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Rating Stats for

Josh Crozier

1745.57 (48th)
166,603 (313th)
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Title Δ
Angular 2 convert string to md5 hash 0.00
BeautifulSoup: Extract the text that is not in a given tag 0.00
how to rewrite url in .htaccess file -1.78
Knockout.js - How to uncheck available item observable when clickin... 0.00
padding still exists when height and width of span are 0 with only... +0.16
Reversing CSS transition on removal of class 0.00
Flex box direction column +0.21
jQuery Validate custom message for contenteditable span or div 0.00
Find matching elements in array and do something for each match 0.00
Angular 2 - Checking for server errors from subscribe +0.18
How to keep iterating through divs until you reach a div with a cer... 0.00
Angular 2 stop click event propagation of all children 0.00
Sass maths operators with functions 0.00
Removing an anchor tag `<a href=""></a>` from... +0.42
Detecting multiple checked checkboxes +0.19
Finding last entered input +0.19
CSS Transition border reverting instantaneously +0.20
Scrollbar scrolls past content (no height specified, only padding-b... +0.60
Angular2 sort array of objects based the order of another array of... 0.00
Input to allow for only one decimal point +0.94
How Calc() calculate in css? 0.00
Using jQuery with Angular2 inside *ngif is not working 0.00
Uncaught TypeError: (intermediate value)(...) is not a function 0.00
Short version: css top class with different child classes +1.14
img on error event for dynamic content? 0.00
How to avoid LESS nesting under a duplicate selector? 0.00
Typescript: Prevent unexpected usage of object[index] +0.20
Accordion with jQuery (not jQueryUI) - there's a "DRY"... 0.00
How to get multiple key values from array with lodash? -0.05
Convert Object to Array - maintain named keys +0.21
Function inside onclick event does not work +0.22
Can't get the 'title' in a particular class tag in Beau... 0.00
How to check element with multiple classes for a number in class 0.00
jQuery Convert Sentence Case 0.00
How can I make the CSS 'min-height' property ineffective? +1.48
JQuery UI Slide animation triggering the scrollbar to display durin... 0.00
BeautifulSoup Remove all html tags except for those in whitelist su... -1.30
JQuery input change only specifc word +0.21
.Remove() removes all div elements +0.67
Using #each to display some data in handlebars.js not displaying 0.00
Div elements with defined width inside a larger div are overflowing... +0.85
Skewing main container skews image inside how to avoid content from... 0.00
Can't get username from req.user to output in express 0.00
Changing height after dragging and dropping +0.17
JS / lodash - transform collection of objects -2.96
How to use a ternary operator to add a class to an HTML element in... 0.00
ToggleShow elements only in this certain div clicked to show +0.66
Checking if a div has child element - Jquery -0.50
Python BeautifulSoup - Using find_next while parsing invalid HTML +0.67
Tooltipster close all before opening a new one, click/hover combina... 0.00