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Travis Brown

1754.11 (33rd)
121,282 (535th)
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Title Δ
How to use createpairedStream in MQTTUtils? 0.00
Serialization of Scala Objects 0.00
Shapeless - Deduplicating types in Coproduct +0.90
Scala - Try transform vs match vs map method 0.00
Iterate over table filling 2 HasSets in a functional way in Scala +0.70
ScalaCheck generate BST 0.00
Convert string to a parameterized type in scala 0.00
Finagle filter sequence of futures of option 0.00
Scala implicit def do not work if the def name is toString +0.78
Scala - unreachable code when pattern matching Boolean values and a... +0.16
Why is Deferred factory method has return value in the context of F 0.00
Scala - how to pattern match when chaining two implicit conversions? -0.80
play framewoerk & scala Future(s) chain. make it more pretty 0.00
Explanation for "illegal cyclic reference" involving impl... 0.00
Should an empty case class be a single instance or not? 0.00
How to implement cost estimation for deferred computations with `fl... -0.30
Flatten nested Ior's with scala-cats 0.00
Extract string and symbols with splitting +1.12
Scala's mutable.ListBuffer seems to use List's tail functio... +0.81
value flatMap is not a member of type parameter F[Long] when using... 0.00
Diff of two strings in Scala +0.79
Json.asString returns None even though Json.toString returns the co... 0.00
How can I validate Option values with Cats validation? +0.20
BSONCollection.findAndRemove() cannot be called using flatmap 0.00
Unable to load variables stored in a file in scala, through a varia... 0.00
How to attach effects to the F in Resource[F, A] without using A? 0.00
Cats Validated with mapN 0.00
Functions / methods in Scala. How does this work? +0.19
Trim values of String fields of a case class 0.00
assert in foreach causes too few argument lists for macro invocation 0.00
How to convert between collection types - Set to ListSet in Scala 0.00
Scala generic function that converts string to generic type +0.56
Scala incompatible nested types created in implicit class 0.00
scala cats ambiguous implicit values 0.00
How to write tail-recursive functions when working inside monads 0.00
Convert Set to 0.00
what is the use of assigning a value to a variable outside the for... +0.88
Is that possible to make semiauto decoders consider default values... 0.00
Scala shapeless Generic.Aux implicit parameter not found in unapply -1.11
Boolean operators in filter of list 0.00
Scala: Reuse Function Value +0.19
scala flatMap or filter which one is cheaper 0.00
Need to Reference Trait on Companion Object From Trait on Case Class 0.00
How to use Scala Cats Validated the correct way? 0.00
Use external libraries inside the build.sbt file 0.00
What do variadic functions get compiled to? 0.00
Scala substring correctly throws IndexOutOfBounds but does not in S... 0.00
Automatically update sbt dependencies to latest version 0.00
Is it possible to specify that a type will have a certain parameter... +0.20
Return most specific type given a method parameter 0.00