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Wiktor Stribi┼╝ew

1727.11 (66th)
356,542 (77th)
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Title Δ
Regex Optional char set in JavaScript 0.00
Regex to do something only if string has prefix 0.00
is there a way to treat seperated expressions as interlinked? 0.00
regex to drop the last "0" and drop any zeros at the star... 0.00
Regex to block only numbers or only spaces, but allow numbers and s... 0.00
Regex, extract word before and after another one 0.00
Regular expression matches the second entry only 0.00
String must contain only [a-zA-Z0-9_] symbols (may be from one lett... 0.00
Why str.replace() behave strangely when replacement string has rege... 0.00
Matching comma after certain phrase 0.00
Bash regex matching "0xffffffc0006e0584 is in some_function (/... 0.00
ignore words and remove case sensitive and space to match 0.00
Python regular expression for multiline JSON 0.00
Capture word after first dot and before second dot 0.00
Lua regex to replace curly braces 0.00
Get string between two strings - first string ends with newline 0.00
How can I detect url's in text and replace all _ with &lowb... 0.00
How to match correct group name(.NET C# Regex) 0.00
I'm trying to read a Regex from an xml file but when i pass on... 0.00
How to match numbers that have the format 1,234,567 0.00
Regular Expression for month and year excluding some words 0.00
Removing numbers and special characters from multi line statement 0.00
How to make group with repetition in regex 0.00
Replace a specific character in a string with gsub() and Regex 0.00
regex expected value in a postion depends on a random value in anot... +0.21
Use RegEx to validate a password on iOS Swift +1.07
How to replace a part of a string before any specfic character in j... -0.64
regex replace only words with words from replacement file 0.00
Python regex to match word before extension -0.73
How to use regex in vim to replace with an incrementing number vari... -1.47
Using output of a pipe in sed for replacing in file 0.00
How to match repeated patterns with optional spaces between them? -1.66
grep a byte-point without macth-output 0.00
Insure that regex moves to the second OR element only if the first... -2.45
Dot character with literal matching -1.32
Task for matching floating point numbers +1.14
Python Regex Match Paragraphs 0.00
Regex: keep same pattern found multiple times in same line and repl... -0.12
Regex to remove all numbers before a specific character (working in... +1.16
spaCy's regex is different to Python's regex 0.00
Regex: to accept numbers for salary field with zero amount as inval... -0.67
RegEx multiple lines +0.80
gsub first word after match 0.00
How to write a regular expression to match some below string using... +0.90
Javascript RegExp dosn't recognize apostrophe on mobile iOS +0.21
Regex for alphanumeric and space in between 0.00
Regex to match start and end while capitalizing the middle part of... 0.00
How to extract a substring using regex python? -1.10
How to make regex match all cases in a string 0.00
Regular expression to find the last hyphen, then move two spaces to... 0.00