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1771.53 (20th)
169,899 (303rd)
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Title Δ
Shortest code to repeat array([x,y,z]) in Python -1.64
Rolling window over 2D array with specific spacing along one dimens... +0.93
Faster way to check if elements in numpy array windows are finite 0.00
logical_and with nested boolean arrays +0.68
Vectorized sliding / rolling numpy nanmean 0.00
Find distance between all pairs of pixels in an image 0.00
Splitting multidimensional array in Numpy +0.82
How can I make a distance matrix with own metric using no loop? +1.30
Largest index where condition is true, without using argwhere 0.00
Using multiple filter on multiple columns of numpy array - more eff... 0.00
Unique symmetrical elements Numpy Array 0.00
Is there a vectorized approach to reverse an n x m numpy array and... 0.00
Map string to integers with position in ASCII table -2.28
Is there a Numpy pad equivalent which lets you specify desired size? +0.17
Slicing each row in a different way 0.00
NumPy: Convert and reshape 1D array to 2D array with zeros? +0.38
Python numpy groupby multiple columns 0.00
copy from two multidimensional numpy array to another with differen... +0.92
Injecting random numbers in random places in an 1D numpy array -0.93
How to calculate the size of blocks of values in a list? -0.27
Indexing with two boolean arrays in NumPy 0.00
Efficient elementwise argmin of matrix-vector difference 0.00
Efficient NumPy way of rolling nanstd 0.00
How do I get partial cumulative sums of a column grouped by another... 0.00
How to speed up the performance of array masking from the results o... +0.32
Numpy: compare each element of array with all other elements (±... 0.00
Replace data of an array by two values of a second array +0.34
rearrange columns of multidimensional arrays efficiently 0.00
Add multiple np.newaxis as needed? 0.00
Fast way to remove array of specific row values from 2D numpy array -1.94
Fast way to remove array of specific row values from 2D numpy array +0.23
Calculate column-wise mean of rows of a numpy matrix selected using... +0.98
NumPy - descending stable arg-sort of arrays of any dtype -1.02
removing loops with numpy.einsum -1.33
Efficient way to apply a function to elements of a numpy array? +1.13
Creating a 3-D (or larger) diagonal NumPy array from diagonals 0.00
How do I broadcast other dimensions using numpy.matmul? 0.00
Summing matrix rows excluding indices from other array +0.91
Is there an opposite of np.take for multi-dimensional case in NumPy? 0.00
Numpy: multiply first elements n elements along an axis where n is... 0.00
Perform sum over different slice of each row for 2D array -1.35
drop np array rows based on element uniqueness and one other condit... 0.00
How do you broadcast np.random.choice across each row of a numpy ar... +0.17
Summing up non-zero elements in numpy array +0.17
Sum of specific group of columns for each row of a numpy array 0.00
Convert c-order index into f-order index in Python +0.59
Python : Above a certain level in a row +1.82
How to get the most frequent row in table -0.02
How to obtain the Ranks in a 2D Numpy Array 0.00
Numpy split array into chunks of equal size with remainder +0.16