An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1760.64 (28th)
198,363 (239th)
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Title Δ
Functions as the struct fields or as struct methods 0.00
Define type and method local in a func? 0.00
Get struct Tag with reflection - Error: type reflect.Value has no f... 0.00
Inheritance syntax. What is the difference? 0.00
Type safety with map, slice or channel types +0.97
Image all zeros after encoding and decoding it +0.77
How to add days to date 0.00
How to populate net.Buffers in Go 0.00
Partial matches using mongo's primitive package 0.00
How to print hexdump with indent 0.00
How to store enum as string instead of int in Mongodb 0.00
Blocking behavior of channel receive operator in goroutine call 0.00
Ticker without ticker.Stop() 0.00
Clean way to break from an if statement in Go -0.70
How do I convert a single byte to a []byte +0.97
How can I assign a negative number to the function that accepts the... 0.00
Go determine number of word occurences on a string slice 0.00
How do i print Variable name instead of the value assigned to the v... 0.00
Mix print and fmt.Println and stack growing 0.00
How to format time as a string in "2nd Jan 2006" time for... +0.21
Go illegal base64 data at input byte 0 when unmarshalling a string... 0.00
html file cannot work if {{ end }} is added 0.00
What does the error "binary.Write: invalid type" mean? 0.00
How to parse "2021-01-19T16:20:04+0000" as time.Time 0.00
Usage of non UTF-8-encoded string as map key 0.00
Doing a difficult mongoDB find 0.00
Replace map character with string number 0.00
How to use virtual attributes 0.00
MongoDB update operation not working using golang mongo-driver -0.33
Appending to mongo query using native driver 0.00
Get last inserted element from mongodb in GoLang using FindOne and... 0.00
How much memory is allocated to map keys? ie will map[uint16]uint16... 0.00
How to provide reusable test packages to provide test helper functi... 0.00
How can I convert float(-1.0) to int -1 correctly? 0.00
assignment of function result 0.00
Print Missing Values +0.18
How to get millisecond value of a timestamp +0.18
Can I alias the return type of a fuction +0.67
In maps even though I can print the value, why I cannot change it? 0.00
Determine whether instance of arbitrary type can be set to arbitrar... 0.00
What is the reason for this panic? 0.00
What will happen if defer rows close before error check? 0.00
Goroutine creation design pattern 0.00
What happens to the channels that are not "selected"? 0.00
invalid receiver for pointer (alias) type +0.19
Strange time parsing 0.00
Interface with function with named vs unnamed parameters 0.00
How to go to the next item in a slice 0.00
Using MongoDB Projection 0.00
Typecasting structs with same underlying types 0.00