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1743.89 (42nd)
189,464 (249th)
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Title Δ
constexpr parametrized function pointer -0.52
Real world usage example for spaceship operator -3.01
Can C++ functions return a pointer to an array of known length? +0.89
Getting return type of a function pointer in parameter pack and sav... 0.00
What is C++20's string literal operator template? 0.00
Is it legitimate in modern C++ to define a return variable in the f... +0.22
std::is_constant_evaluated behavior -1.69
Type deduction when passing lambda into variadic std::function +0.93
sorting vector<variant<...>> does not work correctly vi... +1.14
Disable class specialization using concepts +0.86
Why are references forbidden in std::variant? 0.00
Template constructor defined in the same header but outside the cla... -0.80
Why do we require requires requires? -1.66
C++ Concepts: checking for template instantiation -2.78
Origin story of [temp.spec]/6? 0.00
How to emulate deduction guides for template aliases? 0.00
How to find by a key of type std::wstring_view in std::unordered_ma... 0.00
How to write function with parameter which type is deduced with ... -0.51
Why aren't c++17's emplace() functions ref-qualified? -2.91
Linker error when using template class with a reference non-type te... 0.00
Factory pattern and std::bind methods 0.00
Compilation error when using empty list initialization constructor... +1.02
Constexpr on member function pointer value - undefined behavior? 0.00
Use invoke_result with void argument type? 0.00
Where exactly does my code not adhere to the specification of the k... +0.43
Can template deduction guides call constexpr functions? +0.86
if constexpr vs sfinae +1.11
Declare friend function which is defined in an earlier friend defin... +0.44
Qualified friend function template instantiation -2.70
Zero-initializing elements of a std::array with a default member in... +0.92
Tuple-like structured binding for an inner class of a class template 0.00
Why does `std::chrono::weekday` allow but doesn't preserve valu... -0.58
"Middle classes" in diamond inheritance graph using non-d... -0.57
How to write this C++17 static constexpr method in C++11? -0.06
Can I assign/construct an std::variant<Ts...> to/from an std:... 0.00
Invalid explicitly-specified argument for template parameter which... -3.10
Why std::any & operator= for ValueType is not conditionally noe... +0.87
GCC's <experimental/ranges> filter view does not compile... 0.00
Mapping a vector to specific range -0.30
C++ overloading comparison operators vs casting operators 0.00
MSVC constexpr function 'xyz' cannot result in a constant e... 0.00
is there a way to convert a template's substitution failure int... +0.20
constexpr std::optional reset 0.00
select_on_container_copy_construction not called for std::string 0.00
Standard-layout and tail padding +0.82
Is (int32_t) 255 << 24 undefined behavior in gcc (C++11)? +0.97
Template with auto-type return deduction -2.60
Do concepts alleviate the need of defining classes in header files? -0.81
Initialize static std::map with non copyable value in a uniformed i... +0.60
member function that is not const should only be constexpr if on C+... 0.00