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1769.61 (20th)
198,654 (237th)
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Title Δ
Why memory_order_release support until C++20? +1.06
Is there a way to get a compiler warning when returning a by-value... 0.00
Auto-unpacking a pair of iterators 0.00
shrinking namespace to base +1.12
How can I specialize a standard concept for my own class? +0.17
Convert std::tuple to std::variant recursively 0.00
Can copy/move constructors be inherited by using-declaration in c++... +0.93
Check if a type is a partial order 0.00
Concepts - how to constrain integral template value 0.00
Ranges V3 zip with auto and structured bindings 0.00
concept in header doesn't constrain a parameter pack in C++20? 0.00
Concepts: require class method return type is nested type of same c... 0.00
Does there exist a type level left-fold metafunction in the standar... +0.96
Standard empty argument type functioning like void +1.89
Why does this clang code fail to compile with clang 10 with -std=c+... 0.00
Is there a cmake compile feature for c++17's charconv? +0.18
Concept with multiple template arguments 0.00
How do I use a pointer variable with consteval in c++20? 0.00
How to force std::weak_ordering +1.93
C++ concepts compound requirements and return-type-requirements 0.00
Nested namespace definition when the enclosing namespace is inline 0.00
Neat way how to cyclically iterate 4 enum class values in both dire... +0.87
C++17 How to mimic Julia's 'promote_type' function usin... 0.00
Conflict between copy constructor and constructor with std::any 0.00
Using mem_fn instead of mem_fun -1.57
member-to-pointer variable only accepted as function template argum... 0.00
how to make argument deduction work for derived class which using b... -0.95
Infinite recursion due to unintended template argument type deduction 0.00
Transform a tuple of rvalues into a tuple of lvalues 0.00
Can I use condition in type alias in C++20? 0.00
Call less constrained functionally equivalent function 0.00
Is it possible to use std::endian if it is available, otherwise do... 0.00
How do I make this template specialization with variadic arguments... 0.00
How is a dangling pointer deduced in string_view? +0.85
Will c++ range-based for loop call the destructor of iterator? 0.00
Casting a variant to super set variant or a subset variant -3.05
C++ using declaration for parameter pack +1.09
How can you detect whether a call result is valid 0.00
Detect whether a type is a vector of enum +0.89
Overload regardless noexcept specification 0.00
An example of a well-formed class definition with a defaulted speci... 0.00
Is there a reason why in C++20 std::vector operator == does not wor... 0.00
initialization order of thread_local vs. global variables +0.58
Emulating GCC's __builtin_unreachable in Visual Studio? -3.11
Status of inconsistent template specializations across translation... 0.00
How best to test and unwrap std::optional in an if statement +0.75
Visual Studio 2019 rejects `bool concept` while gcc 8 doesn't c... -2.81
Three way comparison replaces all others comparison operators excep... +0.45
Why isn't std::swap marked constexpr before C++20? +0.71
Using feature test macros with GCC-7 0.00