An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1723.21 (73rd)
38,696 (1,372nd)
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Title Δ
remove null character from string 0.00
Performance: Sorting Slice vs Sorting Type (of Slice) with Sort imp... 0.00
Reassigning a pointer func parameter 0.00
Using function argument (parameter) in a constant context in Go 0.00
What is the difference between the types "string" and &qu... +0.22
Merge two closing channels 0.00
Golang converting between time formats +0.22
Parse hex string to image/color +0.64
Why am I unable to use a struct defined in a different package? +0.21
How to inspect slice header? 0.00
Can't add time to date in Google go without parse error 0.00
How can mapstructure use a discriminator to decode concrete type 0.00
How to find a weekday from the given date in string? 0.00
How to understand this recursive result +1.38
Setting Golang log output to file does not persist outside a functi... 0.00
How to get a function's signature as string in go 0.00
Is it possible to define an anonymous interface implementation in Go? 0.00
How to literally initialize multi-level nested structs in GO? -0.48
Golang map initialization +0.22
Web Assembly drawing gray canvas 0.00
Undefined error where calling a promoted function 0.00
Override golang profile stop in case of interrupt 0.00
How to create a string of arbitrary length 0.00
How to find a substring skipping N chars 0.00
What is causing this data race? 0.00
Idiomatic way to cast a string to any other primitive type 0.00
Cancellation pattern in Golang 0.00
Formatting a Go date in a bash-friendly manner 0.00
Missing return at end of function -0.30
Remove host's source code from plugin to reduce file size 0.00
How to programatically prove this code has a race condition? +1.05
How to continue program execution when using bufio.Scanner in golang 0.00
Go app that relies on a poller to always be running, advice on ensu... 0.00
Fall through in Golang 0.00
Comparison between empty interfaces in Golang 0.00
How to assert a func to a type by reflect? 0.00
A difference between Seed and Rand.Seed 0.00
JSON Apply mapping of a map to object 0.00
increment specific value on nested array in document mongodb mgo dr... 0.00
mgo example for populate method -0.28
Can golang plugins be used for factory functions? +0.20
How can I define a custom alphabet order for comparing and sorting... 0.00
Generate random string WITHOUT time? +0.97
How is this invocation called? 0.00
Convert negative digit in byte slice to int 0.00
multiple sync.WaitGroup usage 0.00
Best way to cache complex data 0.00
Behavior of append when appending item to a max size slice 0.00
MongoDB in Go in relation to JSON and BSON -2.54
Can I use an interface as a parameter when writing a function which... 0.00