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Wiktor Stribiżew

1761.26 (26th)
341,429 (86th)
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Title Δ
Java: Searching an elegant way to split String 0.00
Extract hive count string using regex 0.00
RegEx: How to apply a Character Set restriction to a whole Expression 0.00
SED replace few first occurences ( and ranges ) of pattern 0.00
How to сreate a regular expression for the dollar currency? 0.00
Find emojis in a tweet as whole clusters and not as individual chars 0.00
Need a Regex that includes all char after expression 0.00
regex match exact occurance of special character 0.00
Java: How to remove all line breaks between double quotes 0.00
How to remove matching quotes when quotes surrounds word that start... 0.00
Use regexp in bash to obtain substring of string 0.00
How can I program a kind of escape character myself in this regular... 0.00
Regex expression stops working in PHP 7.3 0.00
Regex for directive on Number 0.00
Split string only if BOTH the negative lookahead and negative lookb... 0.00
How do I get the correct pos tags for a sentence after noun phrase... 0.00
How to delete the text within brackets using re.compile and re.find... 0.00
Validating subexpression in Oracle REGEXP_SUBSTR 0.00
recursive regex for matching bracket pairs in gnu r 0.00
Replace fractions to decimals in string 0.00
How to avoid string based on prefix using regular expression 0.00
Find and divide all numbers in a file using sed 0.00
How to allow apostrophe in text using regex 0.00
Extract lines where a character match in 3rd column 0.00
In regex capture group, exclude one word 0.00
Extract codes with regex (irregular codes) 0.00
Java regex use one pattern instead of two 0.00
How do I delete text between two characters in notepad++ 0.00
How can I get a Filename from a string using Regex 0.00
How to tokenise on hyphens using unnest_tokens in R 0.00
Find multiple occurrences of a string between two strings in a colu... 0.00
JavaScript Regular Express both dotall and global flags 0.00
Extracting a group from matched String in Java using regex 0.00
How do I find the position of first number in a string in Google Sh... 0.00
Remove newline if preceded with specific character on non-consecuti... 0.00
What is the correct RE2 regex for extracting a substring from a str... 0.00
How to say (\w+\W+) times 4 in regex (R gsub) 0.00
Validating regular expression 0.00
REGEXP_REPLACE for exact regex pattern, not working 0.00
Regex formula not looking inside HTML tags 0.00
Extract age from a string-python 0.00
Regex for extracting time from natural language string 0.00
Remove given string from both start and end of a word 0.00
Matching a word in comma separated list in bash 0.00
Python, regex - how to match second group, only if first group is m... 0.00
sed: How can I print all matching in each line? 0.00
How to create a regex for tokenizing Java source code in Python 0.00
How to match a specific word without spaces and without an addition... 0.00
Extracting numbers from a string under certain conditions 0.00
replacing parentheses with regex in Python 0.00