An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1737.17 (53rd)
156,232 (350th)
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Title Δ
Override inherited method with different amount of parameters +0.20
Instantiating and initialiazing an array of objects with 1 line of... -1.50
How to fix boolean method in string 0.00
Lazy Initialization Sanity Check: Variable might not have been init... +0.98
Lower bound generic in java does not compile even when passing supe... +0.59
Command Pattern with Generic Return Type 0.00
Compilation fails when using super in string concatination -0.02
How Java Operator Precedence exactly work? 0.00
Reverse Integer leetcode: Why does overflow occur only if 7 or grea... +1.37
Using java generic types for type transformation +1.28
Java double brace initialization vs lambda +1.73
Java Scanner useDelimiter unexpected result 0.00
How to check the last node value in the linked list? -0.32
Inaccurate Digits due to binary representation in BigDecimals. How... +1.11
Uninitialized variable inside the try/catch with unhandled exception +0.95
When creating an anonymous class must I include the methods of the... 0.00
Found: T[], required: T[] 0.00
Modifying elements from a HashMap of HashMaps 0.00
What the reason of such output "println" order? How to in... 0.00
Call the overload method 'equals' for a generic type 0.00
How can I override this method in this interface (see code)? 0.00
Java Question: is float not allowed to be declared as final? 0.00
Enhanced For Loop not changing all elements of my array +0.34
java's setColor results in illegal argument exception or assert... 0.00
Test if value of double is less than maximum value of an int -0.29
Compare two maps for keys and return boolean +0.81
Java: Is int[][] a primitive type? Or does it generate a different... +1.37
Callback with interface of generic parameter 0.00
Java String IsValid Checking -1.04
Adding integers to an ArrayList depending on the modulus of their i... +0.79
cannot understand error: says illegal start of expression (logical... 0.00
method reference in java 8? -0.97
String.equals(StringBuilder) and StringBuilder.equals(String) Confu... 0.00
Questions about this bit of Java code, why it is written as it is -1.05
Issue with Rectangle of Asterisks Java MOOC 39.3 -0.79
Generics bounded parameter not applied for interface 0.00
How to work with generics and Class<T> class in java 0.00
Java: Use streams to join 2D string[][] array with 2 different deli... +1.02
Java Double Math +0.59
Java super class variable accessed outside of subclass? -1.18
java Optional: a good way to not having to do nested ifPresent() 0.00
How do I correctly implement an interface with a method that has Ob... 0.00
Extension of generic Java class does not recognize super constructor +0.21
writeInt(Integer) overwrites zero +1.61
Is map.size() always the same as map.entrySet().size() +0.67
Encoding a set of three integers to one unique number -0.21
why the result of a negative number in shift operator >> is d... +0.21
Why does Stream.max accept as an input parameter? +0.31
overridden method does not throw Exception (implements in java) -3.08
why the return statement is not executing? +0.96