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1736.14 (56th)
110,671 (623rd)
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Title Δ
Why isn't std::optional<boost::variant<A, bool>> su... 0.00
Why does this std::function and operator cause a segmentation fault? -2.85
Why type unsigned makes std::variant<int64_t,uint64_t> ambigu... +0.64
How can I use scoped_allocator_adaptor with a custom allocator (wra... 0.00
How you create your own views that interact with existing views wit... 0.00
Nested dependent names are not evaluated in template for concept 0.00
Does clang think I need to point to a "const function"? 0.00
Can a std::function's target callable legally destroy the std::... 0.00
Is it possible to initialize member variable (or base class) of a n... 0.00
Why does the output_iterator Concept not require the output_iterato... 0.00
How much memory must be reserved for a C++20 coroutine frame? +1.09
Function template overload resolution, dependent and non-dependent... +1.04
Why [[likely]] attribute in C++20 raises a warning here? 0.00
Can't get std::from_chars to auto detect base 0.00
Why C++20 doesn't use `requires` to restrict the T for atomic&l... -1.85
Was begin() made constexpr in C++17 but cbegin() in C++14? 0.00
When is a requires clause expression required to be parenthesised?... +1.26
C++: Is memcpy to POD based sub-object UB? 0.00
Does `equality_­comparable_with` need to require `common_refer... 0.00
Is pointer arithmetic on allocated storage allowed since C++20? 0.00
Breaking change in C++20 or regression in clang-trunk/gcc-trunk whe... +0.23
Why is unique_ptr::release not defined with [[nodiscard]]? -2.39
Properties of a pointer to a zero length array +1.14
Implementing a concept for Pair with C++20 concepts +0.19
The rationale behind std::assignable_from possible implementation 0.00
Class can't access its own private static constexpr method - Cl... 0.00
Can two consecutive memory_order_release stores on the same thread... -3.05
Deduction failure of function call with explicit template argument... +0.50
Is it valid to use std::transform with std::back_inserter? +0.83
Why is my class non default-constructible? +0.86
Why does the size of class in c++ depend on the public/private stat... -2.04
Why is a partial class template specialization on a matching templa... +0.20
Is a fully qualified class name down to global scope ever required... +1.67
Can consteval functions from different translation units interfere? -0.00
Issue when compiling libstdc++ with clang 0.00
When is RVO garanteed to apply / does apply with C++20 compilers -2.08
Is east constexpr / constinit / consteval allowed in C++20? 0.00
std::optional - construct empty with {} or std::nullopt? +0.65
What is the reason for the warning: "when type is in parenthes... +0.38
Inheritance of copy constructors in C++17 0.00
How is std::optional never "valueless by exception"? -2.17
range-v3: Adapting custom classes which already implement iterator... +0.20
using declaration: one more bug of gcc and clang? +0.78
Calculate the number of days this year for a date using Howard Hinn... 0.00
Why does Clang not like boost::transform_iterator? 0.00
libc++'s implementation of std::map/set::equal_range gives unex... 0.00
Comparison on std::tuple with multiple empty members doesn't co... 0.00
invoke_result with member (operator[]) function +1.01
Using `extern template` to prevent implicit instantiation of a temp... -0.58
Is it possible to assign and verify a constexpr structure in C++14? 0.00