An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Wiktor Stribi┼╝ew

1733.62 (50th)
56,398 (788th)
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Title Δ
Regular Expressions Using Conditionals and str_extract -0.52
ASP.Net MVC regex for multi-line string 0.00
A regular expression to match a string and if that string ends with... -0.79
want to remove certain value from the vector in R 0.00
How to get values from below string using regex in java +0.49
Matching Everything That Does Not Contain Anything in an Array with... 0.00
Parse query parameters with regexp +0.21
Regular expression to extract one string without prefix or suffix s... +0.72
Get digits between slashes or on the end in URL 0.00
sed multiple repacement in a line +0.80
Get last numbers in string separated by an unknown delimiter -1.90
R / stringr: split string, but keep the delimiters in the output +0.91
How can I use regex in Ruby to split a string into an array of the... -0.27
regex to match a specific character but is optional 0.00
Regular expression for separating optional trailing number from a s... 0.00
Delete character before last digit in Notepad++ +0.64
Regex java a regular expression to extract string except the last n... -1.19
regexp mysql group 0.00
Escape comma in regular expression - Notepad++ +0.98
regex Scala for replacing all but white space and specified target +1.01
RegEX not in brackets 0.00
c++ regex match beginning of line +0.21
regex to detect specific words +0.21
Regex java a regular expression for extraction the first alphabetic... 0.00
Regex to replace a number with another number using sed command fails 0.00
Trouble matching Name Servers in PHP with regular expressions -0.92
Get String between 2 Strings or delimeters in bash using regex +1.59
C# Regular Expression Help - grouping with optional data points +0.21
string split with a regEx returns last character in regEx pattern 0.00
Use RegEx to uppercase and lowercase the string 0.00
fail to extract value using regex -1.42
regex matches wrong strings 0.00
Get occurrence if there are no numbers between 0.00
regex_iterator not matching groups in regular expression 0.00
regex negative lookahead with named capture group 0.00
regex, on match strip and capture? 0.00
Replace all characters except expression using gsub only 0.00
Regex to get string between \" and \" +1.02
Regex for pattern that starts with ABC, then B's and/or C's... -2.54
Regex to capitalize words 0.00
RegEx no whitespace in third column of mobile number 0.00
How to use regExp to find value in cell and put in next row in spre... 0.00
Firebase Rules Regex Birthday 0.00
Splitting string with parentheses +0.21
Looking for a specific attribute containing a specific word 0.00
Find the closet text with optional string +0.20
Javascript regex: replace hyphen between characters only (not spaces) -1.38
php regex with optional char at the end -0.39
Combine REGEXREPLACE and CONCAT into the same formula in Google She... +1.04
split new line except digit in unicode file 0.00