsC... +0.16
Function parameter constrained by Equatable binary operator cannot... 0.00
Pass FILE* pointer from Swift to C Function 0.00
swift - corebluetooth writing 2 bytes 0.00
Swift Repeat While +0.15
Run Script on Mac prompts Error? 0.00
Swift giving me error at function with return of an enum +0.47
Incorrect DateFormatter result when using timeIntervalSince1970 -0.35
Linear regression result not as expected, following simple test 0.00
FetchedResultsController with transient attribute for comparing dates +0.14
Updating each one of the keys inside an array of tuples +0.16
Generic Array of weak references to class bound protocol in Swift 4.1 0.00
Swift String format vs Objective C +0.68
Integer literal '115000159351' overflows when stored into &... -0.37
Swift error while downcasting 'Any' +1.16
Use partition in Swift to move some predefined elements to the end... +1.46
convert content of the characteristic in swift 0.00
How to access view sublayers in swift 0.00
How to call static method of a class that has a function with the s... +0.15
How detect first index of each line inside a string with multiple l... +1.19
iOS: Localise multi-line string literals 0.00
Initialisation of object with init function that provides default v... 0.00
Swift UnsafeMutableRawPointer Error 0.00
Automatically handling disposing of unsafe allocated memory in Swift 0.00
How to find the n'th index path in tableview in iOS? +0.65
Formatting Localized Strings with Multiple Values 0.00
file and line parameters with default values which can't be ove... 0.00
Expression pattern of type '[String]' cannot match values o... 0.00
php String to Numbers in Swift 4 0.00