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1736.16 (49th)
287,976 (112th)
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Title Δ
LinkedList and TreeMap: compareTo or equals? -2.49
Is there any way to filter List by field value of first object in t... 0.00
How to reset HashSet after Using retainAll method on it? 0.00
Convert String into ArrayList<Integer> with stream -1.95
Replace functional interface with Function -2.02
How to efficienlty calculate the difference between array items and... 0.00
Ordered array delete operation - big O analysis +0.49
Given a list of Strings, return an Array containing the same String... -0.76
How to convert a List<Object[]> to Stream<Object> -1.15
Nested ArrayList to single dimension 0.00
How to convert List<Person> to Map<String, List<Double&... +0.19
Why methods in Collection interface are again declared in List Inte... 0.00
How to make an array from a method not change each time the method... -0.59
How does a polymorphic instance select its methods? +0.50
Iterating nested Structure of Maps and Lists +0.57
How are Hash Map values stored (in case the values are duplicates)? +0.91
Sort the collection by frequency of the Stream API -3.17
Transforming a nested List using java Streams 0.00
Java: short min value -> Incompatible types: Required: short, Fo... 0.00
isInstance() on same class returns false during exception handling -1.02
Why can't this exception be handled? 0.00
Confused with this HashMap algorithm interview question 0.00
strange syntax error using function reference +1.00
What are the cases when trimToSize() method does not affect the val... 0.00
Transform a List<Object> to a Map<String,Integer> such... -0.64
How to .count() subobjects of +0.23
How to call recursion with Tower of Hanoi -0.29
How to compare an Integer using least code? +0.73
trouble generating permutations 0.00
Type promotion in Java +0.18
How to override equals method of student class properly so that Has... +0.53
Misunderstanding the prefix increment 0.00
returning null when the array is outside the desired range +0.17
Java Narrowing Reference Conversion from a type to an interface +1.06
How to fix a loop through a Hashmap<int<arraylist>> ass... +0.18
java Optional: if do something pattern 0.00
Merging two lists of different type objects -3.18
How to search between two Streams in Java 8 +0.87
+= operator with String and casted char -0.82
Why are there extra null elements in my list? -1.21
Why synchronized function does not prevent entry? (JAVA) +1.43
Can i have both an ArrayList and a Comparator in the constructor of... 0.00
Interfaces are instances of objects and objects are instances of In... +0.81
How does linklist.iterator().next() work? -1.60
Initialising Java String literal giving error 0.00
Why isn't Collections.sort() optimized for ArrayList, but is fo... 0.00
returning the ArrayList cast to List vs no casting 0.00
How to unflatten a flattened hierarchy with Streams API 0.00
Bitwise operator with negative numbers 0.00
Count all the words in a file using java Streams +1.02