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Paolo Bergantino

1773.70 (17th)
473,693 (69th)
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Title Δ
Python 3.5.2/Django 1.9.8 deprecation warning. What should I replac... 0.00
Randomize Array then retreive in foreach loop +0.43
jQuery sortable prevent some items from sorting? 0.00
Python Regex: extract "a" from "01a" +1.38
jQuery li with an id of number won't add addClass +0.17
Dynamically updated querysets? 0.00
Complex compound order_by django query 0.00
count classes and assign different id +0.52
How to do a callback in jQuery? -1.27
jQuery selection via array notation among multiple elements 0.00
Add 2 years to date +0.84
Using jQuery to append content from sibling +0.76
The filter :even works... but :nth-child(2) doesn't +0.44
How to it manipulate JSON multi-dimensional arrays using jQuery +0.72
How to create empty 4x4 table with jQuery? +0.15
asort() in php using two strings in an array 0.00
Iterating over PHP array to create Javascript array with PHP foreach +0.17
Step through form as all inputs are completed in a row +0.70
Find an element by ID using another element's className +1.28
show/hide will not load -1.80
jQuery to Javascript code converting +0.16
Modifying .hover() after using .addClass() on the same element -0.32
Python 2 - How do I use 'or'? +0.17
JavaScript - innerHTML to change more then first occurrence plus ra... +0.17
jQuery object: to cache or not to cache? -0.23
JS or PHP Add Leading Zero to Decimals +0.55
PHP specific merge array +0.17
Why php needs <?php tag? Simple <? does not work +0.40
JQuery setTimeout not working in a loop +0.46
python - string conversion +0.17
Trying to understand $_POST and Database +0.18
Select boxes, disabling values based on values in an array -1.42
How do I check a checkbox in the parent frame from within an iframe... +0.69
Retrieve a list of matching objects from a range of ids in Django 0.00
Using 'is not' in Python +0.17
Storing array within an array using PHP -0.82
Using jQuery to insert labels into divs -0.55
Justify string algorithm -0.61
How do I check and unset/set SESSION by element? -0.08
django getlist() from ajax html form 0.00
Can I run this nested functions in a better way? 0.00
Remove from ... to -0.56
why calling split and splice gives empty array? +0.61
Can't add rows to DB using Python's MYSQLdb module -1.09
Simple jQuery arithmetic +0.17
jquery onclick doesn't work +0.96
Attempting to loop through 2 arrays simultaneously 0.00
How do I convert string characters into a list? +0.43
Can you target an element with CSS when inherited classes are prese... -1.33
Replace Spaces with Underscores in Uploaded File +0.43