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1767.99 (24th)
199,589 (234th)
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Title Δ
SQL How to pivot two columns of data into different columns? +0.66
SQL Pivot double sum 0.00
SQL Pivot not quite right +0.52
Pivot tables - column alias not recognized in select statement 0.00
SQL Server 2012 Dynamic Pivot Table with multiple subqueries and ro... 0.00
Pivot Function on Multiple Tables and Dynamic Columns in SQL 0.00
UNPIVOT Return Data Types 0.00
Use cast for aggregate expression in pivot SQL Server 0.00
Dynamic pivot columns without dynamic SQL statement? +0.67
Pivoting without aggregation +0.16
Mysql group and sum based on condition -0.93
Add a new field to a PIVOT 0.00
mysql count of assigned ID occurences in multiple tables 0.00
Syntax error when using Convert inside PIVOT 0.00
Error Grouping in Pivot MySQL with Join Table 0.00
Dual conditional count select while grouping 0.00
Pivot duplicate column names and get all values for columns +1.04
Error with pivot table 0.00
Pivoting in SQL Server 2008 0.00
Making row values into column values SQL PIVOT 0.00
SELECT statement to convert columns into rows -0.94
Dynamically Select SQL Server Column Names When Value is Not Null 0.00
Row-wise maximum in T-SQL +1.06
Selecting single row with no unique key +0.94
How do I do this Pivot (transpose) 0.00
Pivot With Calendar Table 0.00
First time pivot SQL Server 2012 0.00
SQL query for returning row values as columns - SQL Server 2008 +0.62
Dynamic pivot with similar column names 0.00
SQL GROUPING on 2 fields to get the min value 0.00
GROUP_CONCAT with join resulting in double records 0.00
Get count of responses from matrix of survey answers 0.00
SQL Server 2008 Rank with a pivot 0.00
Specify value to appear last in ordered results +0.17
Select data from the same the column that meets two conditions +0.64
Pivot result returning duplicate rows 0.00
Can I create dynamic pivot query from key value table with differen... 0.00
MySQL Pivot data with fixed number of columns +0.90
SQL combine 2 table and pivot 0.00
Pivot/Transpose telephone numbers stored in rows 0.00
Converting column to rows in Oracle 11g 0.00
The multi-part identifier could not be bound (Joining a result set) 0.00
Multiple Inner Joins - MySQL -0.82
Data aggregation with left-outer join +0.99
Horizontal to vertical display using Dynamic Pivot Function 0.00
Remove NULLS from dynamic query +0.73
Why pivot with "extra" columns doesn't combine results 0.00
Format Jagged data gained from dynamic pivot -0.29
Copying data in temporary table in sql +0.55
Subqueries not working with pivot 0.00