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James McNellis

1859.38 (3rd)
296,402 (122nd)
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Title Δ
Why does ucrtbase export _CxxThrowException? 0.00
Visual Studio 2015 doesn't honour _Check_return_ or _Must_inspe... 0.00
Cannot step into CRT code when using runtime library as a dll +0.11
How can I easily generate a list of symbols with static storage? 0.00
Is loading both release and debug version of MSVCR (or UCRT etc.) o... 0.00
C++ dll errors (__vcrt_cleanup_type_info_names) 0.00
Does anyone know how to manually mangle names in Visual C++? -2.37
How to prevent Visual C++ from creating stdafx.h? -0.14
setlocale stuck on Windows 0.00
Don't understand sscanf_s behaviour 0.00
Is VCRedist 2015 Update 1 backward compatible? 0.00
MSVC: Why are functions containing basic QString operations not inl... 0.00
Visual Studio 2015 Issues with an attached console I/O +0.11
VS2015 cannot fathom static inline functions +0.24
Dynamic library loading, template instantiaton and std::shared_ptr 0.00
Set the section attributes for data_seg 0.00
Can std::error_category be used across dlls? 0.00
Find all references short key in VC++ 0.00
Where I can to find C malloc/free source code of implementation for... -0.39
Odd VS name mangling behavior? +0.26
Get MSVC intellisense to show base type 0.00
std::thread cause deadlock in DLLMain +0.52
Why is the sprintf_s giving different result in different versions... +0.55
Why sleep_for calls FreeLibrary? 0.00
What is the Microsoft equivalent to GCC option init_priority? 0.00
Possible to stop generating *.ipdb *.iobj files by VIsual Studio 20... +0.11
C++11/14 features for windows phone 8.1 0.00
Visual C Multithreaded file reading 0.00
Getting MSBuild to pass an arbitrary option to the compiler 0.00
Creating a Win32 dll in VC++ with CLR enabled but no CRT 0.00
How to add an hierarchy of Include Directories to a C project in MS... 0.00
Access Denied in CreateFile2 (Windows 10) -0.39
How to properly set target OS version when building a library on Wi... +0.12
VisualStudio 2015 RC Issue with Includes 0.00
HeapFree function - Null parameter? 0.00
Is it possible to add the Visual C++ v120 Compiler Tool Set to Visu... 0.00
Is there a way to export all the Visual Studio Macro variables +0.09
How to debug an executable in visual studio using pdb file and sour... 0.00
Visual Studio: which source file includes a particular library (wit... +0.11
conversion from 'uint64_t' to 'unsigned int' 0.00
Remove Visual Studio but keep C++ Compiler -0.39
WinRT App with API that uses shared MFC dlls 0.00
Return statement requires extra semicolon in Visual Studio 2013 0.00
__box: identifier not found +0.11
Is there any way to force linker use function name rather than ordi... 0.00
How to check the runtime library type of a binary exe generated fro... 0.00
how to print macros in msvc preprocessor +0.12
Is the "lazy man's enable_if" legal C++? -2.43
Whyd does Visual Studio CRT memory report show CRT blocks +0.11
x64 rounding inconsistency in cvRound() (_mm_cvtsd_si32) -0.24