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1745.54 (49th)
87,540 (909th)
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Title Δ
Preprocessing exponent of const number +0.80
How do I print a `chrono` duration with units with Howard Hinnant&#... 0.00
The time complexity answer to the question confuses me - n^(2/3) -2.15
Should C++ attribute names be wrapped in double-underscores? -2.58
How can I check the position of an element on an array? +0.19
Difference between global / local / static Mutex? 0.00
Why does the system function always return a shifted exit status in... +0.63
Minor error with extracting the fraction part of an IEEE 754 floati... 0.00
Why do I get a warning when using an int variable but not when usin... 0.00
Why does std::reduce need commutativity? +0.98
How to get hex hash with crypt() function? -0.31
float or double type depend on size of pointer +1.21
Why I'm getting False? -3.27
Why unclosed file size is 4 bytes -0.51
adding and subtracting values in C 0.00
What is the Time-Complexity of this function in C? 0.00
How to solve 5 pegs Tower of Hanoi? 0.00
Is incrementing a pointer to a 0-sized dynamic array undefined? +0.69
Why Python uses global variables instead of method parameters? 0.00
Recursive program to obtain Legendre Polynomials 0.00
A logic error within a quick binary search solution to find square... 0.00
C++ standard regex difference between std=c++11 and std=gnu++11 0.00
Why is pair of const trivially copyable but pair is not? +0.90
Why does my "=r"(var) output not pick the same register a... -0.90
simple Greatest divisor problem c++ implementation throws Time-Limi... 0.00
This should be int, why are we using %s then? +0.73
Is Herb Sutter's code joke in GotW #35 on typename out of date? 0.00
FP16 max number -3.10
Why can glibc strcspn() safely access memory apparently past the en... 0.00
What is the time complexity of this division function (no divide or... +0.88
Why does this boolean expression evaluate to False? +0.19
How to use a bash script to repeatedly feed a string into a program? -1.36
MainProcess in logging's format %process 0.00
python displays `\n` instead of breaking a line -0.10
Nested for loop in a two-dimension array 0.00
std::mt19937 fails when std::uint_fast32_t is 4 bytes in GCC 0.00
What can be assumed about the representation of true? 0.00
Is shifting the signed bit of a signed short undefined behaviour in... 0.00
Question on book Numerical recipes, 2nd ed.: allocation/deallocatio... 0.00
C MacroMagic - Struct Definition +0.97
Why do two identical lists have a different memory footprint? +0.83
C++ A function does not work in while(GetMessage(...)){...} +0.76
Expected ‘)’ before ‘&’ token C++ 0.00
Natural arithmetic C++ always returns 1 0.00
Why does a syscall clobber rcx? 0.00
Fibonacci sequence faster, but with different starting numbers (F[n... 0.00
Inaccurate size of a struct with bit fields in my book +0.76
wrong printf types still printing correct values 0.00
Can std::memcmp read any bytes past the first difference? +0.20
x86-64 assembly: why offset 25 bytes? 0.00