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Rating Stats for

Mehrdad Afshari

1767.64 (24th)
359,890 (77th)
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Title Δ
storing client connection on bidirectional call 0.00
Add gRPC servicers during runtime and provide interface to client 0.00
GRPC design of a current REST API 0.00
How to write unit tests for your GRPC server in Python? 0.00
grpc error ...No handlers could be found for logger "grpc._com... 0.00
gRPC Python - how to add idle time for client 0.00
Is it possible to enable GRPC message compression in server? (Python) -0.33
Define a RPC without function arguments and return value 0.00
Does use a REST API layer over a GRPC Service a efficient thing to... 0.00
Manually test grpc interfaces 0.00
Is it safe to reinterpret_cast an array to a struct containing the... -0.16
C++ two-way operators, is it possible? +1.21
would TLS prevent others reverse engineer my protocol? +0.53
C# interfaces and generics +0.11
Novice enquiry on using TryParse() properly -0.07
Replace specific string C#? +0.57
c# base class as parameter type +1.13
How to convert arabic char into hexstring in java -0.71
Alternative to global variables/constants +1.05
Can I reuse an Existing Connection String in my SQL Session State C... 0.00
Is that a correct way to use Dispose Method? -0.36
Redirects to login.aspx but not to default.aspx 0.00
C++ srand, rand in a DLL strange behavior -2.30
How to pass an object from .cs to .aspx +0.01
Is there a better way to split this string using LINQ? +0.65
c stack smashing detected -0.23
The name Membership does not exist in current context +0.18
Automatic Pointer Swizzling by Java? -0.33
C# byte addition operation +1.09
what's the utility of bss segment? 0.00
Linq to SQL Join and Where 0.00
Inherited member function accessing data members +0.03
cast base class pointer to one of several possible derived type poi... -1.81
Start a 64bit app from a 32bit app? 0.00
Variables declared inside a loop -0.91
SQL server stored proc "Procedure or function expects paramete... 0.00
How to use Long data type in C? +0.42
C++ dealing with files 0.00
Initializing Objective-C class ivar that is a C array 0.00
The "is" keyword: there a difference in these methods? +1.01
include "file.h" vs <file> what is the difference? +0.50
How do I conditionally control the visibility of a control in ASP.N... 0.00
Implement same Generic Interface 2 times with different Generic par... -1.19
Converting C# byte array to C++ -0.66
How does kernel know file is closed +0.18
Bit type in T-SQL +0.14
ASP.NET / VB.NET - What is the equivalent of $_REQUEST of PHP in AS... +0.40
Unable to understand C function call -1.55
C# GetHashCode for binning 0.00
FormsAuthentication.SignOut throwing NullReferenceException 0.00