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1738.73 (48th)
156,232 (345th)
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Title Δ
Why does the code produce the following result? 0.00
How to remove repeated code in constructors? -0.29
Code is incapable of making more than one value +0.21
How to compare ArrayList elements fluently? +0.94
Return bounded type is incompatible with a type that matches the bo... +0.95
GregorianCalendar can't add 97 days? +0.74
My Java code that is about for loop with factorial doesnt work like... +0.20
Python range function for Double values in Java 8 using streams +1.26
Using extends with functional interfaces - Function<? extends Pa... +1.49
How to make two classes which both have method with the same name,... +0.69
Replace only characters that haven't been replaced -1.27
Java hex calculation +1.28
Removing Duplicate Integers in an ArrayList -1.10
Why Is My Iterator Not Iterating Over The List Correctly? +1.04
Java polymorphism and runtime method matching +1.25
Abstract class values are null after calling super -3.00
Equivalent lambda expression, to get a property of every object in... +0.88
Java Generics: Question Type parameters inference in Java 0.00
Why can a Java generic class implement a method of a generic interf... +0.22
Java Apache-POI nullpointer exception on creating a cell in an exis... 0.00
How to get the next floating point value (upwards or downwards)? 0.00
A method to check if a Collection or Map is empty or null? +0.21
Java Lambdas Interfaces 0.00
Java anonymous inner class calling enclosing type super types method 0.00
Is it possible to use method reference with static method of interf... -2.90
Java enum with multiple parameter -1.32
Count elements from Stream but consider only N for collecting -2.00
Using recursion to determine the number of digits +1.22
Stream.dropWhile() doesn't return correct value in two differen... +1.11
Class extended to BigDecimal returns object from superclass type 0.00
How to make an if statement with multiple variables and multiple co... +0.25
Why I'm getting Stream<Object> when I call stream() after... 0.00
Use Java Stream to parse a string of digits as a List of Integer ob... +0.91
Using a Superclass's getClass method from a Subclass object +0.23
Why binary search is returning -1 +0.51
Is a label a Java statement or not? -2.70
Java generic type not working in this case 0.00
Java - Why do instantly executed lambda functions raise "Multi... 0.00
Java: resize method, can someone explain? +0.60
Confused how to assign value at index to another value at index to... 0.00
question about the automatic coercion in java? -0.95
Getting ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException for a list 0.00
Why is Class<T extends Base> not applicable to Class<Base&... +0.21
Is main a valid Java identifier? +0.42
Java get the excel cell background color from Apache poi +0.98
Is it necessary to define run() method when extending Thread class? 0.00
Calculating a BigDecimal results in inaccurate answer 0.00
Add arraylist to arraylist, using stream API 0.00
Java Lower Bound Wildcard +1.25
How does an ArrayList retrieve data in constant time? +1.10