An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1736.16 (49th)
287,976 (112th)
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Title Δ
HashMap containsKey() returns false although hashCode() and equals(... 0.00
How to remove maximum value from collection with 'O(log n)'... 0.00
Java 8 Stream to convert Object inside Object of Set to Map 0.00
How to get field as string regardless of it's content type in J... 0.00
How to correctly write the extends functionality instead of import... 0.00
Why does the compiler allow throws when the method will never throw... 0.00
Java 8 Iterate over Map.Entry and create and return List of new Obj... 0.00
How to recognise Longest Alphabetic word in an array of strings in... 0.00
Reverse Polish Notation Calc: subtraction of two positive numbers r... 0.00
What is "charAt(i) - 'a'" means in Trie structure? 0.00
Collecting value of int array using normal JAVA Stream -0.12
Java stream how to add value in nested List of List -0.94
.replace() function doesn't swap characters correctly +0.19
Detail the big-O of Hashmap - put() method by real code in Java 8 +0.27
Removal of an element from a list -1.01
Use Comparable Interface to Sort a Generic Linked List +0.94
java.util.ConcurrentModificationException due to unintended modific... +0.20
Skip numbers in for-loop +0.06
rewrite if else null check using optionals +0.13
System.out.println behavior when using String and int together -0.33
Converting list object into custom Map using Java 8 stream object +0.77
Using a non static variable on a static method through an object? J... +0.21
Java Lists: Difference between assignment while instantiating and a... +0.63
What is meant by lambda target type and target type context in Java? +0.70
I am trying to add a string of integers into an array, but it is in... +0.20
Can't exit the do while loop ,even the expression is false +1.32
Difference between static and instance blocks 0.00
How can I left shift an array list by 2 post? +0.20
Why is a Java array index expression evaluated before checking if t... +1.04
Java : Hashcode of a Class A containing a Class B which contains A 0.00
Comparable and Comaprator interfaces +0.70
The return of String.intern() explained +0.47
How to set UnmodifiableRandomAccessList to Set<Object> in java 0.00
Why doesn't my subclass inherit the private instance variables... +0.17
Finding if a value is contained in a binary tree -1.02
Java issue String.split() +0.21
Int cannot be dereferenced Java 0.00
Unexpected NullPointerException while autoboxing / unboxing java Lo... 0.00
Java what is a throwable cause? 0.00
What type of error occurs when using an uninitialized variable? -0.68
Why are ArrayList created with empty elements array but HashSet wit... -0.91
Java parenthesis replacement with empty string -0.55
Get HashMap key by inputting HashMap value not working as expected 0.00
Missing link in understanding recursive in order tree Traversal 0.00
"The type of a class variable determines which method names ca... -0.44
Java compare two sets filled with different instances of same objec... +0.21
Stack Pseudocode Comparison -0.84
unexpected String.join() behavior +0.06
How to filter strings from one stream which are not contained in an... -2.99
ArrayStoreException when concatenating two arrays Stream -1.36