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Tim Cooper

1742.13 (43rd)
123,365 (500th)
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Title Δ
How to run .exe files in NSIS successively? 0.00
Mismatched types causing error when generating JWT token 0.00
How do I find all files that have a certain extension in Go, regard... 0.00
Unmarshaling JSON map, where key is non-builtin type 0.00
Passing more than one parameter to another nsi -2.92
Sort slice on number of occurrences of a value 0.00
How to pass array of channels +0.93
Is there a way to determine whether a flag was set when using `flag... -0.80
Failed to unmarshal unsupported type 0.00
sync.Once.Do() using CompareAndSwapInt32 0.00
Concurrency Design in golang - wait for a certain number of gorouti... 0.00
Convert IPMask to IPAddr 0.00
Golang array of string inside struct 0.00
Assembly function implementation with fallback 0.00
Execute methods which don't accept arguments 0.00
Converting a big.Int to little-endian byte slice 0.00
Archive/zip read bad file descriptor 0.00
Reflect to test if a value is a string 0.00
Understanding gometalinter's warning: conn can be io.Reader/io.... 0.00
How to use context.WithCancel and context.WithTimeout API together,... 0.00
Is it ok to call a function as part of a for loop condition? 0.00
How do I concatenate two `uint8`s into a `uint16` using bit shift o... 0.00
Convert a byte array to a string array 0.00
Serving static file with Go gives an 404 error 0.00
How do I append values to a ...interface{}? 0.00
Capture the space key in Go without following enter 0.00
Writing multi line string to CSV file 0.00
Setting protobuf properties by name 0.00
dlv exec <path/to/binary> 0.00
Assembly loading fails when an async function is used 0.00
How to split a long golang template function across multiple lines? +0.19
How to map two-letter country codes to Emoji? 0.00
How to fetch data from two table that have one to many relationship... 0.00
Make empty stack slice function within a struct 0.00
How to unmarshal JSON into durations? 0.00
How to get correct file base name on Windows using golang 0.00
func that can take multiple types -0.87
Node.js Buffer from hex and readUInt16BE in Golang 0.00
Why is port a string and not an integer? +0.19
Using DLL in windows Go 0.00
Finalizer statistics +0.20
How can interfaces be comparable and at the same time functions not? +0.89
Parsing multiple JSON types into the same struct +1.75
How do you represent nil in Go AST? 0.00
Get all map values as a slice? 0.00
Appending integer to a string by casting and using the concatenatio... +0.89
How can I fetch a certificate from a URL? 0.00
How to document the rest of argv in golang flags? 0.00
golang sync/atomic package? 0.00
Implementing REST multiple Resource and Identifier using http package 0.00