An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1743.89 (42nd)
189,464 (249th)
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Title Δ
Using a function from each object in a vector 0.00
Strange function call in constructor c++ 0.00
More efficient data structure -0.35
Popping an item off the top of a circular array contained in a quac... +3.79
malloc( ): memory corruption (fast) error C++ +3.92
Call to template base constructor is ambiguous +1.05
Error with set Method C++ 0.00
Binary search on strings instead of numbers -4.49
superclass operator() error - ambiguous 0.00
Could not deduce template type for variadic template +2.09
C++ returning array and display it +4.72
Count survival to selection with functional programming -0.56
Class template instantiation as type template parameter, syntax? +4.31
Class Slicing within Vector -4.11
Can I make a function table regardless of parameter signature? +2.28
Skip a behave step in the step implementation 0.00
Multi-index on boost::ptr_vector 0.00
Iterate from 'a' to 'x' and create a '.dat'... +4.60
Defining tags and sequences with Boost.MPL in one shot +1.04
is there an elegant way to perform arithmetic on tuples (eg. pairs)... -2.96
In c++, how to wrap default headers with fallback +0.51
typedef Foo<> Foo compiles but is it valid? -1.37
Lambdas in C++ giving a Function to a other Function -4.70
how to convert map into set +1.96
std::unordered_set insert, get the position where item was inserted 0.00
c++ char array output in class functions +2.19
boost::asio UDP "gather" operation 0.00
Determining the starting position of an iterator 0.00
linked list buffer ; what should insert return? 0.00
How to optimise unordered_map lookup? -1.08
Unable to close server side socket 0.00
Out of Range error -0.07
Error about a class I don't even have 0.00
Where should I put delete statements in my code to remove the memor... -3.13
What's the correct `enable_if` constraint on perfect forwarding... +0.88
How do you create an array of member function pointers with argumen... 0.00
Efficiently inserting or updating in boost::unordered_map +0.65
Computing median of std::vector<double> causing segfault +2.01
static const int as map subscript +5.68
C++11 Pure virtual 'templated' return type in non-templated base cl... +4.72
Passing member function with all arguments to std::function -0.53
Converting `double` to `string` +4.02
C++ std::unordered_map complexity -0.20
Design Pattern for caching different derived types without using RTTI -2.76
Variadic Function Universal Sentinel Value 0.00
Boost MPL and_ type +0.13
Boost MPL at template overload missing? 0.00
How to instantiate superclass template with own type? -2.83
Is it possible to have a boost::variant inside a struct that does n... -0.31
std::atomic with custom class (C++ 11) -2.21