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John Conde

1752.61 (37th)
190,907 (256th)
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Title Δ
PHP DateTime::createFromFormat() fails for certain values? 0.00
Why can't arrays be used in multiple foreach loops? 0.00
Duplicating an Object, Changing a Variable 0.00
Bulk Transaction Processing - Auto Pay Scenario 0.00
Is there a way to detect the type of card i.e Debit or Credit 0.00
Extracting text between two counts of a specific character in a str... -0.80
Array Showing Values from previous iteration 0.00
How to check values inside foreach loop are same or not -0.51
Authorize.Net Query on recurring billing 0.00
Get items in a PHP associative array -3.34
Regex to match unordered list with only one child element 0.00
how to use date variable and date_add() in php? 0.00
PHP date is wrong for early 2021 dates 0.00
Cant Extract data from PHP curl response 0.00
Valid function showing unvalid 0.00
PHP Dates are frustrating me +0.68
preg_match() not matching img src 0.00
Is there a way to differentiate between a page refresh and pushing... 0.00
Using property in PHP function 0.00
How do we enforce parameter types in PHP? 0.00
Authorize.Net API limit 1000 results. How to overcome it? 0.00
Authorize.Net payment processing is no longer working 0.00
The element transactionRequest has invalid child element lineItems 0.00
Node.js E00007 error - User authentication failed due... 0.00
How to download CardConnect library by using Composer 0.00
Form data tries to resend after I refresh the webpage 0.00
Issue with Authorize.Net payment gateway logo 0.00
Can I get all active ARB subscription in a single API call 0.00
How to solve "Warning: mysqli_real_connect() expects parameter... +0.18
Relative next closest clock time unit with DateTime or strtotime 0.00
Can I update a card profile without including the cardnumber inform... +0.18
Show next Wednesday every 2 weeks PHP 0.00
Return array_column from an associative array when a search a min v... -0.06
Time() By 5 Minutes Select 0.00
php mode ccm openssl nounce bug 0.00
Database exists but returns an error saying "Unknown Database&... 0.00
Display opening hours table 0.00
Using a variable to sort multidimensional php array (usort) 0.00
Nested foreach increasing both indexes / check if date is between 2... 0.00
How to extract the image paths and their recommended new dimensions... +0.93
DateTime Failed to Parse Time String 0.00
There is option to get expected type of variable in PHP? 0.00
PHP date_diff() using strings 0.00
PHP if OR multiple conditions get which is true -0.31
How to convert an output array to a string or variable using PHP? 0.00
Wrap HTML Tag around strings in HTML code 0.00
Using the Default Payment Form with Authorize.Net Accept Hosted Pay... +0.18
PHP difference in days between two date strings 0.00
How to track Authorize.Net Point Of Sale Transactions using EMV car... 0.00
I can't parse JSON data with PHP Foreach 0.00