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1738.36 (52nd)
110,671 (623rd)
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Title Δ
Nested dependent names are not evaluated in template for concept 0.00
Does clang think I need to point to a "const function"? 0.00
Can a std::function's target callable legally destroy the std::... 0.00
Is it possible to initialize member variable (or base class) of a n... 0.00
Why does the output_iterator Concept not require the output_iterato... 0.00
How much memory must be reserved for a C++20 coroutine frame? +1.09
Function template overload resolution, dependent and non-dependent... +1.04
Why [[likely]] attribute in C++20 raises a warning here? 0.00
Can't get std::from_chars to auto detect base 0.00
Why C++20 doesn't use `requires` to restrict the T for atomic&l... -1.85
Was begin() made constexpr in C++17 but cbegin() in C++14? 0.00
When is a requires clause expression required to be parenthesised?... +1.26
C++: Is memcpy to POD based sub-object UB? 0.00
Does `equality_­comparable_with` need to require `common_refer... 0.00
Is pointer arithmetic on allocated storage allowed since C++20? 0.00
Breaking change in C++20 or regression in clang-trunk/gcc-trunk whe... +0.23
Why is unique_ptr::release not defined with [[nodiscard]]? -2.39
Properties of a pointer to a zero length array +1.14
Implementing a concept for Pair with C++20 concepts +0.19
The rationale behind std::assignable_from possible implementation 0.00
Class can't access its own private static constexpr method - Cl... 0.00
Can two consecutive memory_order_release stores on the same thread... -3.05
Deduction failure of function call with explicit template argument... +0.50
Is it valid to use std::transform with std::back_inserter? +0.83
Why is my class non default-constructible? +0.86
Why does the size of class in c++ depend on the public/private stat... -2.04
Why is a partial class template specialization on a matching templa... +0.20
Is a fully qualified class name down to global scope ever required... +1.67
Can consteval functions from different translation units interfere? -0.00
Issue when compiling libstdc++ with clang 0.00
When is RVO garanteed to apply / does apply with C++20 compilers -2.08
Is east constexpr / constinit / consteval allowed in C++20? 0.00
std::optional - construct empty with {} or std::nullopt? +0.65
What is the reason for the warning: "when type is in parenthes... +0.38
Inheritance of copy constructors in C++17 0.00
How is std::optional never "valueless by exception"? -2.17
range-v3: Adapting custom classes which already implement iterator... +0.20
using declaration: one more bug of gcc and clang? +0.78
Calculate the number of days this year for a date using Howard Hinn... 0.00
Why does Clang not like boost::transform_iterator? 0.00
libc++'s implementation of std::map/set::equal_range gives unex... 0.00
Comparison on std::tuple with multiple empty members doesn't co... 0.00
invoke_result with member (operator[]) function +1.01
Using `extern template` to prevent implicit instantiation of a temp... -0.58
Is it possible to assign and verify a constexpr structure in C++14? 0.00
Bus error in my Implementation of std::lock 0.00
Can class and struct be used interchangeably in template specializa... 0.00
Universal initialization - vector's fill constructor +2.07
How can I shuffle a std::stack in C++? +1.21
How do correctly use a callable passed through forwarding reference? +1.26