An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Travis Brown

1745.14 (40th)
77,817 (479th)
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Title Δ
Pick out the Nth element of a HList of Lists and return that value... 0.00
How to test Monad instance using discipline 0.00
Update case class from incomplete JSON with Argonaut or Circe +0.18
Constraint on HList: check for single occurrence of a type 0.00
`circe` Type-level Json => A Function? 0.00
Map a homogenous HList of one type into a hetergenous HList of diff... 0.00
Scalaz: how does `scalaz.syntax.applicative._` works its magic +0.19
How can I combine two scalaz streams with a predicate selector? 0.00
When map over a function is useful when you have andThen 0.00
How to modify value and type in JSON using argonaut lens? 0.00
Can a predicate be explicitly defined? +0.49
Transform all keys from `underscore` to `camel case` of json object... +0.21
How do I match types that don't have a specific typeclass insta... +0.88
Filtering Lists in Scala's Monocle 0.00
What is the actual class (not abstract and not trait) for Map and S... 0.00
Functions vs function pointers +0.67
How are these case statements types evaluated? +0.76
How to extract ranges of contiguous Ints efficiently/elegantly? -1.25
How to transform disjunction of Future to Future of disjunction +1.08
Behavior of shapeless .toHList 0.00
Circe instances for encoding/decoding sealed trait instances of ari... 0.00
how to bind request body in Finch 0.00
Get field key as Coproduct +1.18
sequence List of disjunction with tuples 0.00
Create an Arbitrary instance for a case class that holds a `Numeric... 0.00
How to parse a JSON Scala without case classes 0.00
Why does using the '~' operator in scala give me a negative... +0.72
Scalaz monad transformers. Applying f1:A => G[B], f2:B => G[C... 0.00
Merge several json arrays in circe 0.00
Transforming JSON with state in circe 0.00
Is there any way to get Key/Value type from a map in Scala? +0.20
Shapeless map HList depending on target types 0.00
Scala function return type based on generic 0.00
Decode single field of object in a json array with argonaut/circe 0.00
How to combine sequence of Kleisli 0.00
Creating a DenseMatrix from a Transpose 0.00
Scala: reflection and case classes +0.21
Scala: why it is possible to have Some(None)? +0.20
Incoherent scala library version 0.00
Type parameters cannot be referred in function body in Scala? +0.49
spray-json failing for Seq of Eithers +0.21
BitSet to Set[Int] or vice versa in Scala +0.78
How to define a function whose output type depends on the input type +0.26
Automatically derived sealed trait/ADT ordering in Scala +0.22
Recursive type for tuple like type +0.77
How to combine Kleisli[M, A, C] and Kleisli[M, B, C] 0.00
In scala, is there any way to check if an instance is a singleton o... 0.00
How to get the name of a case class field as a string/symbol at com... +0.24
Conflict between type alias and singleton object in the REPL 0.00
Generic Adder from Idris to Scala? +0.21