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1729.18 (69th)
307,317 (111th)
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Title Δ
What is the purpose of arr[i] - '0' in the following code s... -0.27
Implementation of toString method in Java 0.00
In what case is the insertion order altered when adding new key val... -1.15
Meaning behind Extreme arith overflow error 0.00
Compare list of Object with Map Key and Replace the Value of list v... 0.00
java : get count of all distinct keys and values in Map<String,S... 0.00
What is the 10001st prime number? Why does my Java solution give th... 0.00
Cast call in map stream operation not working 0.00
Collections.sort method is throwing class java.lang.Integer cannot... +0.54
LinkedHashMap vs LinkedHashSet for retrieving specific elements &am... -0.13
How to print sentences in both threads? 0.00
How to make stream simpler than current stream 0.00
Stream flatMap vs map +0.21
Logical Error Java - Wrong Computation in BMI +0.20
Java Understanding Math.getExponent(Double) 0.00
Adding element to List from csv file like Arraylist.add 0.00
Class implementing Interface with subtype arguments +0.20
Update map value using java Streams 0.00
sending a generic class object to a generic method (java) 0.00
Java List<Integer> +0.21
String.intern() shows strange result, how does it work 0.00
Hashmap remove function returns null even thou the key is present i... 0.00
How to convert nested for loop to stream in Java 0.00
The running time of the algorithm +0.83
Program to find the maximum product of two numbers in a given integ... 0.00
substring with nth occurrence in java 0.00
Java : string operators precedence == vs + +0.20
No parameter pass by reference in Java? 0.00
Adding new key-value pair gets other keys' values replaced in H... 0.00
Collectors.reducing method is updating the same identity when used... 0.00
HashMap with O(log(N)) time complexity operations 0.00
Iterate over a list of autobox type in Java +0.21
print and count the maximun values in 2d array java +0.21
i want print 1 to n number by help of recursion in java +0.21
Generics Classes in Java 0.00
Group Entries of a map into list +0.21
Extract the code inside the map(...) call 0.00
Do I increase arrayList when doing list.set(1000, someValue)? 0.00
Why does Math.Pow(x,y) using double instead of long? -0.28
Is there any way to convert a 2D List to 1D List using only `map` n... -0.52
How to replace a whole string with another in an array in Java 0.00
How to find the 5th perfect number (which is 33550336)? The problem... -3.01
How to print a specific String stored into an array of String into... 0.00
Java8 Stream Reduce 0.00
Java : check for null in setter using ternary 0.00
How to understand a recursive inorder traversal of a BST in Java? 0.00
Why won't Java accept a return type thats implied by generics? -1.09
Extracting integers from a HashSet<Double> -0.29
Is there a best practice to add context to stream elements? 0.00
Explanation of toString method output and difference between toStri... +0.21