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1752.46 (38th)
35,577 (3,227th)
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Title Δ
How to search a file for the last block of consecutive lines that c... +0.58
How can store and use variable and subroutine names in a Perl hash? 0.00
Parsing Symphony Chat with Perl +0.19
Perl Automating Hash Population and Key Name +0.80
How to create static variable in perl so that I can access in from... +1.16
How to read values assigned inside a script, in a program that runs... 0.00
How to pass hash contents of a forked subroutine back to main progr... +0.22
How can I add variables into my Perl one-liner? +0.96
Running perl-script kpcli via cron failed -0.29
Passing arguments containing spaces from one script to another in P... 0.00
How do you delete or change the display on the last print on perl? -2.26
How to substitute and replace number with letter in specific column +0.33
Checking if a file exists in the same directory with dynamic name b... +0.47
Delete file if it is owned by specific user +0.76
Extracting info from file rows into columns using whatever it works... +0.94
Communicate between 2 processes using named pipes in perl? 0.00
Efficient way to loop through 2D hash in perl 0.00
Find thousands of files efficiently with exact match from a directo... +0.37
Add new class to an element using XML::LibXML 0.00
Perl query for shortest algorithm +0.59
Perl sort corrupts bsd_glob results -0.26
Memory leak using WWW::Mechanize 0.00
How to cut the first Sunday to Saturday of each month in a year? -0.01
How to use Shell Parameter Expansion in Perl? +0.40
Find and Increment a Number in an XML File +0.93
Regular expression for highlighting words +1.77
is there a way to compile the return value of some function into a... +0.10
Process a file containing a collection of JSON strings +0.84
Highlight the text that Matches the Regex -0.01
Treat Two Columns as One +0.49
Passing object between programs running under different perl versions 0.00
Perl add content to JSON data after processing 0.00
IO::Select and adding a tag to the handle 0.00
Call perl function from another perl script with different Active p... +1.39
How does IPC::System::Simple capturex work? +1.51
Efficient caching solution for strings extracted from large number... +0.20
Read one csv file and write to another csv file after doing some fo... +1.16
Preserving Aspect Ratio in Image::Magick's Thumbnail function 0.00
Perl function for slicing string with start, end and step +0.95
Can I use Text::CSV_XS to parse a csv-format string without writing... -0.23
How to get the hierarchy structure of an element using XML::LibXML... 0.00
How to get a user-configurable buffer for printing? +1.38
Perl - Join Elements of array till a specified length -0.03
How can I know if diamond operator moved to the next file? +1.40
Using perl `my` within actual function arguments +1.58
Is there any way to declare a function as a variable in perl? +1.17
Strange interaction between print and the ternary conditional opera... +1.18
How do I extract a certain amount of lines after a pattern in perl? +0.71
perl open() always returns the PID of the sh instead of the underly... 0.00
How to search and modify floating values that follow a string in a... +0.40