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Travis Brown

1745.14 (40th)
77,817 (479th)
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Title Δ
are there advantages for using value class (without methods) vs typ... +0.21
Circe decoder for scalaz.Maybe +0.99
Why does scalac rise a "diverging implicit expansion" err... 0.00
How to decode an ADT with circe without disambiguating objects 0.00
My API is all returning Future[Option[T]], how to combine them nice... 0.00
General Questions about Akka and Typesafety 0.00
Apply list of functions to value using Scala Cats 0.00
With Circe Json why is implicit resolution slower at runtime 0.00
Left flatMap on EitherT 0.00
How to encode Json when HList parameter is HNil? +0.20
Inverse a nested Map in Scala +0.20
Generic[A] where A is a Class? +0.19
Tail Recursive function for the sum of fractions +0.70
Applicative functors vs monad composing performance in Scala 0.00
Summing a list of OptionT[Future, BigDecimal] in Scalaz 0.00
value unsafePerformSync is not a member of scalaz.concurrent.Task[S... 0.00
Parse Json using Circe and monocle lens 0.00
Twitter's Future.collect not working concurrently (Scala) 0.00
Parse a case class containing an HList into a JSON string, using Ci... 0.00
Map a tagged HList (record) of functions over a record of their arg... 0.00
Are within codeblock imports costly in scala -1.12
could not find implicit value for parameter tupler 0.00
shapeless convert case class to HList and skip all option fields 0.00
Deriving arbitrary function instances using shapeless-scalacheck -0.30
How to infer inner type of Shapeless record value with unary type c... 0.00
How does circe parse a generic type object to Json? 0.00
Cleaning up `case class` with `Option` FIelds -0.52
Return a list of sublists contained in the original list with sums +0.18
Scala convert JSON to one of a number of types 0.00
Parametric polymorphism breaks when an implicit is expected in Scala +0.65
scala, I lose the type information when using pprint 0.00
What's the difference for Future and future? 0.00
How to run Scalaz Tasks in parallel 0.00
Scala Random String +0.19
Shapeless: FnToProduct not working with a Type Constructor 0.00
passing & using an implicit function without defining it 0.00
Coproduct with Poly 0.00
Building Fixed Size List of Nat N 0.00
Scaladoc: @group tag not showing in API documentation 0.00
Map the types of a shapeless HList 0.00
Shapeless: UnaryTCConstraint for Foo[T, U] 0.00
How do I get a three digit range starting from 000 in scala? ex Lis... 0.00
map HList with default 0.00
Scala with Cats - Cartesian + Validated 0.00
scala.. parse a message into various fields 0.00
Scala: How to avoid var here -3.20
Scala Implicits compilation error 0.00
spray marshalling 0.00
Passing an extra argument into a polymorphic function? +0.19
Using a polymorphic function to extract an object from Options 0.00