An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1746.81 (45th)
105,665 (677th)
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Title Δ
Implementing a Quadratic Algorithm -2.57
Loop while checking if element in a list in Python 0.00
Case sensitive order for Strings +0.19
Replace emails in string in Java -1.73
Printing a tuple backwards -0.04
Is representation of float in python using base 10? +0.48
What does this do exactly? +0.30
Can a StringBuffer be used as a key in a HashMap? +0.82
Faster program when using long instead of int -2.19
Iterate randomly through entire list while checking condition -0.71
RegEx for Only whole numbers, -2 through 100 +0.56
In Java, is there a performance difference between Log and Log10? 0.00
Life cycle of a new object without reference +0.47
Can I print list data in a more elegant way? +1.10
Which data structure is appropriate for this? +0.69
Java sort object by list type property -0.81
Is there a shortcut for typing this.x = x in java while constructin... -1.23
How to remove a substring from a string based on list of strings -0.82
Java ArrayList storage +0.15
How float is converted to double in java? +0.88
Foreach with multidimensional arrays in Java +0.36
if block not executing when adding multiple conditions +0.50
Java loops,how to increment by different values? +0.76
Maximum recursion depth error, somehow related to list comprehensio... +0.20
Does Java foreach create copies? -2.95
Retrieving object from its hashcode. -2.48
scala - String split("|") works incorrectly? +1.10
Try-Catch block termination -1.28
The following two methods are supposed to return 2 similar results,... 0.00
Python list.index() versus dictionary +1.17
What is the point of allowing type witnesses on all method calls? +0.35
How to convert boolean array to byte array 0.00
Usage of instaceof when polymorphism is not possible +0.67
Define a variable that conforms to more than one protocol/protocol+... +0.60
trying to run a python script from within another python script -0.83
Don't understand this hash map increment syntax -0.13
What's the error in 'for' loop? +0.41
Sort list B by the sort of list A? -2.46
Can't figure out why this is dead code +0.74
Why do I have a syntax error on my print function? 0.00
what is the effect of shifting an integer zero times? 0.00
Method overloading and passing null +0.72
Regex optional space solution 0.00
Local variable may not have been initialized in my For loop +0.42
How to count number of strings with digits in list of lists? +0.49
Effective way to test if object is null +0.18
Tracking references to object instances +0.17
How to find perfect squares in a range efficiently when the inputs... +0.32
Array Syntax in Swift 0.00
ArrayList .get faster than HashMap .get? -0.33