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1736.16 (49th)
287,976 (112th)
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Title Δ
Adding Optional.isPresent() inside Java 8 Comparator 0.00
Get stream with empty check and feature to use orElse() and orElseT... -0.60
exception never thrown while exceptional handling in java -2.90
What is the point of the remainder operand in a circular array queue 0.00
Java left shift Operator 0.00
How to extend Collectors class +0.19
Infinite loop in iterator 0.00
get list of ids from list of objects from inner list java 8 +0.74
Calling methods in two different classes: Calling eachothers' m... 0.00
way to find the List of all ids in a list of entities from inner ob... -2.96
Java method is returning 0 regardless of methods output +0.73
why i have different result in the endless loop code +0.53
java hangman - counting correct user guesses +0.20
Can someone check my algorithm for getting the mode of an array, wi... 0.00
Want to convert the list of strings to map in java 8 0.00
Stream.findFirst different than Optional.of? -0.42
Multiple null checks in Java 8 +0.19
why Java 8 :: operator not working for Object hashcode method when... -0.67
Java HashMap size allocated +0.20
Stream map in order to find value of latest key -0.12
Explain output for Java 8 OCA preparation +1.18
java stream list of filters -0.95
Comparing every object in a Map of Lists in Java +0.47
Intersection between nested lists java 8 streams -0.80
Understanding Binary Search Tree Counting +0.48
Restrict a generic Class parameter to classes that implement Map -1.97
Getting the Elements that has duplicates in an int array Java +1.21
How to pass Function as parameter to computeIfAbsent method? +0.84
How to filter Map by a List using Java 8 stream? 0.00
Please let me know how to pass the values as 3 level in constructor... -2.19
Java - Integers and Binaries +0.74
Iterator in reverse - for reduceRight functionality -1.58
Mapping List objects using lambdas and streams 0.00
How to create a reverse map when original map contains collection a... +1.00
HashMap get method throwing error on hm.get(hm) 0.00
List.indexOf() with custom equals() of my class return -1 0.00
How to create List<T> to Map<String, T> instead of Map&... +1.03
Merge list of maps into a single map by summing values +0.21
Why the method that gets the Father class as a parameter is called... +0.60
please explain about this line of code a[s1.charAt(i) - 'a'... +0.19
Java Streams and List of List of List 0.00
Vavr - turn List of Lists into single List +0.21
Deleting a node in a doubly linked list in Java +0.48
Trying to understand specific print statement 0.00
Check if String Array contains a Substring without loop +1.11
Why the methods returning many value instead of one in each array? -0.30
Java 8 stream operation on empty list +0.20
Stream.reduce(Float,BinaryOperator) BinaryOperator refers which fun... -1.58
How do I use a subclass' static fields in superclass' metho... -0.82
How many commits get rolledback when we call rollback? -3.00