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1748.92 (33rd)
124,325 (221st)
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Title Δ
Java diference between ++i and i++ with finally{} 0.00
Java Method Reference (pass method as parameter) 0.00
Why would square root of 1 equals 1 returns false in java? 0.00
Convert generic Collection<Object> to Collection<Integer> 0.00
Complex Comparators in java 8 0.00
Java: Function composition on stream +0.57
Applying method to stream 0.00
return boolean while comparing strings as null or empty +0.16
Increment variable in loop, unexpected result 0.00
Compile error when using Java generic types with functional interface 0.00
what is cut off value in sorting algorithms? -0.69
How can I print the amount of times 'while' was executed? -0.77
I can't see default value for instance "char" in java -1.66
Which out of the two code fragments would be better to implement fo... +0.20
Why Stack overflow error is coming in init +1.51
Java8 : stream and map transformations +0.79
Strange result when trying to add a char after an integer and then... 0.00
print key values not working as expected with JSONObject -1.94
How to call another method with a method as parameter when the refe... 0.00
wrong result Collectors.groupingBy in java -0.81
How do I implement a method that returns an inorder sorted array in... +0.19
Collectors.toUnmodifiableList vs Collections.unmodifiableList in Ja... -1.06
Stream.dropWhile() doesn't return correct value in two differen... -1.29
get method return value +0.41
List of lists and Java 8 0.00
Java stream map modifies custom class object not built in classes +1.04
Eclipse: Finding superclass or interface for an overriden method +0.19
Operator '+' cannot be applied to int,'com.fasterxml.ja... 0.00
What makes Hashmap.putIfAbsent faster than containsKey followed by... +0.70
collecting the sum of a field in java stream -2.89
Java Optional: Alter value 0.00
How to convert a stream to enhanced loop +0.02
Number of bits allocated to 0 is 0 in java- Why? +0.44
lambda retrieve integer from map 0.00
Boolean Condition always evaluating true +0.33
Should I use shared mutable variable update in Java 8 Streams -0.31
Variable values not being saved after being updated in for loop +0.19
Below is my Java program for finding duplicate. Here the output is... +0.77
Collecting Statistics in Java8 0.00
Formatting dates inside a Function<T,R> +1.11
How to create a generic method that populates and returns an existi... 0.00
Java List: When I call Arrays.fill() to fill an array, why it will... 0.00
Do-while loop not ending 0.00
Is there a difference between these lines of code 0.00
Java - Random nextInt method returning the same integer +0.23
callback vs lambda in Java -1.48
java sting capacity method +0.20
What should I use in if statement when the condition is true and I... +0.77
unreachable statement after finally block +0.54
How to use one to many Mapping in java 8 stream? +0.18