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Andy Prowl

1810.24 (5th)
102,850 (707th)
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Title Δ
how to specialize template member functions in template class? 0.00
C++11 constexpr variadic logic expression -2.83
Polymorphic allocation of shared_ptr member variable 0.00
Is a private move constructor to prevent move? 0.00
Test if two iterators come from same object 0.00
Where in the C++11 Standard does it say that char* p = "abc&qu... 0.00
C++ Function Referencing with Pre-defined Parameters +0.15
Simplified tuple implementation 0.00
Use one argument for template parameter deduction? -0.17
'static void' as decl-specifier 0.00
Delegating Constructors in VS11 0.00
std::bind lose reference when delivered as rvalue reference -2.53
Why default constructor doesn't work for `vector::emplace_back` 0.00
Ambiguous template with SFINAE dummy parameter 0.00
Extending this template static_assert code to cover subclasses +0.14
Using a template alias instead of a template within a template +0.18
Doing a static_assert that a template type is another template +0.54
return and auto deduce std::initializer_list 0.00
Range-based loop & Inline functions -1.39
order of evaluation of arguments to a constructor +0.74
How can I initialize a POD array using parenthesis syntax in C++? +0.14
C++ assignment side-effect -1.85
c++ default copy constructor +0.35
C++ temporary variables in initilization list 0.00
Is this output valid or a compiler bug? 0.00
Can I expect this call to be inlined? +0.85
Temporary lifetime extension +0.84
c++ exception safety in constructor 0.00
local variable as a non-typename argument +0.15
Sum all integers in a string C++ +0.15
BOOST and C++: can't seem to get polymorphism to work +0.15
function or instance declaration? 0.00
How to pass vector elements by reference in c++? +0.50
Calling function from derived scope 0.00
Trouble in understading behaviour of std::transform -0.62
Does a C++ template use memory if it is never referenced? +0.11
is it safe to return object from namespace? +0.33
Use member function in std::packaged_task +0.90
My function is so simple. why do I get the missing type specifier e... 0.00
C++ Error: no match for call to ‘(std::string {aka std::basic_strin... +1.41
C++ classes and variables +0.14
Merits of std::find 0.00
C++ const std::string assignment error if the right handside contai... +0.15
C++: "Invalid covariant return type" errors in nested cla... +0.49
Why are some local type declarations prefixed with 'struct' in C++ +0.63
Enable function depending on template class variables +0.15
In C++, what expressions yield a reference type when decltype is ap... +0.52
C++ try-catch exception handling conventions +0.58
How does generic lambda work in C++14? +0.40
Initialize C++ array member in template class +0.14