An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1805.88 (8th)
405,696 (92nd)
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Title Δ
Find all the combination of substrings that add up to the given str... +0.54
java delete file from folder -1.63
array length changes in openjdk +0.92
How throw the custom checked exception with java8 lambda expression? 0.00
How are keywords developed? +0.58
Iterate through collection, perform action on each item and return... 0.00
How do I make a list of several kind of object if I cannot use wild... +0.17
How to flatten a 2-dimensional array into a 1-dimensional array +0.16
How to efficiently find a string between two given substrings? 0.00
finding the non common element between two arrays +0.44
Coin Change : Greedy Approach -3.40
Not able to generate a unique user-number -0.86
Referencing multiple matches of a java regular expression named group +0.41
Why does referencing an anonymous inner class by its name work when... 0.00
ScheduledExecutorService not triggering correctly +0.18
how to read File from a particular line till the end of the File in... 0.00
Null value in method parameter +0.15
MouseListener on a drawString() Method +0.15
Java pass by reference issue with List +0.15
Java7 multiple exception handling +0.16
Why is there a loop in getAndSet() of AtomicInteger and similar cla... -1.58
Appending a specific object in an arraylist using java? -0.35
How to shuffle cards within a Card object with Math.random() +0.26
Calculating the complexity of an algorithm with 3 loops -0.56
Multiple typecasting in a single line in Java program +0.13
Stacking Tiles (Hard algorithm) +0.37
Why this raises compilation error when trying to increment the valu... +0.16
Java LinkedList safest way to delete while iterating 0.00
insert parentheses in a string 0.00
How can I get a specific line from a text file? +0.34
What is the difference between a variable assigned to null and othe... +0.55
Variables performance - java +0.46
Resolving Ambiguity when Accessing Parent Class from Anonymous Class +0.51
Automatically choose between log and linear scale on graph axis +0.16
How to obtain a field value using reflection? 0.00
Adding a space inbetween a user inputed string +0.16
ClassCastException Integer to Double +0.68
final variable in constructor with inherited call 0.00
Hash Map in Java 8 sorts by default? 0.00
Mathematical definition of "partially sorted" 0.00
String comparaison difference between two sentences +0.62
How method preference work in java? +0.18
Final Identifier is necessary, why? +0.62
Algorithm to truncate string and eliminate duplicates (case insensi... 0.00
How do I write generic Java method and compare two variables of the... +1.56
Will forward slash work across platforms in Path.resolve? +0.79
Passing class type to a method 0.00
AND/OR operations on lists in Java +0.77
Which Layout Manager Should I use to achieve the following? 0.00
Subsets having duplicates? 0.00