An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1738.73 (48th)
156,232 (345th)
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Title Δ
Test if value of double is less than maximum value of an int -0.29
Compare two maps for keys and return boolean +0.81
Java: Is int[][] a primitive type? Or does it generate a different... +1.37
Callback with interface of generic parameter 0.00
Java String IsValid Checking -1.04
Adding integers to an ArrayList depending on the modulus of their i... +0.79
cannot understand error: says illegal start of expression (logical... 0.00
method reference in java 8? -0.97
String.equals(StringBuilder) and StringBuilder.equals(String) Confu... 0.00
Questions about this bit of Java code, why it is written as it is -1.05
Issue with Rectangle of Asterisks Java MOOC 39.3 -0.79
Generics bounded parameter not applied for interface 0.00
How to work with generics and Class<T> class in java 0.00
Java: Use streams to join 2D string[][] array with 2 different deli... +1.02
Java Double Math +0.59
Java super class variable accessed outside of subclass? -1.18
java Optional: a good way to not having to do nested ifPresent() 0.00
How do I correctly implement an interface with a method that has Ob... 0.00
Extension of generic Java class does not recognize super constructor +0.21
writeInt(Integer) overwrites zero +1.61
Is map.size() always the same as map.entrySet().size() +0.67
Encoding a set of three integers to one unique number -0.21
why the result of a negative number in shift operator >> is d... +0.21
Why does Stream.max accept as an input parameter? +0.31
overridden method does not throw Exception (implements in java) -3.08
why the return statement is not executing? +0.96
Using kind of range in Java Enum +0.85
Why is wrong bit representation got by converting byte array to Bit... -1.21
Custom Collector for Collectors.groupingBy doesn't work as expe... +1.62
java char '\249' "not a statement" and "uncl... -0.61
Confused on Java Stream Results using peek and findAny 0.00
Constructor printing out NULL instead of object value +0.41 error: cannot find symbol 0.00
collections.sort not sorting, get output unsorted only 0.00
Overriding Interface Default Methods +0.24
Java Lambda Stream group By and summing integer values/average -0.41
How can I call an instance method from a generic object? 0.00
New maven project fails to compile: "[1,8] <identi... 0.00
When should you use single logical operators in java? 0.00
Sort Map in Ascending Order by Key -1.02
Where is the difference between Integer.parseInt(x+y) and Integer.p... -0.13
How to add pre-defined values to Pair Hashmap in Java +1.33
How to fix the "Unchecked cast" from Generics for differe... +0.78
How to split a string before calling another constructor -0.31
Why is there a "0" value remaining in the list, despite c... +0.20
Fall-through if default is in middle of switch case? -1.65
Finding if array of 100 random elements contain number, which doesn... +0.28
Why do I get a foreach compiler error even though Iterable is imple... 0.00
Logic error in how to narrow down numbers for guess a number program -0.79
How to instantiated a class from class type at run time? +0.22