An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1760.40 (27th)
69,187 (1,257th)
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Title Δ
Regex to not match partial sequences, but match full ones -0.11
Can't execute conditional statement inside jQuery function +0.40
Best way to flatten an object with array properties into one array +0.15
Jquery filtering based on radio / checkbox states -0.06
JQUERY.COUNTO.JS: On Scroll Count Numbers NOT OnLoad +0.19
jQuery: Loop print only one value -1.63
Regular expression that disallows spaces and limits length 0.00
RegEx match exactly 4 digits +0.70
Notepad++ move end of line to start of line +0.57
Optionally match after a space +0.19
Password validation in javascript +0.18
Extracting date from a string throwing error 0.00
Filtering array of objects with multiple attribute on multiple cond... -0.32
How to get the number at the end of the url of an anchor using jque... +0.65
javascript regex - extract number from string +0.52
Invalid regular expression flags error when generating button +0.21
Change end of filename using jQuery 0.00
Remove Selected Value in Dropdown List Using JavaScript +0.92
ng-repeat is not working in AngularJS 1.6 +0.59
Focus event not working in HTML form 0.00
How to set document body to a div by Javascript? +0.36
How to pass a variable in replace function 0.00
Retaining a value in an array +0.17
clearInterval not working | undefined 0.00
AngularJS - ng-model undefined in the controller 0.00
How to select range 160 to 255 in regex +0.19
Change the querystring using RegEx +0.60
Changing background color of body using Javascript? +0.19
Get the original value of link in jQuery and update +0.16
Regex for a semicolon-separated list 0.00
How to replace several different items in a template text document... +1.41
Find ids in string and replace from array +0.41
Repetitive numbers not matched by RegEx 0.00
Why link numbers are different? +0.46
RegEx to extract words in brackets not working 0.00
RegEx to check if word starts with search character 0.00
Make JS functions more efficient and dynamic 0.00
Underscore JS Update array of objects by key value pair -1.05
Regex to filter away certain groups of characters +0.19
Remove consecutive commas with regex +0.11
What will the reference be when a variable and function have the sa... +0.19
How to check pair of brackets condition using regular expression? +0.47
Matching multiple instances of pattern in string 0.00
How to delete all single-line PHP comment lines through Regex in an... 0.00
Match PHP global variable between other globals 0.00
Get sums of rows with jquery +0.20
Regex for decimal number with optional decimal point 0.00
jQuery click function between multiple class names +0.73
how to change selected item using jquery? +0.58
lodash - How to _.trim an array of objects? +1.24