An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1760.40 (29th)
69,187 (1,257th)
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Title Δ
Using JQuery to count all the words in a blog post +0.20
Find if an element exists in Javascript array +0.58
I have n list items. I need to get no of item which has class active +0.39
Closure compiler added '--' to my Javascript function. What... 0.00
Select elements whose class ends with particular string 0.00
Change color of input text field not working 0.00
Why I cannot change button event with JQuery .click() function? +0.95
Getting the Ids of all the children of a list 0.00
How to remove domain name from the src URL attribute in Jquery +1.07
Creating RegEx from other RegEx 0.00
Replace changes the value of the captured group 0.00
What's the equivalent of a spread operator (...) for objects pr... +0.47
javascript module pattern return object reference? -0.02
Why doesn't work my jQuery selector "this" with ID an... 0.00
Unwanted space above Input-type File +0.18
Change multiple CSS attributes at once +1.07
Purpose of Function returns only boolean -0.64
ES6 declaring variables before or in loop +0.21
Unexpected behaviour of jQuery html() and append() +0.54
Match a list of strings using RegEx 0.00
If statement never returning true when I first hide the element +1.99
Why there is not () in javascript function calling -0.30
How to differentiate between key "5" and "%" on... +0.91
setTimeout() and getElementById() don't work together +0.20
new instance is not instanceof itself +0.75
Replace nth occurence javascript 0.00
How to trim last two characters of each element in an array? +0.60
AngularJS Error: ng:areq Bad Argument while using controller 0.00
Pass ID into Bootstrap Modal? 0.00
jQuery regex match function always returns false 0.00
Better way to use jquery each -0.89
ESLint prefer-arrow-callback error 0.00
Object doesn't support property or method 'text' 0.00
JavaScript RegEX Test not working +0.63
ng-click triggered twice with in a nested ng-click +0.90
find element by object value inside data attribute +0.56
angular js error : Argument 'questionsCtrl' is not a function 0.00
jQuery: Scroll to the center of the element 0.00
Find an Array Value using Two Variables +0.44
jQuery find not working in top-level elements if not added to DOM +0.56
Setting dropdown value not working in Safari 0.00
jQuery custom plugin changes applied to all instances 0.00
How to select an image having particular 'alt' attribute us... -0.01
Output rsults to div #results 0.00
Why does this function have a second parameter in separate brackets? 0.00
Underscorejs 'find' not working as expected 0.00
What's wrong with this javascript sort +0.21
Select same name radio buttons in javascript +1.19
Sum value based on distinct unit in array of objects +0.21
jquery .click() is not registering an event listener when I start m... 0.00