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Wiktor Stribiżew

1702.99 (137th)
587,769 (42nd)
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Title Δ
regex alternate select wrong match -2.51
regex to split on pipe character except when in square brackets 0.00
Regex get all before first occurrence of character -0.82
Regex help needed to improve performance and reduce backtracking 0.00
Remove text before an array of subtexts +1.55
Pull out text before phrase - Regex R -1.05
Regex matching up until comma 0.00
Find and replace string with regex 0.00
Regex - find all words starting with $_ that fall anywhere between... 0.00
Regex filter returning object Object instead of element 0.00
C++ regular expressions fails, while online checker works 0.00
Custom regex pattern for matching email addresses 0.00
Arabic regex matching - c++ -0.27
How to replace few values in regex in nodejs? +0.23
How to use Regex to identify specific line? c# 0.00
Select numeric string with dots and colon +0.82
Remove specific number of digits using sed +0.22
Python regular expression domain names 0.00
sed -i ‘’ -e '/javaagent.jar/ s/$/ proxyPort=8080/' this co... 0.00
Regex operator and grep -E fail -3.00
How to prevent it from accepting one letter with one space each sid... 0.00
Two or more occurrence of at least one in character set with PHP re... 0.00
How can I split camelCase with Regex without splitting McDonald? 0.00
A regex to match `.` but not in `a.m.` +1.20
Regex for either the word null, or a string in double quotes 0.00
How to replace if http or https using sed? +0.24
Extend regular expression 0.00
Grep only the matched values from the Input -0.71
Problem with using spacy.matcher.matcher.Matcher.add() method 0.00
sed script that replaces a double quoted macro argument string with... 0.00
Matching parenthesis in PHP -0.74
Why isn't my regex in Python not working properly? +0.23
Regular expression-exclude and include some words 0.00
Erase everything following a known string of variating length with... +1.10
How to perform multiple search using php regex? 0.00
regex to remove last two letters in a number and word string +1.81
Regex capture first words before character subsequently - Postgresql +1.54
get path from mount with sed -0.19
Regex capture first words before character subsequently - oracle 0.00
regex for loop over list in python 0.00
Extract text containing match between new line characters +0.63
Find indexes of unquoted words in a string using `re.finditer()` me... +1.49
R: Replace Abbreviations\ Words 0.00
Regex for putting comma before city name in address 0.00
Pandas regex comprehension - isolate single result -3.21
Python replace multiple string patterns in column +0.25
Remove words when match with first 3 or 4 characters +0.24
How to give space in sentence in string with preg_replace? 0.00
Find exact number pattern regex not working in Linux vi editor 0.00
Right way to scrape this noisy price tag 0.00