An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Jon Skeet

1906.60 (2nd)
1,370,637 (1st)
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Title Δ
Strange result with negative parameter with Date 0.00
Converting if into ternary operator in C# +0.35
Java Predicate Interface - How the method is working - Though it is... 0.00
Error CS1503 when casting covariant generic interface types 0.00
Nuget package version resolution with different versions +0.09
How to parse string to AnnualDate in NodaTime 0.00
Span<T> range operator doesn't make sense +0.09
Event from delegate vs lambda 0.00
Error deserializing yaml with yamldotnet - Property not found 0.00
Private member accessibility +0.47
is the locked object of synchronized wrong? +0.32
Built Azure Function for Linux doesn't include dependency 0.00
char + int gives unexpected result +0.22
.Net Core API in Google Cloud Function -0.41
C# method invokation through dynamic typing raise exception 0.00
Weird dart generic assignment behaviour 0.00
IEnumerable<> vs List<> as a parameter 0.00
Nullable Interface does not trigger CS8602 0.00
How to give service account only access to one bucket (Google Cloud)? 0.00
How to prevent a class from being inherited outside the library, wh... 0.00
c# json with a changing class 0.00
ASP.NET Core Json object is strange formatted with \u0022 0.00
Can I use identityHashCode to produce a compareTo between Objects r... +0.28
Convert nullable string to nullable int in c# 0.00
Why is the compiler choosing the generic method over specific one? 0.00
C# DateTime conversion when time changes from winter to summer time 0.00
Equivalent to DateTime.Parse in NodaTime? 0.00
How to access the property/field Exception.ErrorDetails after an ex... 0.00
Can the IEnumerable.Zip resultsSelector add more than one element t... 0.00
setvalue method for property cannot be found +0.45
Why won't Java accept a return type thats implied by generics? +1.09
How to query multiple json nodes? 0.00
.NET async Main method thread 0.00
Java ArrayList missing first value +0.09
Generate 5 length unique code from natural number +0.33
Where do I find the total invocations per month of all Cloud Functi... 0.00
Difference of args vs arg in main-method, java? 0.00
Operator for check 3 or more variables 0.00
NodaTime IANA Timezone offsets not matching with Moment JS 0.00
Currency format to get ₹ when use String.Format("{0:C}",4... 0.00
Unchecked conversion warning with generic type in IntelliJ +0.34
How to calculate time zone UTC offset for specified date and time w... +0.09
Calculate duration (amount to spring forward/fall back) at DST tran... 0.00
What is the nature of this C# string formatting? +0.09
Protobuf-net: change name of message 0.00
Can't convert DateTime to string in C# 0.00
SQLite: unable to open database the first time, not the second? 0.00
Unexpected DST offset in .NET TimeZoneInfo compared to the Adjustme... 0.00
is it possible the gRPC functions overloading? 0.00
C# DateTime.ToString with zzz breaks in dotnet framework but not in... 0.00