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Martin R

1773.23 (16th)
401,069 (49th)
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Title Δ
What does [[Element].Element] mean in Swift's == operator overl... 0.00
How to check if Array contains ClosedRange? 0.00
Top-level Bool encoded as number property list fragment. PropertyLi... 0.00
Swift - Find highest value in custom class array with multiple vari... -0.81
Surprise results iterating over an array with an optional in Swift +0.16
What does `_?` mean in Swift? 0.00
NSError.setUserInfoValueProvider infinite loop 0.00
Crash When Accessing refcon:UnsafeMutableRawPointer? Inside CGEvent... 0.00
convert string to double gives nil 0.00
How to enumerate a dictionary shorthanded (or convert all keys type... -1.08
How to use a self-referencing Swift protocol as a type for a generi... 0.00
Using os_log to log function arguments, or other dynamic data 0.00
Update nested array element if exists 0.00
Have a variable with multiple types in Swift +0.25
Can you both pattern-match on, and simultaneously unwrap a tuple co... 0.00
Seperate negative zero from positive zero in swift +0.75
Swift 4.2 closures 0.00
How to perform if let binding with struct in swift +0.16
Cannot invoke 'append' with an argument list of type '(... -2.91
A simple "splice" type method on Array in Swift? 0.00
How to ask a semaphore for returning immediately rather than wait f... 0.00
How to initialize memory at UnsafeMutableRawPointer 0.00
Value of optional type 'Float?' must be unwrapped to a valu... 0.00
Allow line editing when reading input from the command line 0.00
UInt32 array to String Byte Array in Swift +0.32
Sum and For loop together in Swift +0.86
Pointer being freed was not allocated [Swift] 0.00
Extraneous argument label 'with:' in call 0.00
How to combine 2 CoreData predicates in Swift? 0.00
Are all these if-statements really necessary? 0.00
Change the type of the key in a dictionary 0.00
Merge two classes in one class +0.64
What are all types may be used as errors in Swift? 0.00
Reverse Zip a Collection -0.74
Swift Array Extension to replace value of index n by the sum of the... -1.32
Swift functional way to get single item from a subarray 0.00
iOS Swift: Array of Range +0.17
How to know when enumerateTags function finished? -1.33
Swift 4 Int32 to [UInt8] 0.00
Objective-C framework used in Swift - ambiguous use of method error 0.00
`supportsSecureCoding` crashes when using Optimize for Speed option -1.38
Changing associated value of enum Swift 0.00
No type named 'Error' in module 'Foundation' 0.00
How to break out of a guard statement outside of a function? +0.78
Convert a C String Array to a Swift String Array 0.00
Date is always returning the same time 0.00
Swift 4 switch to new observe API 0.00
Invoking an Obj-C class method named `init` from Swift 0.00
Extending a Protocol property to provide a default implementation i... 0.00
Modifying value char** from C callback in Swift and Avoiding EXC_BA... 0.00