An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1771.99 (18th)
174,866 (291st)
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Title Δ
Need to find efficient method to find Strong number +0.35
How to add line breaks in a string when a character limit is reache... 0.00
How can I group words of a String based on a list of words? +0.17
Programmatic Destructuring -0.80
Python - Unexpected behaviour of class attributes -1.88
Object.defineProperty in Node.js 0.00
Class methods in python: default kwargs from attributes of self -2.67
Dust iterate over array 0.00
Why am I getting an invalid syntax error in Python REPL right after... 0.00
Passing a callback to a function that is prefixed with await. Order... 0.00
Why 3 outputs for 2 comparisons in python? +0.17
Does the Javascript standard guarantee a deterministic result for ~0? -2.79
How does scope work in this scenario? +0.57
How do I remove a list item from a dict value? +0.27
JavaScript && operator: will it prevent computing of follow... -2.45
Adding two dictionaries together with items with same keys -0.57
Javascript: Accessing Parent Object's property in Child Object... +0.15
Why is Object.keys([,1,,1]) different from Object.keys([,1,undefine... +0.41
How do I check for an exact string in a line only when it's spa... -0.12
Inverting a dictionary 0.00
How to 'subtract' one string from another? -0.79
What is the this syntax in Babel compiled code? 0.00
Wildcard Search in a collection with loadash 0.00
flatten object inside array +0.58
return index of last non-zero element in list +0.63
Javascript reads only first elements(from array) in nested for loops -0.43
Explode a dict - Get all combinations of the values in a dictionary +0.76
How to elegantly replace certain characters in one string with char... +0.15
Python's sum() will add lists of strings together. Any use? +0.14
How to get a list which is a value of a dictionary by a value from... -0.60
sorting list of lists and getting indices in unsorted list +0.12
Combinations and Permutations of characters 0.00
New to Javascript -1.29
Can't add more words in JavaScript variable +0.16
Odd exec output in node 0.00
NodeJS send array of array 0.00
Random and Itertools +0.05
How to run functions in random order? +0.17
sum of a number's digits using a built-in function -1.00
Get frequencies of objects in an array using reduce and map +0.40
How to create Python dictionary with multiple 'lists' for e... +0.71
Find maximum value and index in a python list? +0.35
how to rewrite callback hell into promise? 0.00
js array to json but some value disappear -0.54
Splitting a list into uneven tuples +1.00
Transform dictionary object -1.62
What is the context of functions in file by nodejs? 0.00
Remove first encountered elements from a list +0.45
How to split() a string to an array of integers -0.73
Array as map returns wrong length -0.88