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1753.96 (34th)
198,654 (237th)
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Title Δ
Using constinit variable to initialize a constexpr variable +0.85
Custom type conversion operator doesn't work when invoked on a... 0.00
std::variant comparison with std::nullptr_t inside 0.00
How to use friend declaration for template class with constraints 0.00
Will there be a concept for arithmetic types in C++ standard library? +1.01
Lambda functions with template parameters, not in function parameters 0.00
What does std::make_unique_default_init() do? Isn't it redundan... -2.63
Questions about C++20 two's-complement proposal R4 0.00
Can I initialise a std::vector<T*> from a list of instances? -0.98
What is the correct what to hold a reference to a multiply nested s... +0.93
Why has std::accumulate not been made constexpr in C++20? 0.00
Is it possible to get a pointer to one subobject via a pointer to a... 0.00
How to make the compiler ignore this if-constexpr that evaluates to... +0.97
An error is issued by gcc relative to parsing type-id in a new expr... -3.09
Move only type adapting std::any with dummy copy constructor is safe? 0.00
Use 'using enum' in C++20 in classes possible? 0.00
Problem with expanding using-declaration with C++17 0.00
CTAD and designated initializers in C++20 0.00
C++20 designated initializers with templated types 0.00
Do I Need to use ref With make_pair to Return a Reference? +0.92
Constant integers and constant evaluation 0.00
Implementing std::iter_­difference_­t 0.00
How to initialize a matrix ONCE in a constexpr constructor? +0.90
Is there a boost::irange equivalent in C++20? -0.76
Why set/get_default_resource use pointer and not reference? 0.00
Default argument for a functor in a templated parameter -0.92
Is std::make_move_iterator redundant since C++17's class templa... 0.00
Are types allowed to be specified for return-type-requirement in a... 0.00
How to create C++20 concept for typelist predicate? 0.00
Understanding what atomic constraints are 0.00
Is it a bug of C++ gcc HEAD 10.0.0 20190 relative to friend functions 0.00
std::bind to a std::variant containing multiple std::function types -0.98
Casting shared_ptr in initializer list 0.00
How is std::optional never "valueless by exception"? +1.46
Can you return range based views from functions in c++2a? -2.47
Join outputs from fold/variadic expression with && operator +1.87
How to initialize static array from std::integer_sequence? 0.00
C++20 constexpr std::copy optimizations for run-time 0.00
g++ and clang++ different behaviour with template specialization fo... 0.00
Fold Expressions, parameter pack expansion, recursion in class memb... 0.00
Can I delete function for an rvalue version of object? 0.00
Deducing template parameter types for each type in parameter pack 0.00
Why does the compiler require the type to be specified? 0.00
Constexpr Class taking const references not compiling 0.00
Are <cmath> functions required to be `noexcept` in C++17? 0.00
C++ structured bindings not working with bitset +1.22
Can explicit(bool) act on the length of a character literal argument? 0.00
how to check if type 'T' has 'T(std::initializer_list&l... +0.99
Why are span's array and std::array constructors different from... 0.00
Different behavior of direct and copy initialization on MS VC++ (us... 0.00