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1735.11 (54th)
114,186 (654th)
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Title Δ
c++: Is `this == nullptr` safe in member functions? 0.00
Different -Wsign-conversion behavior when creating array with member 0.00
Default argument for a functor in a templated parameter 0.00
Does using an object in conditional operator twice yield UB? 0.00
Idiomatic way to create an immutable and efficient class in C++ +0.33
Template factorial function without template specialization +0.20
Join outputs from fold/variadic expression with && operator -0.67
why the implicit convertion can be complied +0.94
How to deduce array type in template? +1.07
Default template type gives error but explicit type does not 0.00
Speedup of simulation is greater than optimum 0.00
Declare object of derived class without specifying it +0.70
Inline function vs non-inline function in C++ +1.06
What type of variable does Serial.print() use? +0.21
Why is there a constructor of the class std::basic_string with a pa... 0.00
Do logical operators affect each other in a if statement? +0.57
understanding the type of dereference - const_iterator +1.22
In C++, is it possible to provide a parameter to an overloaded oper... +0.71
The logic of invoking virtual functions is not clear (or it is meth... -2.78
How to provide the function signature for a function taking iterato... +1.38
Qt example const_cast 0.00
Partial class template argument deduction in C++17 +1.09
Pointing to specific inheritance 0.00
Did Boost::algorithms get subsumed into standard libraries? -3.18
Is there any situation in which an object's storage might chang... +1.15
What's a good pattern to calculate a variable only when it is u... -0.11
How to check an empty array returned from a function in C++ +0.21
How to pass a not explicitly string literal error message to a stat... +0.86
Why does std::istream::gcount return one char more than expected +1.42
A function to time any other arbitrary function and return its resu... +1.11
lower_bound in c++ stl returns an iterator even when the element is... +1.13
C++ : subtracting unsigned values is unsigned +0.20
Is it possible to use template with operator overload in C++? 0.00
How to get resultant type of multiplying two different types? -0.48
the pointers to some c-strings, declared and defined in a function,... -0.89
Casting specific pointer to std::any pointer +1.98
Exception guarantees when moving object into std::vector 0.00
Can I use std::accumulate with a fallible operation without excepti... +1.01
Delete Derived Class Through Base Pointer C++ Design Pattern +0.60
Check number of elements given to std::array compile time +0.64
Check value after a decimal point +0.17
Why do implementations of "stdint.h" disagree on the defi... -3.05
Implicit conversion operator for templated types not automatically... +0.07
Is C++20 'char8_t' the same as our old 'char'? +0.22
How is the return type of a ternary operator determined? +0.70
Role of std::forward 0.00
Getting input from the user 0.00
How do I compare a section of a string without copying? -0.96
Can we take a const ref of a substring? 0.00
How to get std::string or char[] from filesystem? +0.20