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1760.52 (28th)
198,654 (237th)
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Title Δ
C++20 comparison: warning about ambiguous reversed operator +0.79
C++ Concepts: How to use 'concept' to check the property of... -2.23
Is mark_immutable_if_constexpr needed for more constexpr containers? 0.00
Hidden friend templates in class template 0.00
Apply function to tuple of vectors to get tuple of elements (variad... 0.00
inline meaning in module interfaces -1.46
How do you reverse a strong_ordering? 0.00
call of overloaded ‘<brace-enclosed initializer list>’ with s... -1.08
How to allocate storage for a static const templated specialized in... 0.00
Invoke existing functions only in variadic templated class 0.00
Filter types in a parameter pack +0.32
What are my options for adding deduction guides for stl types 0.00
why structured bindings don't return references to struct membe... 0.00
Difference between S() vs S{}? 0.00
std::visit and std::variant usage +0.18
Call constructor of mixin base classes based on number of arguments +0.57
C++20: Non-capturing lambda in non-type template parameter +0.20
How to template a stack allocated array of polymorphic pointers to... 0.00
Why is there a difference between brace and parentheses initializat... 0.00
Replace N-th element of a std::tuple -1.12
if constexpr with static_assert in lambda, which compiler is correct? +0.90
std::pair<auto, auto> return type 0.00
can a std::tuple be sorted at compilte-time/run-time depending on i... +0.67
Which substitution failures are not allowed in requires clauses? 0.00
Using range-v3 to read lines with comma-separated data 0.00
Is there any better way to define relational operators in C++ pre C... 0.00
Will we be able to construct containers with views in C++20? 0.00
Is there a wrapper for floating point numbers in C++20 that would e... +0.77
Structural types as NTTP: why must all members be public? +0.19
How can I create a n way Cartesian product of type lists in C++? +1.14
Same clang, different results for std::initializer_list program wit... 0.00
Copy elision of arguments as return values +0.17
Why do C++20 ranges not provide only pipe syntax? -1.78
std::is_invocable syntax for testing existence of an arbitrary meth... +0.90
How to shadow existing variables when destructuring in C++? +1.89
Compile-Time Lookup-Table with initializer_list +0.19
In C++20 What's the most succinct and clear way to compute on a... 0.00
Using range-v3 to read comma separated list of numbers +1.02
Why is this overload of a conversion operator chosen? -2.61
Can I pipe to range-v3 accumulate? 0.00
Triangularizing a tuple +0.09
Triangularizing a tuple -1.15
constexpr-ness of std::initializer_list::size() vs std::array::size() +1.80
Create variant alternating value and array of value +0.12
Compare constexpr array of bytes with part of the buffer (pointer t... 0.00
How can I merge this three c++ template function into one by univer... 0.00
Why doesn't remove_reference work on functions? +0.92
Ensure that char pointers always point to the same string literal -0.63
SFINAE, Invoking a functor if the operator is implemented +0.39
How to implement the generalized form of std::same_as (i.e. for mor... +1.01