An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1757.25 (31st)
198,654 (241st)
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Title Δ
N-dimensional std::array initialized with templates +4.02
Why my output operator<<() function definition results in unr... 0.00
Use reference to object instantiation from inside class' code +3.20
confused with pointer to pointer concept -0.54
c++ pattern matching popen() output with strcmp() -4.57
() Operator overloading -2.56
C++ Code Possible Issues 0.00
C++ convert std::string that contains binary data to char* -3.16
Overloading operator= 0.00
Proxy to an object, proper const qualification and lack thereof +3.38
How to compare vector? -0.32
Basic usage of conditionals with std::atomic<T> +4.19
Deriving from stl set 0.00
How to cast pointer to base type conditionally given a pointer to d... +4.01
C++ templates: conditionally enabled member function -4.24
C++ unordered_map with custom key resulting in null values 0.00
Binary Search Tree Deconstructor -0.47
False "value computed is not used" warning +3.39
Do member references pad out classes? Or are they simply larger tha... -1.00
error within this context tags may tag wrong location +3.55
c++ word count(as words we take every possible variable name) -0.66
This program will compile but not run. Other programs run +3.45
Insert element and move elements after in vector 0.00
How to read entire stream into a std::vector? +5.80
C++ Filie i/o read two ints at once 0.00
Time complexity difference between hash_table[key] == NULL and hash... +5.04
Implementation of then for std::future results in compilation error 0.00
Differentiate functions when overloading 0.00
Using a function from each object in a vector 0.00
Strange function call in constructor c++ 0.00
More efficient data structure -0.35
Popping an item off the top of a circular array contained in a quac... +3.79
malloc( ): memory corruption (fast) error C++ +3.92
Call to template base constructor is ambiguous +1.05
Error with set Method C++ 0.00
Binary search on strings instead of numbers -4.49
superclass operator() error - ambiguous 0.00
Could not deduce template type for variadic template +2.09
C++ returning array and display it +4.72
Count survival to selection with functional programming -0.56
Class template instantiation as type template parameter, syntax? +4.31
Class Slicing within Vector -4.11
Can I make a function table regardless of parameter signature? +2.28
Skip a behave step in the step implementation 0.00
Multi-index on boost::ptr_vector 0.00
Iterate from 'a' to 'x' and create a '.dat'... +4.60
Defining tags and sequences with Boost.MPL in one shot +1.04
is there an elegant way to perform arithmetic on tuples (eg. pairs)... -2.96
In c++, how to wrap default headers with fallback +0.51
typedef Foo<> Foo compiles but is it valid? -1.37