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1734.10 (51st)
60,625 (703rd)
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Title Δ
Does SFINAE depend on type deduction? +0.19
override not allowed outside a class definition +0.65
Passing functions as arguments to avoid repeating code 0.00
std::tuple assignment and copy/move exception guarantees 0.00
templated generic setter for unique_ptr<T> member +0.71
C++ Template method unknown return type -2.90
Deprecated implicitely-declared copy constructor 0.00
GCC and ADL for operators in expressions +0.75
Perferct forward a copied std::tuple 0.00
Link error with MSVC but not with g++ with constexpr 0.00
partitioning a range of sorted elements into adjacent groups 0.00
Understanding std::vector specification -0.32
Using the upcoming C++ reflection facilities to print the full name... 0.00
Matching template template parameters with default arguments 0.00
What is the difference between std::invoke and std::apply? +1.78
Why declare a deleted assignment operators with the ref-qualifier &... 0.00
Why aren't ranges' algorithms compatible with std's ite... 0.00
C++ temporary variable lifespan shortened by binding to a reference... 0.00
How can I have a constrained operator template? 0.00
Why can a dependent name be considered as complete even if the actu... 0.00
reinterpret_cast bug or UB? +1.06
std::optional implemented as union vs char[]/aligned_storage +1.79
stack overflow using std::visit example 0.00
Get index by type in std::variant -0.61
Get index by type in std::variant +1.10
Get index by type in std::variant -0.61
How can I check that assignment of const_reverse_iterator to revers... -1.66
Expecting different types depending of point of instantiation 0.00
Class template partial specialization equivalence 0.00
Is static constexpr variable odr-used? 0.00
Non-deduced context like 'boost::mpl::identity<T>::type&#... +1.05
Template function substitution works only if one isn't using st... 0.00
Call lambda with the cartesian product of values in multiple input... +0.78
Lambda returning itself: is this legal? +1.27
Accessing protected type in a class through a friend - gcc allows,... +1.77
Shortcut for creating a comparator based on a member field or funct... +0.81
Elegantly comparing polymorphic trees in C++ -1.09
How can a template parameter pack have other trailing arguments? 0.00
Using std::map stored in a std::any and then accessed via std::any_... +0.20
Is std::string_view trivially copyable? 0.00
Partial Specialization of Variable Templates -1.60
Advantage of using trailing return type in C++11 functions 0.00
avoid writing the same repetitive type-checking code with std::any +1.01
unique_ptr reference to deleted function when implementing interface 0.00
C++ SFINAE enable_if_t in member function, how to disambiguate? -1.61
SFINAE failing to work with intermediary type traits +0.49
Why are literals not const (except strings)? +1.57
Returning tuple of local objects +1.03
Does constraint subsumption only apply to concepts? 0.00
Using alias templates for sfinae: does the language allow it? +0.20