An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1735.10 (55th)
8,908 (8,954th)
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Title Δ
When is the compiler allowed to optimize out the copy-constructor 0.00
Get string by const reference +1.50
c++ std::bind within function 0.00
How to prevent vector from memory address change -2.66
C++ template's template failed to compile -2.29
A bug about the template and iterator +1.23
Why lambda takes variable's initial value 0.00
Container type and compile-time type deduction +0.83
error: no matching function for call to ... at return statement 0.00
Values not being pushed back into vector while reading from a file +0.53
Pack expansion of variadic list of types into initializer list of c... -3.08
C++ function with reference argument that works for lvalues and rva... 0.00
c++ function overloading with bool and const char creates ambiguity... 0.00
Why does `std::is_function_v` not work as expected? 0.00
In C++, if "int a = 3; int* p = &a;", then why is &qu... +0.55
Type deduction with const qualifiers failing 0.00
Why can't a template type be a friend class in C++? 0.00
Order of In Class Initialization versus Constructor Initialization... +0.21
template specialization causes a undefined reference error 0.00
c++ delete[] 2d array caused Heap Corruption 0.00
Template print function C++ +0.66
How to use lambda as std::unique_ptr's Deleter? +1.03
How to avoid duplicate template parameters in nested template -0.57
Inner template class as template template parameter 0.00
Alias template of a class given as a template parameter c++ 0.00
What's the difference between an ordinary rvalue reference and... +1.89
Confusion about Copy Constructor in C++ 0.00
C++ access member of templated derived class without typecast +1.05
How do I assign an initial value to a dynamic variable without usin... 0.00
Defining function/method param as pointer and passing without refer... 0.00
why push_back and emplace_back when combined together, have differe... 0.00
Friend function can no longer access private data members of class... 0.00
How to access members of forward declared class +0.97
Standard behavior for direct initialization of unsigned short +1.38
g++ 8.1 template deduction ambiguity with std flag equal to 'c+... 0.00
no-return lambda strange behavior 0.00
Template class with default parameters used in another template cla... +0.80
C++ overload resolution between template and non-template functions -1.55
Compiling error: missing argument in temporary object constructor 0.00
references to pointers and constness compatibility +0.21
Does "cin" reset variable to some default value if input... +1.05
Check if a type is std::basic_string<T> in compile time in C++ +0.09
Initialization with empty curly braces 0.00
What's wrong to reset std::unique_ptr to pointer to array? 0.00
Specialization of a template function with multiple template parame... 0.00
Is the following Variadic template behavior inconsistent? +0.21
Derived class cannot access the protected member of the base class +1.17
no match for 'operator<<' (operand types are 'std... +0.21
False clang error when calling a template template method with a te... -2.97
Constructor member initialization lists explained 0.00