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1753.19 (30th)
124,325 (221st)
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Title Δ
How to extract a List<D> from a HashMap<E,R> using stream +0.77
How to find max value of a map whose value is a List in Java8? -0.73
Instance accessible by instances it creates 0.00
How exactly CharBuffer equals() method works? -1.88
How to replace lambda with a method reference for interface methods? -2.60
Anonymous-Inner classes showing unwanted modifier -1.40
How does recursion work in a Java 8 Stream? +0.73
What happens when you use arithmetic operators inside of a string d... +0.19
Convert Map<String, Object> to Map<String, Set<Object&g... +1.06
Java ternary operator datatype conversion based on the first value? -3.15
Should searching behavior for 0-length string "" using St... +0.17
Is this approach standard to use varags.length instead of booleans? +0.83
Generic Array Without Reflection +0.74
How to compare objects contained in the set? What would be a good h... +0.16
In java 8+ are only single argument method reference permitted in a... +1.15
Garbage Collection (Local references) +0.66
Trying to correct the word pregnart -0.32
IntStream rangeClosed unable to return value other than int +1.04
Java - Why the subclass of ArithmeticException class is not called? -0.43
Program about how many times the number has been repeated +0.51
Java functional collection and unchecked warnings +1.27
Hourglass sums using java 8 IntStream +1.07
Why Arrays.copyOf so slow? -0.13
Understanding of results produced by parallel Java 8 streams 0.00
sequence of actions in the logical expression -0.82
Should I throw exceptions in an if-else block? +0.48
java, If Super class uses try/catch, Why can't the extending cl... +0.19
Using a static variable to break out of recursion 0.00
Enhanced for loop for Strings +0.97
Retrieve value from hashmap and return -0.87
Java - Convert/Copy all values of String[] array into ArrayList<... +1.14
Divide Array to 2 sub arrays and check if the multiplication are eq... 0.00
How to call different method given specific argument class in Java +0.19
Removing an element from Array on Runtime in Java +0.48
How to fix java lambda filter(missing return statement) with future 0.00
Why does the pop method in my code for stacks does not execute? 0.00
Problem with collecting to stream after filter to map +0.19
Separate each map in a list of map +0.94
Argument mismatch while using method reference -1.06
if statement byte versus integer 0.00
Java Map computeIfAbsent issue +0.17
Java8 to Java7 - Migrate Comparators -1.02
Can I group by property and map to new object in java 8 +1.15
Execution of child class' static block derived from abstract cl... +0.18
Java LinkedHashSet not removing duplicates even after overriding eq... 0.00
ArrayList: How to arraylist.set when you have multiple setters +0.20
How to get a Set from a list of objects using Java Streams +0.22
Is it possible to use the provided Java Collections methods, like m... +0.66
From a specific expression tree to a generic one - java +0.69
Can we declare private constructor in abstract class? When this sit... 0.00