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Funk Forty Niner

1752.11 (33rd)
1 (2,565,629th)
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Title Δ
PHP/MySQL/PDO - Attempting to verify user roles in dashboard +0.19
Cannot verify password with password_verify +0.19
$_POST return false with isset() +0.19
phpmailer is attaching the wrong time to emails 0.00
How do I output information from different search fields? 0.00
Execute code based on a selection by name 0.00
print one quote by echo method - php -1.22
Spanish characters (á é í ó ú ñ ) do... -3.21
Using empty() to adjust output with multiple variables +0.22
How to retrieve all but Renew Account for a system admin +0.19
PHP PDO statement - working as pdo->query, not working as pdo-&g... 0.00
How to connect function to button? +0.19
Cannot send session cache limiter / Cannot modify header information 0.00
Query wont return data once inputs are double digits, PHP/MySQL 0.00
PHP Losing Session's Between pages +0.71
mysql showing only zeros when I post on my website 0.00
Table pagination, content is not showing in php 0.00
The php code mail fields sending empty fields 0.00
Safari ios when submiting form from https to http the page start lo... 0.00
Get all the values using $_SESSION 0.00
PHP isset equal $var1 or $var2 -0.94
Unable to Create View from PHP but can from phpMyAdmin 0.00
Not able to send passwordHash to MySQL table with PHP 0.00
Embedding html in php unexpected <' error +0.19
Best way to salt-hash to database 0.00
PHP preg_match for A-Z,a-z,0-9, _,-, and one space +0.19
Update BLOB in record with PHP and MySQL 0.00
You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresp... 0.00
Calling images from database produce empty spaces in html +1.20
How create a Directory WHIT PHP and HTML whit a Button? 0.00
php mysql bcrypt and password doesn't match 0.00
Warning: mysqli::query(): Couldn't fetch mysqli - PHP7.1 &... +0.19
How can I make this function work with php 7.2? 0.00
PHP - Error ASCII=16 State=0 Unexpected Character in Input 0.00
move_upload_file not working and permissions are all there 0.00
JavaScript click not working variable +0.18
Undefinex index of POST from Ajax jQuery array -3.00
adding datetime to database 0.00
why does variable not update value -0.80
HTML form + PHP does not match 0.00
PHP login form not working well +0.22
php display mysql table in html +0.18
Select from database where a column equals any value in a variable +0.62
Using htmlentities & entquotes in $_POST +0.94
Query doesnt insert to database when using "/" for concat... -0.31
PHP file opens empty when downloaded 0.00
MySql insert 0 instead of my value +0.18
PHP creating a password reset function with html and php 0.00
Is it safe to use a get request for deleting a row from database? +0.40
How to display the message sent on the contact form in PHP -0.57