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1743.88 (42nd)
183,618 (249th)
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Title Δ
constexpr std::optional reset 0.00
select_on_container_copy_construction not called for std::string 0.00
Standard-layout and tail padding +0.82
Is (int32_t) 255 << 24 undefined behavior in gcc (C++11)? +0.97
Template with auto-type return deduction -2.60
Do concepts alleviate the need of defining classes in header files? -0.81
Initialize static std::map with non copyable value in a uniformed i... +0.60
member function that is not const should only be constexpr if on C+... 0.00
Instantiation of function template with variadic parameter pack -1.10
Why is try_emplace not implemented for std::multimap? +1.65
Is or was there a proposal for c++ to use the context for short enu... 0.00
Are There Restrictions on What can be Passed to auto Template Param... -0.92
static_assert that a type is among a std::variant's accepted ty... -0.64
static_assert that a type is among a std::variant's accepted ty... -0.64
C++ Metaprogramming: Generating a byte sequence based on type/value... +0.90
Shall structured binding to a copy of a const c-array be const? 0.00
Understanding repeated evaluation of template types/values +0.84
Why can't concept refinement use the terse syntax 0.00
Can an unused function instantiate a variable template with side-ef... +1.28
Simplest way to determine return type of function -0.61
additional copy in std::transform when not setting lambda return type 0.00
streaming operator overloading for nested type names inside templates +0.19
How does providing a class a template solve invalid constexpr depen... 0.00
Default constructor invocation difference between C++14 and C++17 0.00
Do I need to specify calling convention in both header and source f... 0.00
constexpr condition not constant? +0.20
Something like `declval` for concepts -1.16
Different results when using auto as member function argument 0.00
Fold expression with comma operator and variadic template parameter... +1.54
What is the easy way to iterate a std::tuple? 0.00
How to make set<T>(args...) method? -1.46
C++20 modules TS: still need function declaration? 0.00
With P1141R1 voted in, how many types are deduced from multiple ded... -1.58
Can a concept evaluation depend on where it is evaluated? 0.00
SFINAE not solvable overload -3.06
Have both Aggregate Initialization and Template Deduction -0.86
Type deduction for default constructor with defaulted template type 0.00
Passing an overloaded member function to function template +0.68
Constexpr alternative to placement new to be able to leave objects... +0.19
An object calling multiple of functions with the correct overload set +1.19
Why does std::optional::operator=(U&&) require U to be a no... 0.00
Why is this direct initialization valid? (C++ 17) 0.00
Convert function with std::array of doubles as argument or the doub... -0.25
constexpr begin of a std::array 0.00
Three-way comparison operator member vs non-member implementation 0.00
Converting a function wrapper to std::function 0.00
Container where each item can have multiple non-unique keys (c++17) 0.00
Creating a custom range class that wraps boost adaptors 0.00
Can't stream std::endl with overloaded operator<<() for s... +1.22
template overloading results in linker error / strange behaviour 0.00