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Wiktor Stribi┼╝ew

1743.39 (43rd)
56,398 (788th)
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Title Δ
How to avoid regcomp error 13 with this regular expression? 0.00
GTM - Trigger for All Pages That Isn't Root 0.00
Trying to replace a point and spaces inside a sentence using regex 0.00
Golang complex regex with FindAllStringSubmatch 0.00
Python Regex Negative Lookbehind Match without Fixed width 0.00
How to filter subset of nested Regex for matching groups 0.00
same word with underscore in powershell 0.00
Regular expression in Rails scope not capturing the right values 0.00
Regex keep greedy even when using lazy quantifier 0.00
Regex to match groups only before period 0.00
Regex match numbers of at least 6 digits that only have up to 3 dig... 0.00
RegEx how to negate a match based on a character in a specific posi... 0.00
Best way to split a string by two different delimiters, capitalize... 0.00
Regex match 2 conditions +0.94
Convert the word using uppercase 0.00
How to tell a RegEx to be greedy on an 'Or' Expression -3.26
Regular Expression In Oracle ADF 0.00
zero padding regex dependent on length of digits 0.00
grep with $ in string +0.20
PHP preg_replace title(non-english characters) to clean slug not wo... 0.00
How do I match the first character right after a substitution in th... 0.00
C# Wildcard for specific amount of characters 0.00
Creating $elemMatch query with multiple $regex clauses in python an... 0.00
Regex to match ASCII symbols / numbers 0.00
Insert space after the second or third capital letter python +1.93
How to determine the number of repeats in a regular expression? +0.24
Remove any text inside square brackets in r 0.00
Regular expression in python to substitute commas bounded by whole... 0.00
Finding integer values in a string and replace them after processing 0.00
substitution of unknown a priori number of groups - regex python 0.00
Regex in Streamsets 0.00
Removing hyphens in http but preserving hyphenated words in corpus 0.00
Match and Replace ![foo](/bar/) with Regex in SED 0.00
Lua: return content of "{foo}{bar}" 0.00
Find text inside curly braces and replace text including curly braces 0.00
Lua: delete last {..} 0.00
Check if string does not have 6 digit number -1.11
Remove text between () and [] in python with some exceptions -2.92
Pattern Validator for Multiple Consecutive Spaces +1.16
regex - Replace multiple occurrences -1.28
RegEx match end character only when other character is not present +0.72
How can I separate number from letter using Unix regular expression? +1.05
Ignoring html tags in regexp -0.30
Check for optional set of characters using regex +0.19
Regex to check for match and split string +1.16
Get value between from a private key using regex 0.00
Regex not matching new line with parenthesis +0.19
Moving shortcode content into attribute using preg_replace() +1.06
regex named group if exist 0.00
Regular Expression Password Validation -2.68