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Rating Stats for

Wiktor Stribi┼╝ew

1764.40 (24th)
56,398 (788th)
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Title Δ
How to use gsub to remove . at the end of the string in ruby? +0.18
What is the regex to match the words containing all the vowels? 0.00
How to write a regex for this? 0.00
Regex to match less than 500 feet with decimal places in a string 0.00
preg_match_all negative lookahead and negative lookbehind 0.00
Unrecognized backslash escape in kotlin regex 0.00
Select-String Regex to find string between simple quotes -0.32
Error in Groovy Regex matching. What does this error signify? 0.00
Regex matching digit in between? -1.77
Regex To Mach Mergecodes with Double Hashtag +0.72
Regular expression to convert given number in the required format +0.18
Regex, select the number after a particular string 0.00
Replace regular expression javascript +0.79
Regex pattern for enclosed by string? -1.28
Regex Replace in Mirasvit Sphinx Search 0.00
JavaScript - Get only a part of the string after a particular expre... -1.47
Regex Match As Much As Possible Until The Next Match 0.00
Match regex only if same string is found twice +0.18
Grep Returns Nothing 0.00
Problem of HTML recovery between brackets with regex 0.00
Regular Expression: I have a problem with using '|' +1.36
Need help in extracting a expression from a log using regular expre... -1.45
Surround a GUID with single quotes in C# using Regex +0.39
How to find two consecutive repeating characters in RGB using Regex? 0.00
Trying NOT to match a Japanese word using RegEx negative lookbehind 0.00
Parse Markdown that is separated by `#` with regex pattern 0.00
Regexmatch syntax for Google Sheets 0.00
Regex Not Matching The First Alternative It Should 0.00
Javascript regex For Removing height/width from style +0.59
Don't allow toll free numbers in php preg_match regexp +0.60
A simple tidy up needed in regex 0.00
How can I append spaces to the end of specific lines using regex -0.94
Remove all spaces between Chinese words with regex +0.51
regular expression to match name initials - PCRE 0.00
Regex & Sed: How to suppress the first and the second comma in... -0.08
Using Regex to select multiple sentence patterns - issue with group... 0.00
Search words either uppercase or lowercase and return uppercase or... 0.00
extracting text inside brackets & text outside with regex 0.00
How to replace and word after : when you getting unrecognized escap... 0.00
find match and remove them leaving only what is not a match 0.00
Regular Expression to match a string with an even number of 1's... +0.66
python regular expressions, return only first match +0.17
Python - regular expressions - part of the search patern is in same... +0.18
regex extract string word 0.00
Recursive regex for matching everything in parenthesis (PCRE) +0.63
How to write one regular expression to meet all cases and print spe... 0.00
Regex pattern to match letter combination of a word 0.00
Extract values based on last n characters +0.76
Regex Tidyverse, how to capture expression if exists 0.00
How to find string with beginning pattern and contains pattern 0.00