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1760.52 (28th)
198,654 (237th)
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Title Δ
std variant and forward declarations 0.00
Addressing the ith member of a std::tuple when i is not a constant... 0.00
Which takes precedence, the free function operator==() or the membe... 0.00
Additional type in template deduction guide 0.00
is bit_cast without compiler support for constexpr memcpy possible? +1.11
What are the usecases and usefulness when passing pointer to data m... 0.00
Is a lazy "operator or" overload possible with placement/... +1.02
consteval function returning object with non-trivial constexpr dest... 0.00
Could have C++20 templated lambdas be specified to deduce the type... 0.00
Deduction guide for the template class std::valarray<T> -2.83
Can std::byte replace std::aligned_storage? -0.21
Ambigous operator in gcc 0.00
Order of evaluation with function pointers in C++17 0.00
Using constinit variable to initialize a constexpr variable +0.85
Custom type conversion operator doesn't work when invoked on a... 0.00
std::variant comparison with std::nullptr_t inside 0.00
How to use friend declaration for template class with constraints 0.00
Will there be a concept for arithmetic types in C++ standard library? +1.01
Lambda functions with template parameters, not in function parameters 0.00
What does std::make_unique_default_init() do? Isn't it redundan... -2.63
Questions about C++20 two's-complement proposal R4 0.00
Can I initialise a std::vector<T*> from a list of instances? -0.98
What is the correct what to hold a reference to a multiply nested s... +0.93
Why has std::accumulate not been made constexpr in C++20? 0.00
Is it possible to get a pointer to one subobject via a pointer to a... 0.00
How to make the compiler ignore this if-constexpr that evaluates to... +0.97
An error is issued by gcc relative to parsing type-id in a new expr... -3.09
Move only type adapting std::any with dummy copy constructor is safe? 0.00
Use 'using enum' in C++20 in classes possible? 0.00
Problem with expanding using-declaration with C++17 0.00
CTAD and designated initializers in C++20 0.00
C++20 designated initializers with templated types 0.00
Do I Need to use ref With make_pair to Return a Reference? +0.92
Constant integers and constant evaluation 0.00
Implementing std::iter_­difference_­t 0.00
How to initialize a matrix ONCE in a constexpr constructor? +0.90
Is there a boost::irange equivalent in C++20? -0.76
Why set/get_default_resource use pointer and not reference? 0.00
Default argument for a functor in a templated parameter -0.92
Is std::make_move_iterator redundant since C++17's class templa... 0.00
Are types allowed to be specified for return-type-requirement in a... 0.00
How to create C++20 concept for typelist predicate? 0.00
Understanding what atomic constraints are 0.00
Is it a bug of C++ gcc HEAD 10.0.0 20190 relative to friend functions 0.00
std::bind to a std::variant containing multiple std::function types -0.98
Casting shared_ptr in initializer list 0.00
How is std::optional never "valueless by exception"? +1.46
Can you return range based views from functions in c++2a? -2.47
Join outputs from fold/variadic expression with && operator +1.87
How to initialize static array from std::integer_sequence? 0.00