An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Martin R

1773.23 (16th)
410,382 (49th)
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Title Δ
Protocols and associated types in arrays 0.00
Using NSSetUncaughtExceptionHandler in swift 4 0.00
Wrapping a generic method in a class extension 0.00
Specify a generic value argument as a parameter of an object initia... -0.82
Check an enum can be created from a parameter in a switch +0.69
Random replace using Swift +0.40
Replace specific characters in string -2.99
How to combine 2 bools together in Swift 4 +0.33
Swift 4.2 weird behavior +0.74
Using reduce to populate a [String : [CGFloat]] dictionary from an... +0.78
How to extend protocol Optional, where Wrapped item is Array of Equ... +0.69
Count how many times a special character (non-spacing mark) occurs... -3.27
Use of OpenSSL BN_hex2bn in Swift 4 - How to build the handle 0.00
How to access in Swift a C struct that contains a variable sized ar... 0.00
Strong, weak references + Mirror: causing leak 0.00
how do people deal with iterating a Swift struct value-type property? 0.00
Using firstIndex(of: Element) in Swift +0.80
Problem with parameter to Swift Process object -0.84
Swift 4 Array Map nil to String +0.19
SWIFT Using Stringsdict and Plural Rule 0.00
Using an array of Booleans to select specific indices for transform... 0.00
Casting an [Float] to [simd_float4] in Swift +0.56
Converting 12 digit ticks to Date -2.47
How type inference works when assuming collection types in swift +0.77
Is there a way to convert any generic Numeric into a Double? -2.70
shuffle array after index +0.15
Swift BitConverter.DoubleToInt64Bits Equivalent 0.00
Extract Float array from Data +0.16
malloc error when generating huge random number +1.29
Swift trouble with operator priority 0.00
Swift enum cannot assign default raw value 0.00
How to read ANSI Escape code response value in Swift? 0.00
Set's contains method returns different value at different time 0.00
NSFetchedResultsController controllerDidChangeContent never called 0.00
Will multiple Date() value(timestamp) be equal while initializing i... +0.32
How to unwrap an optional into a variable and then use that variabl... -2.85
"Expression type 'Bool' is ambiguous without more cont... +0.16
Sort nil to the end of an array of optional strings +0.82
How to create an inline anonymous function, for immediate use in a... 0.00
where is UIKIT_DEFINE_AS_PROPERTIES defined? 0.00
Clubbing object array -0.02
Why is the Swift compiler marking this as an error? 0.00
Swift: Convert Integer x second to Date, x second ago 0.00
Swift: Byte array to decimal value +0.15
Why generic Element behave different when defined as Double? 0.00
how ios UI update code defined for use with main dispatch -1.52
How to extend String.Iterator in Swift 0.00
How can I make Optionals Hashable in Xcode 9.4 0.00
What does [[Element].Element] mean in Swift's == operator overl... 0.00
How to check if Array contains ClosedRange? 0.00