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Wiktor Stribi┼╝ew

1739.57 (46th)
56,398 (788th)
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Title Δ
c# regex - match either a word or a number (int or float) 0.00
Capture property names +0.18
How to add multi prefix 0.00
Exact regex preg_replace with special character 0.00
Delete all strings not containing email in sublime 0.00
Extract occurrence of text between brackets from a text file Python 0.00
Check if string qualifies to extract text from the string - Regex 0.00
Remove duplicate words in a string using regex -0.31
RegExp checking for sign only if there is text afterwards +0.18
Extract Values Between Pattern Match +0.18
Extract rows from csv file using regex substring? 0.00
Using grep to find all php files containing variable of greater tha... 0.00
How to find the first space in a sentence with Regular Expressions... +1.01
Python: How to Keep Alphanumeric English,Latin Characters in the re... +0.20
pcre regex match nth occurence -0.94
qregexp extract all numbers from string 0.00
A way to make multiple preg_replace clearer 0.00
Regex to match on a word but only if it isnt preceed or followed by... 0.00
regex Python: "pull-out" entire group but keep everything... +0.20
Pandas and regular expressions 0.00
MVC RegularExpression test user input for all spaces 0.00
How to include two patterns inside one pattern? 0.00
Regex evaluating three letter construction 0.00
Sed remove all text after and including the third underscore +0.26 and re.findall() are hanging 0.00
Why NSRegularExpression does not match when heading quote? 0.00
Matching regex pattern counting only unique values from a wordlist 0.00
How to replace all the occurrences of string start and end with pat... 0.00
Regex to match all acronyms +0.20
Using regexp to find a reoccurring pattern in MATLAB 0.00
How to validate indian mobile number using Pattern in Angular 6 0.00
regex optional using allowTypes in primefaces 0.00
Lua gsub chars '(' and ')' fails 0.00
PHP preg_replace has error. How can I found out the reason? 0.00
Custom HTMLParser with regex not returning correctly 0.00
keeping smileys/emoticons while removing special characters using r... 0.00
Python condition with regex 0.00
Nicer way to access match results? -0.93
how to find one character from multiple same character on string by... +0.19
Jenkins sed Terraform shell 0.00
Split with a multicharacter regex pattern and keep delimiters 0.00
Regex for .less extension file that excludes .module.less 0.00
PHP preg_split use delimiter as array keys -0.47
Find TextViews in xml without fontFamily attribute using regex 0.00
RegularExpressionValidator.ValidationExpression text should startwith 0.00
Regex with complex pattern +0.20
JavaScript regular expression to catch [boxes] 0.00
Convert comma-delimited CSV to pipe-delimited file with Notepad++ -1.18
Regex for a range of numbers and one character for validation +1.08
.NET Regex - Get string after match +0.19