An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1743.89 (42nd)
192,608 (249th)
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Title Δ
Conditionally creating members inside a class 0.00
Generalizing is_detected with variadic function parameters 0.00
how to expand template parameter pack to series of templated argume... 0.00
Why std::overload instead of concepts/constexpr if in std::visit? 0.00
Does an in-class friend of a nested class have access to outer clas... 0.00
Why is there no std::move_if algorithm? 0.00
Why is there no std::move_n algorithm? 0.00
Create a family of template classes convertible to each other 0.00
C++20 range-v3 and the zip_with view adapter 0.00
Failure at disambiguating overloaded method 0.00
Structured binding on const 0.00
Is there a way to prove that the second snippet below inserts an in... 0.00
Why does the parallel for_each require forward iterators? +1.76
C++17 lambda captures with relaxed type requirements 0.00
Partial specialization using Concepts +0.54
Why isn't a reverse iterator a formal iterator category accordi... +1.26
Partial ordering on T*... and const T& 0.00
Unable to deduce placeholder type in concept 0.00
How to get a reference to the tail of a tuple from an object std::t... 0.00
May I change the held type in a std::variant from within a call to... 0.00
Declaring defaulted assignment operator as constexpr: which compile... +0.89
Do std::min(0.0, 1.0) and std::max(0.0, 1.0) yield undefined behavi... +0.40
C++17 Tuple Unpacking 0.00
make_unique with brace initialization -2.04
Lambda pack capture with ellipsis on both sides - what is the meani... 0.00
How to "iterate" over a list of templates at compile time? +0.21
Substitution failure for template template argument -1.66
Is the content of a const std::optional always const? -3.02
find an element in std::vector of std::any -1.00
std::is_constructible immediate context and friend declarations +1.75
why is return SFINAE conversion operator not working? 0.00
Iterate over template int +0.56
std::invoke_result on std::tie 0.00
fold expression in assignment 0.00
Creating std::vector of nonmovable type +0.94
Add member functions and member variables based on template argument +0.19
Why does lambda auto& parameter choose const overload? 0.00
Going from signed integers to unsigned integers and vice versa in C... +1.19
C++ range based loop with special case for first item? -0.51
Can you zip with the new ranges library? +0.20
Parsing a string at compile time 0.00
The code below doesn't compile. Maybe because GCC with std=c++2... +1.20
Perfect forwarding const ref deduction error 0.00
Template specialization with enable_if fails in Clang, works with GCC -1.24
Disabling a template class member function with SFINAE +0.89
How to execute all functions from crtp base classes in a variadic d... +1.51
Objects of a class that does not have operator ==() are converted t... 0.00
Unable to use std::function as parameter type (need function pointe... 0.00
C++ Variable number of variadic template parameters 0.00
Why does a CopyConstructible type also have to be MoveConstructible? 0.00