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Andy Prowl

1810.24 (5th)
102,850 (707th)
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Title Δ
In a switch case statement, it says "duplicate case value"... -0.30
C++ operator overloading prefix/suffix +1.39
Why is an integer being promoted via an explicit constructor? +0.16
should i call delete or destructor is enough in c++ +0.69
Passing by reference after receiving by r-value reference 0.00
How To Validate user input to match any string without characters l... 0.00
overloading >> operator giving me run time error C++ 0.00
Templatized ostream overload ambiguity error : basic_ostream<cha... 0.00
C++ could not deduce template argument 0.00
Is INT_MIN/-1 defined behavior in C++? +0.74
How to force a preceding 0 to an int (without actually outputting it) +0.36
How to get type of a function by its name/pointer at compile-time f... +0.19
When will ranges be included in the c++ standard? 0.00
Pass a non-static function pointer to another class? -0.35
Passing a std::array of unknown size to a function +0.60
Difference in these methods of Operator overloading in C++ -1.01
Decimal value of: cout << dec << boost::this_thread::ge... 0.00
Want to create own class String 0.00
Why does MSVC give me 'wrong' results? -0.27
Unordered_map insert with void (*)() as value is not working properly 0.00
try catch blocks with boost.Test 0.00
Extracting a class member from a vector of class instances (as a ne... +1.04
Will automatic return type deduction work for main? 0.00
c++ iterators for vector of vectors +1.45
Any efficiency benefit to passing primitive types by reference inst... +0.68
Copy constructor or = operator? +0.32
Can two "using" collide? +0.14
Specializing inner template with default parameters 0.00
Using std::remove to delete pointer elements 0.00
Class implicit cast to integral type (preferably bool) at compiile-... 0.00
rvalue and lvalue reference with lambda expressions - gcc vs. msvc -1.55
C++11 template alias for a method callback +0.42
No Matching Function Call Error for Template Constructor 0.00
C++ virtual inheritance initializer list +0.90
Starting a thread from a void method 0.00
no match for 'operator<<' in 'std::cout << ::operator++... 0.00
Is there some trick that would allow me to pass stream manipulators... +0.02
Deleting Vectors By Index Using Iterator? +0.21
Overloading a C++ template class virtual function 0.00
Empty variardic packs of enums -- do they make two functions differ... 0.00
Pointer to an object with explicit constructor +0.14
Unresolved external symbol error while using vectors defined in a h... +0.43
Generic template for calling function with vector elements 0.00
How can I derive a class that has a constructor that takes some arg... 0.00
C++ ostream operator<< "no definition" error (Mac b... 0.00
about decltype in c++ 0.00
Runtime Error when erasing elements from std::vector +0.33
Does `std::make_shared<POD>()` value initialize my POD? -2.02
C++ bool to int cast and GCC 4.8.1 +0.70
GCC: how to access base typedef? 0.00