An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1805.88 (8th)
405,696 (92nd)
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Title Δ
Synchronizing overlapping sets of methods -1.59
Java: 2d array - making it "torus" like 0.00
Comparison between vectors in matlab +0.90
How can I pass a pointer to some object as argument to a method? -0.84
Reference of all checked / unchecked exceptions in the standard API 0.00
String initialization in Java +0.15
How does Collections.binarySearch work? 0.00
How LongAdder performs better than AtomicLong +0.13
How to assign class variable value via calling a method? +0.36
Jersey Client, memory leak, static and concurrency +0.14
Control selected items of an ArrayList +0.15
Java removing elements from List of maps -0.61
Java 'do while' loop not working +0.15
Store constructor that accepts parameter in reference -2.86
create utility to cast objects to beans in java +0.62
How to call method of the subclass? +0.15
regex to match non-latin char with ASCII 0-31 and 128-255 0.00
Is List<Double> a subtype of List<? extends Number> and... +0.27
Is this suggested solution for the below mentioned erratum correct? 0.00
Return all subsequences of an array-like with only consecutive valu... 0.00
Can Java GC items iterated past? +0.32
Pattern / best practice for accessing connection that has undetermi... +0.52
How to access enum if inner enum having same name exist +0.28
Formal proof for what algorithm return +0.99
Calling a command line program in Java +0.15
Android Studio, Java 8, and Function +1.08
Include filename/line number corresponding to System.out.print stat... +0.15
Should java give an error message about assigning a private variabl... 0.00
Can we use pass by reference in java? If No How does java.util.Arra... +0.24
Overriding list and Java practice +0.16
How to convert the string into Array in Java +0.51
Fastest way to sort an array without overwriting it +0.46
Removing objects with lambda +1.46
Calculate distance on a grid between 2 points 0.00
why does this reference not work? +0.74
ArrayList operation +0.24
How to create Immutable List in java? +0.65
Writing byte array to an UTF8-encoded file 0.00
Why doesn't this Regex for picking items out of multiline entri... 0.00
Check if Object (document) exists in MongoDB (using Jongo) 0.00
Java cannot cast from boxed type to primitive type +0.81
What is the exact diff between Normal Interfaces and Marker Interfa... -0.95
Memory visibility guarantees provided by intrinsic locking in Java? +0.15
What 'T' and 'Z' means in date +0.13
recursive serialization in java 0.00
Is it more optimal on memory when you don't save off objects in... +0.13
How do I successfully use the Thread.sleep() method in Graphics? +0.16
Java Regex file extension -1.04
Java replaceAll - Replace "/**" with "" +0.15
How to skip even lines of a Stream<String> obtained from the... +0.92