An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1736.82 (51st)
104,828 (736th)
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Title Δ
Calling non const method in const method 0.00
Overload resolution of template functions 0.00
C++ temporary objects lifetime in a function call 0.00
Declaring as a class field instead of global variable 0.00
How to properly use std::function as a predicate -0.31
Compare std::error_code with integers -3.13
Unexpected behavior after assignment of function object to function... +1.02
c++ pointer issue - update pointer through method +0.19
Passing arguments to a function with both container and element typ... +0.21
how to typedef a specialized std::set template, instantiating with... 0.00
Initializing a pointer but not getting the same value zero 0.00
SFINAE detect if type is defined 0.00
How to Institiate an object in when we have pure virtual function h... +1.29
Using a constant variable as the size of an array 0.00
Template function to override std::vector::assign 0.00
this->field vs. this.field in C++ -0.53
change of result after passing by pointer 0.00
Creating a function that executes lambda functions. Do I have to de... -1.99
Is nullptr falsy? -1.11
How to specify constructor's template arguments inside a new ex... +1.30
no instance of overloaded function "std::make_unique" mat... -0.45
Repeatedly calling a function with a non-type template parameter +0.47
Can I prevent implicit conversion in parameter to assignment operator 0.00
Function template to populate a vector of shared_ptr to Base &... +0.69
Compilation errors related to template instantiation -0.30
Argument evaluation order between curly braces and parentheses +1.03
Implicit conversion operator for templated types not automatically... -0.07
Problem when checking whether std::any variable holds a std::string +0.51
Is a function using template for data type not supposed to return l... -1.95
Initialization of array type (C++) 0.00
Initialize std::array using element type from the declaration impli... 0.00
Behavior when both conversion constructor and operator are present... 0.00
How to solve this error of function pointer? +1.25
Use overloaded delete operator with custom parameters -0.22
How to detect different letters and numbers in a string +0.68
Call Operator() for custom class std::shared_ptr instance +1.25
Inherited class member with the same name as child constructor +0.20
How can a template type be restricted to a base class excluding a s... +1.01
Using enable_if on virtual functions +1.09
How to use std::unique_ptr on a struct? +0.75
Legal use of non-trailing function template parameter pack? +1.03
Why does Visual Studio fail to choose the right constructor in temp... +1.44
What's the difference between parentheses and braces in c++ whe... 0.00
Getting the type of a template template parameter with using 0.00
How to check the exact type info (with cv-ref-pointer traits) in C++? 0.00
How to name a C++ capture variable? +1.37
Unwanted substitution of bool overload when trying to use sfinae ov... 0.00
Why can i change the value of a constant (const char * ) trough a p... 0.00
Should the deleted default constructor be in Public or Private? +0.19
Using logical OR with cout operator 0.00