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Martin R

1783.39 (13th)
519,795 (55th)
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Title Δ
What is the relevance of this String format specifier? +0.75
A very annoying NSPredicate crash on iPhone 5 and iPad 4th gen with... 0.00
Understanding UnsafeRawPointer in objc_setAssociatedObject 0.00
Deprecation warning for Objective-C dependencies 0.00
What's the most "Swift-like"/clean way to set a non-n... 0.00
How to pass a parameter to a block executed asynchronously in Swift? 0.00
Generic parameter 'T' could not be inferred when XCTAssertE... 0.00
Swift UnsafeMutableRawPointer returns class instead of instance 0.00
Pass in argument predefined or custom function in swift -0.12
Element-wise maximum value for two arrays with Accelerate 0.00
How to init an IndexPath with arrayLiteral +0.17
Type 'MyError?' does not conform to protocol 'Error' -0.32
How to implement a generic constraint in Swift? 0.00
Return multiple of string characters -0.31
C struct called in Swift not being updated when it calls native code 0.00
CollectionDifference on Subset of Fields 0.00
Why does Swift Array contains(_:) method accept nil argument when i... 0.00
Convert UnicodeScalar index to String.Index 0.00
'UnsafePointer<Int8>' is not convertible to 'Unsa... 0.00
Swift 5 : how to deallocate memory, allocated by shared library 0.00
SwifT: Generic function that gets generic protocol as parameter not... -2.58
Text concatenation for localization purposes 0.00
Swift: convert already allocated char array to char pointer +0.17
How to convert an ContiguousArray of Floats into a byte array in Sw... 0.00
Can't assign value of type Dictionary to LazyMapCollection 0.00
Trying do deal with an object that can be an array or a number -2.38
A Swift Definition of Time +0.46
Generate consecutive and same number on Array effectively in Swift +0.52
If the text contains emoji, Range is nil from swift 0.00
Swift Get x number of elements from an array -1.12
Swift 4.2 if let fails with CMTime on Xcode 11.2 0.00
Generic-type extension with a new generic type in Swift 0.00
What does ?? mean on a variable declaration in Swift case let patte... -1.35
swift @objc and selector : compiler error with type returned from s... +0.18
Add days to a date and computing the difference doesn't lead to... 0.00
switch must be exhaustive in Recursive type 0.00
Is there any way to get the key type of a SecKey? 0.00
Why does this tuple -> String conversion trigger sporadic memory... 0.00
Any or a trouble with sequence of functions +1.17
Size of struct with optionals in swift 0.00
Swift, Memory address issues with CFDataGetBytePtr 0.00
How to execute a function an empty name argument? +0.72
Does a Swift Dictionary preserve same order if content is not chang... -1.00
Swift Iterate through array of date intervals +0.17
Search in NSMutableArray +0.61
swift breaks into infinite loop after conforming to Stridable 0.00
NSPredicate for searching a string with double quotes 0.00
How do I get the positions of elements in a filtered array without... -2.81
Swift: Can't unwrap an optional inside a loop 0.00
How to decode a large number from JSON in Swift +0.84