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Rating Stats for

Wiktor Stribi┼╝ew

1761.26 (26th)
334,403 (86th)
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Title Δ
RegEx for matching all chars except some special chars and ":)... 0.00
Find substrings that start and end with same Uppercase Character (u... 0.00
gsub string before multiple symbols together in R 0.00
How to use like/rlike to filter out string with space on either side 0.00
TextField doesn't take input after adding 2 decimal positive nu... 0.00
python regex find values with newline character also 0.00
How to add the removed space in a sentence? 0.00
Regex result with no especial Character (exclude some chars) 0.00
Python - Find numbers which has not a % at the end using regular ex... 0.00
Pandas string extract all the matches 0.00
make regex compatible with .NET and JS 0.00
Remove text inside brackets and parentheses at the same time with a... 0.00
RegEx for matching whitespace OR punctuations AND non-alphanumerics 0.00
I need help to round numbers for currency conversion in a text file... 0.00
XSD Pattern Restriction - Alternation with forward slash 0.00
Regex for matching everything until first occurence of string in Go... 0.00
Regex to find a starting pattern including either of 2 strings but... 0.00
Split string around spaces without colons in between 0.00
Regular Expression needed - dollars with no cents 0.00
Looping over brackets with regex 0.00
Combine 2 JavaScript RegEx groups with AND and quantifier 0.00
A logical way to back trace the corresponding regex from an OR (|)... 0.00
Regex/R to extract string from path with version number 0.00
RegEx for matching a special pattern in 0.00
RegEx for matching temperatures (°c) 0.00
Modifing PCRE Regex to C# or Java Supported Regex 0.00
Split string into words and rejoin with additional data 0.00
Regex in register route not working for parameters 0.00
Google Sheets: convert string to date 0.00
Checking if provided String is a valid list of items 0.00
Substitute year dates with four digits to two digits 0.00
Regex returning different result on the same string in Oracle 0.00
How to make a pattern using regex like below? 0.00
preg_match_all mention user @ Laravel 0.00
Extracting a vendor name into a separate column in a data frame 0.00
Replacing one string with another string using Regex in Python: Err... 0.00
RegEx for matching a string before a year1 0.00
Python regex to find sequences matching: word + whitespace + word 0.00
Javascript Regex to match JSDoc string parameter description 0.00
how to replace parenthesis "( )" with space if before and... 0.00
Match any horizontal whitespace characters at the start of each lin... 0.00
Regex for ignore specific string 0.00
oracle regex match interval 0.00
RegEx for matching a string before a year 0.00
How to move part of the string after exact word to another field in... 0.00
RegEx for matching and extracting integers from a string 0.00
Match any character but no empty and not only white spaces 0.00
gsub replacing string with pattern matching code and not specific s... 0.00
Notepad++ search for semicolon folled by two digit number and a quo... 0.00
Why is my regex not working in C# but working in other text editors? 0.00