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1753.28 (30th)
124,325 (221st)
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Title Δ
Preventing java.lang.StackOverflow error simple sql pool +0.20
Turning a method implemented in superclass into abstract -0.66
Stream<double[]> vs DoubleStream +1.08
How to get an Object due to maximum result of a method in java 8 0.00
sum Vs simpleSum vs sumCompensation in DoubleSummaryStatistics? Wha... 0.00
Explanation of this method? +0.18
Stream a collection of maps into a single map +1.04
The code generates the same combination twice.How can I improve it? 0.00
What is the difference? 0.00
Backtracking solution of all possible ways of choosing wine bottle 0.00
How to rewrite it using stream api -0.82
how to tackle a special condition in map of java8 streams -3.24
Java recursion not iterating all top level elements 0.00
How to change Student class so that s1 == s2 return true when s1 =... -0.28
Duplicate number check doesn't always work +0.19
Int version of Id.CharAt() 0.00
Returning object depending on a value in a generic way +0.18
Group and calculate average of object array using stream in Java +0.70
How to extract Map values from set +0.19
How to get a List of lists using Streams in this specific case? +0.87
Java streams list processing order -1.19
Java 8 Streams : Converting a list of objects to a set of objects -0.70
Using streams to collect to Map +0.75
<T> Generic return type 0.00
Grouping by object - Java streams +0.78
Unable to nest a perfect number test within a loop 0.00
How to work on the same array across the recursion stack (or: How t... 0.00
Reduce operation on custom object in java +0.69
find the first duplicate element in an array having the minimal index +0.17
Convert loop to java 8 -0.07
How to get largest and smallest element in 2d array in java column... +0.38
how do I Instantiating a java class from generic method +0.19
Switching the position of two sections of an array +0.31
Why if-else if-else (within a loop) in method gives "return st... +0.32
Sum of first N numbers without loops OR recursion OR multiplication -0.80
How to calculate summation of a property in nested class structure... -2.00
Does FCM send push notification dicrectly or it sends message to AP... 0.00
Access Values from an ArrayList That is inside another ArrayList +0.74
Exception in thread "main" java.text.ParseException: Unpa... +1.40
Convert List<String> to List<Object> or even List<In... -0.33
Why can't mapToInt be used with collect(toList())? +0.92
Return object value method not working properly -0.08
How to downcast an array in Java? +0.19
Why complete Arraylist is not getting printed through second for lo... +0.38
Why map generated during stream operation on list is not in order +1.13
Find duplicate value in array list and print the duplicated value -1.31
Trouble with Searching Array +0.31
JDK8 lambda NullPointerException on filter-map 0.00
How to add value in the last of the linkedlist -2.93
Java - Pass null reference to a constructor's object and create... -0.31