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Rating Stats for

Josh Crozier

1745.57 (48th)
166,603 (313th)
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Title Δ
Change background for first child using CSS 0.00
SASS Ampersand – Chaining CSS class with the parent selector '&... +0.20
Trigger an event when a checkbox is changed programmatically via Ja... +0.22
jQuery UI draggable events not working 0.00
Get element which does not have certain ancestor with BeautifulSoup? 0.00
Target only the last appended div with Shuffle.js 0.00
JQuery shortcut to select siblings of parent 0.00
Keeping console.log() line numbers in a wrapper function in TypeScr... +0.73
How to maintain original scope of 'this' when passing a fun... 0.00
JavaScript replace src attribute if path has value +0.19
How to pass values as parameters to a function call inside onclick... +0.22
calling jquery $(html:string) from TypeScript 0.00
How to remove <hr> that immediately follows a <hr>? +0.20
Regex skips some matches by consuming from the input string +1.40
JQuery $.change doesn't notice change made by .prop("check... 0.00
pop() is not a function - nodejs 0.00
Add data attiribute values as an inline-css "width" value 0.00
Rebind Hover Effect After Click JQuery -2.04
Copying a variable javascript -2.45
Soup.Find with different classes +0.69
BeautifulSoup HTTPResponse has no attribute encode -0.81
Get ID of top DIV when dragging & dropping 0.00
Scale Transition of a hyperlink doesn't work +1.08
Regex discarding entire match if only a part is wrong -0.21
Using BeautifulSoup to find first string which comes after certain... +0.20
BeautifulSoup .link.get("href") only returns None -1.32
How to go about identifying nodes in an HTML tree that are semantic... 0.00
Express Multiple res.json(); with middlewares +0.83
jquery to vanilla js; each loop of html tags 0.00
Javascript regex to extract count at end of file -0.07
Regex testing for special characters +0.20
RegEx to Remove Trailing Space +0.20
jQuery: selecting 2 elements next to each other with same class -0.05
Selection using multiple wilcards (more than 2) 0.00
JavaScript Regex to match any words within nested square brackets? 0.00
preg_match_all returns only one match +0.20
Conditional regex to match timestamps that are not inside of quotes 0.00
How to make a function that find the uppercase in a string and add... 0.00
jquery :not() selector inside delegated event 0.00
How to select and remove a div element if it doesn't contain te... +0.65
Regex match the space bewtween matches as well? 0.00
How to find all anchor tags inside a div using Beautifulsoup in Pyt... -2.48
How to build a custom regex that matches dashes/alphanumeric charac... 0.00
Select first two words of h2 tag and wrap in span tag -0.56
How to retrieve the innerHTML contents of the entire document? 0.00
Get ID of draggable element +0.20
Why beautiful soup does not return the results in order? 0.00
Jquery parse integer in a sentence/line that is not part of the str... -0.30
Problems imitating a sibling element's effect to the other sibl... 0.00
CSS hover change another div (within another seperate wrapper div) +0.21