An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1746.81 (43rd)
105,665 (677th)
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Title Δ
How can I replace two strings in a way that one does not end up rep... +0.13
Enhanced for loop and null check of objects +0.48
Why would the swift language designers choose to seperare numbers b... +0.97
Perform selective replacement on a python string? 0.00
When using ArrayList<int[][]> how to see if an element is alr... +0.17
Creating a list with repeating element -0.87
Python "in" magic method? 0.00
Adding an integer variable to a list +0.40
Logical operator OR without short circuit +0.43
Fence post issue +0.78
How to resolve issue between Interface and Inheritance +0.33
How to use Dictionary Comprehension to keep a running sum +0.93
regex confusion on escape bracket in my case +0.56
dictionary difference opration +0.69
Java: How to do bitwise multiplication? 0.00
Is a mutable object still constant +0.44
In the reskinned Java SE 8 docs, what is the difference between con... +0.18
How to return a value by passing it through a random set of functio... -0.29
python - get target line in a file etc. then get a specific previou... +0.19
Create a list of default objects of a class in Python? +0.11
What is the role of this plus sign in this Java code? -0.53
Bogus escape error when running regex -0.28
Why does this recursive python function return None? +0.22
Creating an Array of String[] from Notes Multivalue fileds +0.21
Java Collections.unmodifiableList() time complexity +0.36
Asymmetrical difference between sets +0.51
Removing duplicate digits in an integer +0.58
Plus and minus sequence in Python +0.33
Simplify several boolean conditions java +0.40
Java - Am I risking compatilbity issues by using "∞" as a... 0.00
What happens when hash tables generate huge hashcodes? 0.00
How does continue work? +0.27
Delimiter to use for parsing negative numbers -1.02
In Java, why does an assignment in parentheses not occur before the... -0.15
Unsigned int (primitive) and Integer (Object) usage in Java -1.76
Why can't I use a compound assignment to set multiple variables... +0.90
Java += operator on String with charAt() methods results in char ad... +0.49
How to make a variable choose if one of the two options is not null -0.57
Do modern Java compilers/JVM inline functions/methods which are cal... -3.36
Is there an efficient way to check if a key stored in a HashMap is... 0.00
Is a class an instance of an object? +0.18
In Java: Assigning array elements to variables outside of the array +0.19
Python else statement inside and outside while loop 0.00
Referencing an integer variable to array of Object class -0.97
Scala HashMap containsValue method +0.62
Remove from HashMap if a key is not in the list 0.00
Sorting a list of strings by number in acending order with multiple... 0.00
Tuple unique elements in set changes order in Python 0.00
Tricky Java Strings Interview Q. Given List<String> and char... +0.88
Is (a|b)* the same as a*|b*? -1.91