An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Wiktor Stribi┼╝ew

1760.14 (26th)
322,314 (86th)
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Title Δ
Special characters with underscore (regex in postgres) 0.00
Match only particular special chars using regular expression 0.00
Regex 24 hours time validation in javascript +0.18
Get 2 line-breaks after a keyword 0.00
Replace only 'n' occurences of a substring in a string in C# -2.57
How to remove the slowness of this regex? +0.46
How to capture the remainder of a sentence after two word boundarie... 0.00
Regex to match company names from copyright statements under yet mo... +0.78
convert many lines if conditions as single line using regex python... 0.00
R - find/replace line breaks using regex 0.00
get all text between bracket but skip nested bracket +0.21
Regex in R lookbehind assertion +0.19
python regex find first word after certain keywords -0.33
Extract different variations of hyphenated personal names with regex 0.00
Regex remove replace all whitespaces and commas with a plus sign +0.44
How to use Multi line DOTALL with charater exception in python +0.17
Java String Split using Regex with Escape Character 0.00
Detect specific sequence of string in a column from a list -1.97
Match regular expression for the pattern dddG-xyz -0.05
Picking first X digits in string and replace each digit with Charac... +1.06
R/stringr: Regex to acquire specific symbol within a specific part... 0.00
Regex to detect proper nouns in a list 0.00
Remove only parentheses in nested parentheses 0.00
Matching specific operator using regex +0.18
Regex to match company names from copyright statements under severa... 0.00
Extending a Cucumber step +0.16
Extract string between the last occurrence of a character and a fix... +1.06
How to find and replace between characters 0.00
match a text that follows a special string 0.00
Python with regex 0.00
.NET: Return a list of strings given a list of whole words to match 0.00
Regex Pattern doesn't work using look behind without validating... 0.00
How to break string in lines only based on \n in python3? 0.00
Using Regex to Erase After Second Colon in Notepad++ 0.00
Update hrefs in markdown links +0.69
Regex (PHP) Remove all horizontal whitespace except between quotes... 0.00
SpaCy -- intra-word hyphens. How to treat them one word? 0.00
Separating value in awk -1.67
Regex with multiplier for single character inside character set +0.70
Match string conditional on character before and after -1.97
Match a regex to the whole string and not just a part of the string 0.00
How to remove url starting with www.*** from a string using regex? +0.18
Getting full matches of newline and tab groups with regex in python 0.00
Looking for a character OR a sequence in regex 0.00
I am having problems with what seems like a simple regex to delete... 0.00
Regex , get full string before specific sign or get full string if... 0.00
PANDAS Finding the exact word and before word in a column of string... +1.26
JOI how to allow empty spaces and punctuation 0.00
Regular Expression search of a PCAP file 0.00
Swift: Regex search in for loop not progressing 0.00