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Travis Brown

1755.09 (36th)
121,282 (535th)
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Title Δ
what is the use of assigning a value to a variable outside the for... +0.88
Is that possible to make semiauto decoders consider default values... 0.00
Scala shapeless Generic.Aux implicit parameter not found in unapply -1.11
Boolean operators in filter of list 0.00
Scala: Reuse Function Value +0.19
scala flatMap or filter which one is cheaper 0.00
Need to Reference Trait on Companion Object From Trait on Case Class 0.00
How to use Scala Cats Validated the correct way? 0.00
Use external libraries inside the build.sbt file 0.00
What do variadic functions get compiled to? 0.00
Scala substring correctly throws IndexOutOfBounds but does not in S... 0.00
Automatically update sbt dependencies to latest version 0.00
Is it possible to specify that a type will have a certain parameter... +0.20
Return most specific type given a method parameter 0.00
Circe Couldn't convert raw json to case class Error: could not... +0.18
How to apply sequence function to List of ValidatedNel in cats? 0.00
Decoded circe array inside case class always failing case class com... 0.00
How to represent dynamic JSON keys in Scala when using circe -0.83
Convert Json to a Map[String, String] +0.20
couldn't decode Object with field Type Map[String, String] usin... 0.00
How to use Hcursor or Optics, as part of Circe-Json, to return a Li... 0.00
Re-writing collection-populating simulation in Scala in a functiona... +0.19
Merge maps in scalaz with a complex (double) operation +0.20
Is there an efficient way to avoid repeated evaluation with mapValu... 0.00
Scala, generic tuple +0.37
Which is the better way of jsonformat in Spray JSON 0.00
Encoding ADT case classes with a discriminator, even when typed as... 0.00
Generic derivation for ADTs in Scala with a custom representation 0.00
Capturing unused fields while decoding a JSON object with circe 0.00
How do I ignore decoding failures in a JSON array? 0.00
How to override `org.elasticsearch.client.FilterClient#doExecute()`... 0.00
Converting a list of either to a cats ValidatedNel 0.00
ficus configuration load generic 0.00
TypeClasses in ScalaZ 0.00
Scala + Shapeless abstract over curried function +0.22
Decoding structured JSON arrays with circe in Scala 0.00
My coproduct encoding is ambiguous 0.00
Use circe to preprocess dot-notation style fields 0.00
How does HList.foldRight look for implicits when used in the implem... 0.00
How to stack ReaderT and WriterT transformers in scalaz? 0.00
How to upcast a monad transformer type? 0.00
Encoding/Decode shapeless records with circe 0.00
How can I define a dynamic base json object? 0.00
Errors accumulation with Monoid 0.00
Scala implicit conversions and mkNumericOps with value classes 0.00
Task#apply versus Task#delay 0.00
Have && short circuit with :| in expressions in ScalaCheck 0.00
scala Option type difference +1.00
Scalaz validation NEL mkString 0.00
ScalaCheck can not cast boolean to Prop instance 0.00