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Martin R

1776.33 (14th)
466,127 (50th)
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Title Δ
Swift 4.2 if let fails with CMTime on Xcode 11.2 0.00
Generic-type extension with a new generic type in Swift 0.00
What does ?? mean on a variable declaration in Swift case let patte... -1.35
swift @objc and selector : compiler error with type returned from s... +0.18
Add days to a date and computing the difference doesn't lead to... 0.00
switch must be exhaustive in Recursive type 0.00
Is there any way to get the key type of a SecKey? 0.00
Why does this tuple -> String conversion trigger sporadic memory... 0.00
Any or a trouble with sequence of functions +1.17
Size of struct with optionals in swift 0.00
Swift, Memory address issues with CFDataGetBytePtr 0.00
How to execute a function an empty name argument? +0.72
Does a Swift Dictionary preserve same order if content is not chang... -1.00
Swift Iterate through array of date intervals +0.17
Search in NSMutableArray +0.61
swift breaks into infinite loop after conforming to Stridable 0.00
NSPredicate for searching a string with double quotes 0.00
How do I get the positions of elements in a filtered array without... -2.81
Swift: Can't unwrap an optional inside a loop 0.00
How to decode a large number from JSON in Swift +0.84
How to extend String's UnsafePointer<Int8> initializer to... 0.00
NSData.bytes[subscript] in Swift 5 +1.00
Reading a binary file in swift 0.00
Compare an array with another & then return the index of matche... +0.16
Bundle.classNamed(_ className: String) fails but NSClassFromString(... 0.00
Accessing a dictionary value with variable as a key: Swift -0.13
How to reinterpret_cast in Swift? 0.00
Swift: typecast output array in Collection where Iterator.Element =... 0.00
More Buffer for FileHandler Output? 0.00
Hash different for the same object, Swift, Hashable 0.00
Can 3 byte unicode characters be automatically converted to ascii 0.00
How to represent Objc-C NSUInteger[] = {0,1,2} in Swift as UnsafeMu... 0.00
How to declare structure as return type of typealias in Swift -1.22
How can I define !! as a custom postfix operator? +0.16
Class does not conform to protocol, but struct does +0.62
Tuple with Individual element 0.00
How make fatal error in build phases script 0.00
How to create NSPredicate with array contains element +1.34
Inconsistent ranges of strings with greek letter 0.00
Is there a way to run a closure without testing it? 0.00
Print filename in extension 0.00
Int number encoded as Data on iOS is nil after being decoded on macOS 0.00
Swift = operator does not return anything, So how does optional bin... 0.00
Swift couldn't infer generic type when I was trying to provide... 0.00
Custom Index for Linked List in Swift 0.00
How to change Java's byte to long in Swift 0.00
How to correctly bridge Swift Errors with arguments to NSError 0.00
Combining hash of Date and String 0.00
Copying swift string to fixed size char[][] +0.17
'illegal option -- c' trying to run a terminal command from... 0.00